How do libraries make money

digitalization: "Libraries are at a crossroads"


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The idea that librarianship could be left to private corporations. Libraries today are at a crossroads and the public sector is not investing enough energy in the transition to the digital age. Access to scientific literature is monopolized by a few publishers, as are legal publications. In the USA only the medical databases are in public hands.

Why do we still need public libraries at all?

Libraries have always existed parallel to the publishing industry. Publishers want to earn money, they keep bringing out new products - libraries keep history. In the past, you went to a library in person to gain access to the world's knowledge. Today the physical library no longer serves that purpose because there are many more books out there. We want to make sure that they are also publicly available.

They meticulously collect everything that is published on the Internet. But isn't it sometimes also important to be able to forget things?

Much on the net is actually not meant to last forever. But it is very difficult to make a distinction. There are automatic procedures that can be used to keep the search robots out, and if someone wants their private page removed from our archives, we will. But when it comes to political statements made public, you can be sure that we will keep in there!

Brewster Kahle is the founder and director of the Internet Archive in San Francisco