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History is one of the most diverse fields of study. If you want to study history, you can choose between Age, Medieval and Recent history choose. In the course of your studies you will get to know all the relevant epochs in human history. In order to study history successfully, you should have a broad interest in historical events, old and new languages, and analytical thinking.

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Would you like to learn from yesterday and can you imagine shaping today and tomorrow in a variety of professions? Then you are in the right place with the Bachelor of History (B.A.) at the University of Marburg!

In the history course, you will deal in 6 semesters with questions of historical change in society, culture, politics and economy, from antiquity to the present. You will learn to deal critically with different historical sources and to expose “fake news”. The diverse range of courses gives you insights into current research topics, for example economic history, imperial and colonial history, cultural history, gender studies or media history.

Marburg is a real student city! The more than 22,000 students here particularly appreciate the beautiful old town, the large pubs and cultural scene, the short distances and the green surrounding area.


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