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2 Contents 55th YEAR Our program service You can find out the current weekly program under our telephone program announcements: Essener Filmkunsttheater Tel / Lichtburg & Sabu Tel / You can find us on the Internet at and ticket reservations: Essen Filmkunsttheater Tel / Lichtburg & Sabu Tel / Contents of the film starts documentaries Special program for children's cinema / Galerie Cinema Lichtburg & Sabu Die Essener Filmkunsttheater Follow us on SSS p. 21 p. 22 p. 23 F ilms starts from January 2 8th Alvin and the Chipmunks: Road Chip p. 5 One Breath p. 11 Family Business p 15 The Hateful 8 (70 mm frame) p. 5 The weather in closed rooms p. 8 Like brothers in the wind p. 11 F ilms starts from 4 February Grenzbock p. 14 Wednesday 04:45 p. 10 Suffragette P. 9 Tschiller: Off Duty P. 4 F ilms starts from February 11, 69 Days of Hope P. 10 Deadpool P. 5 Keep fire, don't worship ashes P. 15 Nothing happens P. 10 F ilms starts from 1 8 February Colonia Dignidad P. 11 Hail, Caesar! P. 6 Midnight Special p. 6 Untamed p. 13 F ilms starts from 2 5. F ebruary Friends for life p. 9 The coolest day p. 3 Mustang p. 8 Spotlight p. 7 South Africa The movie p. 14 Where to Invade Next p. 12 V erans ta ls with guests Film talk with director: Family Business Sa p. 15 Shoah days: Hotel Terminus Life and time of Klaus Barbie So p. 15 Film talk with producer and protagonist: Family Business So p. 15 Film talk with the director: When a garden grows Mon p. 14 Welcome to Essen and then what? Film premiere Trapped by Law and discussion Mon p. 18 Matthias Schweighöfer and Florian David Fitz as guests at the Lichtburg: The coolest day Thu p. 3 Matinee in the presence of the filmmakers: South Africa The film Sun p. 14 NRW premiere with director and actors: Anne Frank's diary Wed p. 3 Senior cinema with director: Greetings from Fukushima Sa p. 16 NRW premiere with Doris Dörrie: Greetings from Fukushima Sa p. 4 Special program Concert: Spöring Band Stadtgeschichten Tues p. 19 Le cinéma en version originale : Les Combattants Love at first stroke (OV) Wed p. 20 Senior cinema: Suffragette Thu p. 9 The Denkodrom Forum for Avant-garde: Music & Art live Mon p. 17 Senior concert: Folkwang Chamber Orchestra Essen Pure Mozart Thu p. 19 Cinema owls Short films for Kids: Ferne Schätze Sun p. 17 Sneak Preview Mon p. 20 The original cinéma version: Les invincibles A very quiet sphere Wed p. 20 Homochrom: My brother, the hero Wed p. 17 Silent film with organ improvisation: Nosferatu Eine Symphony of Horror Sun p. 18 Ciñol Preview: El clan (OmU) Tue p. 20 2

3 55th VOLUME Premieres The Diary of Anne Frank First German film adaptation of one of the most famous and harrowing documents about the atrocities of Nazi crimes From March 3, Germany 2016; 128 min; Director: Hans Steinbichler; with Lea van Acken, Martina Gedeck, Ulrich Noethen, Stella Kunkat, André Jung, Margarita Broich; from 12 yrs. NRW premiere with director and actors Wednesday, March 2nd. Further information will follow shortly After they have already emigrated from Frankfurt to Amsterdam, the Jewish Frank family will also be supported in their new homeland after the Germans have occupied the Netherlands Nazis persecuted. In order to avoid deportation, the family hid together with four fellow sufferers in the back house of Frank's father's company. Anne, who is celebrating her 13th birthday shortly before moving in, waits there for over two years and records everyday life, her thoughts and longings in her diary. One of the most famous documents of the hottest day tragic comedy and road movie about two men who want to experience death in front of their eyes, the hottest day Holocaust was filmed for the first time as a German production. Hans Steinbichler's remake is anything but a dusty history lesson, as Anne's language is direct and modern. The original quotes, some of which are spoken directly into the camera, are an interesting stylistic device. Anne Frank argues and falls in love, is portrayed as a fun-loving girl with typical teenage troubles, whose murder is all the more shocking. Lea van Acken (Way of the Cross) in the leading role is absolutely outstanding. From February 25th in the Lichtburg Germany 2016; Director: Florian David Fitz; with Matthias Schweighöfer, Florian David Fitz, Alexandra Maria Lara, Karl Friedrich, Amelie Elisa Klein, Thomas Limpinsel Guests at the Lichtburg: Matthias Schweighöfer and Florian David Fitz Thursday, February 25th Lichtburg Advance booking is open! Andi and Benno are actually fundamentally different, but they have one thing in common: The two are terminally ill and are waiting in the hospice for their early death. But before that happens, they want to spend the hottest day of their life. In addition, they accumulate an enormous amount of debts, because they probably no longer have to repay them once they have blessed the time. So they embark on a journey of kilometers. But at the end of the world, Andi and Benno realize that they are actually looking for something completely different ... The film unites two of the most popular German actors in front of and behind the camera: Matthias Schweighöfer (final maker), who also produces with his Pantaleon , and Florian David Fitz (Vincent Will Meer), who directs. 3

4 premieres / current film releases VINTAGE 55 Greetings from Fukushima In her new film Doris Dörrie tells of the friendship between a young German woman and an old Japanese geisha From March 10, Germany 2016; 102 min .; Director: Doris Dörrie; with Rosalie Thomass, Kaori Momoi, Nami Kamata, Moshe Cohen, Aya Irizuki; from 12 years NRW premiere with director Doris Dörrie The young German Marie (Rosalie Thomass) travels to the prefecture of Fukushima for the organization Clowns4Help, fleeing from her shattered dreams. Together with the clown Moshe (Moshe Cohen) she wants the surviving victims of the triple catastrophe of 2011, Saturday March 5th. who still live in emergency shelters years later bring a little joy. However, Marie soon has to admit that she is not at all suitable for this task. But before she runs away again, Marie decides to stay with the stubborn, old Satomi (Kaori Momoi), the last geisha of Fukushima, who wants to retreat to her destroyed house in the exclusion zone on her own. Two different women who are both trapped in their past and have to learn to break free from their memories. With her new feature film, director and author Doris Dörrie has once again succeeded in telling a universal, poetic story of living and letting go. For the first time, one of their feature films was made entirely in Japan and completely in impressive black and white .. Majestic Filmverleih Tschiller: Off Duty With Off Duty, Til Schweiger and director Christian Alvart put the crown on the action-packed Tschiller crime scenes From February 4th in Sabu in Lichtburg Germany 2016 ; Director: Christian Alvart; with Til Schweiger, Fahri Yardim, Özgür Yildirim, Luna Schweiger, Erdal Yildiz, Alyona Konstantinova, Yegor Pazenko. Investigator Nick Tschiller decommissioned for a while. He wants to use the time to finally take care of his daughter Lenny more as a single father. But when she runs away to avenge her mother on his own in Istanbul, Nick has to do what he does best again: He takes up a gun. Together with his loyal partner Yalcin Gümer, he soon learns in Istanbul that his daughter has fallen into the clutches of Russian gangsters and that they have kidnapped seedy organ dealers to Moscow Tschiller with Off Duty for the grand finale in the cinema. The Tschiller Tatorte is characterized by a wealth of action and suspense, and it is no coincidence that Tschiller is only the second Tatort investigator to conquer the big screen after Raubein Schimanski. The film ties in with the plot of the four previous TV thrillers, but functions independently. 4

5 55th VOLUME Current film releases The Hateful 8 Extremely tough and yet laconic western by Quentin Tarantino 70mm From January 27th in the Lichtburg USA 2015; 187 min .; Director: Quentin Tarantino; with Samuel L. Jackson, Kurt Russell, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Walton Goggins, Demián Bichir, Tim Roth, Michael Madsen; 16 years and older Die Lichtburg is one of only four cinemas in Germany in which Quentin Tarantino's film The Hateful 8 is shown in the analogue 70 mm version and thus the only one within a radius of around 400 km. Only in four cinemas in Germany: The roadshow version in 70 mm projection Bounty hunter John Ruth has the Daisy Domergue he is looking for in tow and wants to get the dollar bounty for her. But for this he first has to survive a night in a snow-covered hut in Wyoming, in which there are six other figures next to him and Daisy. Nobody can be trusted, everyone could make deals with anyone, everyone could have covert intentions. And while the suspicious eight watch each other, the tension increases to the boiling point. Three years after Django Unchained, Quentin Tarantino takes on the western genre again in his eighth film, but this time does not refer to the spaghetti westerns, but classic American shoot 'em-ups, as they were originally the order of the day in television series of the 1950s. The narrowness of the setting points to Quentin Tatantino's debut Reservoir Dogs, but with his ingenious cameraman Robert Richardson, the director finds clever ways to turn the scenario into great cinema. Tarantino, who is one of the few remaining fans of the analogue film, Deadpool Marvel film adaptation, which focuses on the X-Man Deadpool. Scheduled from February 11th in Lichtburg USA 2016; Director: Tim Miller; with Ryan Reynolds, Morena Baccarin, T.J. Miller shot The Hateful 8 with classic analog cameras with 65 mm film material, as used in many great classics in film history. The film offers an extremely wide picture. In addition to the format, the 70 mm version also has a different cut version: It is six minutes longer and cut a little differently than the normal theatrical version. Like the great 70 mm classics Ben Hur, Lawrence of Arabia and Odysse in Space, the roadshow version also has an overture and intermission music. Alvin and the Chipmunks: Road Chip Fourth live-action appearance of the chaos-causing chipmunks From January 28th in the Lichtburg USA 2015; 92 min .; Director: Walt Becker; from 0 years Wade Wilson is a soldier in a special unit and a mercenary. When he learns of his cancer, he undergoes a risky experiment in the laboratory of the unscrupulous Ajax. After that he looks ugly, but has self-healing powers and, because Wade's friend Vanessa Carlisle is being pursued by Ajax, also a mission. He slips into a red and black suit with a mask and tries as Deadpool to eliminate its creator. Friend Vanessa, however, is not a passive princess waiting to be rescued, but saves herself quite well, similar to Deadpool's sidekick Negasonic Teenage Warhead Alvin and his two chipmunk brothers Simon and Theodore have come to terms with their adoptive father Dave and one more or less functioning family of special purpose founded. But then Dave falls in love again and with Ashley their son joins the family, which the Chipmunks don't like. To stop Dave's application to Ashley, the three of them have to get to Miami somehow. That the journey will not go without complications is programmed ... As in the previous parts, only the cute chaos are animated while their human friends appear as live action. 5

6 Current Film Releases VOLUME 55 Hail, Caesar! Crazy Hollywood farce by the Coen brothers about a film star who is kidnapped while filming From February 18 in the Lichtburg USA 2016; Directors: Ethan Coen, Joel Coen; with George Clooney, Scarlett Johansson, Channing Tatum, Jonah Hill, Ralph Fiennes, Tilda Swinton, Josh Brolin Seniorenkino Thursday h Lichtburg 1950s, California: Capitol Pictures is one of the largest and most successful film studios in Hollywood. The famous director Laurence Lorenz (Ralph Fiennes) is currently shooting the monumental film Hail, Caesar !, in which the superstar Baird Whitlock (George Clooney) mimes the Roman emperor. One day the actor disappeared without a trace. His kidnappers, who have christened themselves Die Zukunft, are demanding a ransom of US dollars. The studio then hired the professional fixer Eddie Mannix (Josh Brolin), who The Revenant The returnee Leonardo DiCaprio in an intense survival epic Next in the program USA 2015; 156 min .; Director: Alejandro González Iñárritu; with Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hardy, Domhnall Gleeson, Will Poulter; from 16 years to cover up the disappearance at all costs and to bring Baird Witlock back as soon as possible. But the studio bosses did not count on the interests and vanities of the stars and wannabes. There is a notorious customer of Mannix, the womanizer and young actor Burt (Channing Tatum), the overzealous gossip columnist Hedda Hopper (Tilda Swinton) and a shrewd film synchronized swimmer (Scarlett Johansson). The operation goes badly wrong and takes the fixer from one absurd situation to the next. Midnight Special Mysterious thriller by director Jeff Nichols (Take Shelter) From February 18th in the Lichtburg USA 2015; 112 min .; Director: Jeff Nichols; with Michael Shannon, Joel Edgerton, Kirsten Dunst; 12 years and older Awarded three Golden Globes (Best Film / Drama, Best Director, Best Actor / Drama) and nominated for twelve Oscars Overwhelming. Cinema Adventurer and tracker Hugh Glass is attacked by a bear on an expedition into the wintry wilderness of Montana. His companions leave him to die with a torn throat, a torn back and a broken leg. But he survived and fought his way back 300 kilometers alone to get revenge on the men who had given up on him. Barely a year after his multiple Oscar winner Birdman, Alejandro González Iñárritu has already presented a new film: The Revenant is a visually stunning, archaic adventure cinema. With the science fiction thriller Midnight Special, director Jeff Nichols proves once again that he is one of the most thrilling storytellers of our time: A father (Michael Shannon) flees to protect and find out his little son Alton (Jaeden Lieberher) what about the boy's unusual abilities. The escape from religious extremists and the local police soon escalated into a nationwide manhunt, in which the highest level of government is also involved. Ultimately, the father has to risk everything to save Alton from the worst and to fulfill his fate, which could have repercussions on the entire world. A film that does not want to fit into any genre, because despite the supernatural elements, the story develops on a very one intimate-human level. Warner Bros. 6

7 55TH VOLUME Current film releases Spotlight Breathtakingly suspenseful thriller about journalists of the Boston Globe who uncover a child abuse scandal of the church From February 25th in the Lichtburg USA 2015; 128 min .; Director: Tom McCarthy; starring Michael Keaton, Mark Ruffalo, Rachel McAdams, Liev Schreiber, Stanley Tucci, Billy Crudup, Brian D Arcy A masterfully controlled and compellingly detailed narrative of the Pulitzer Prize-winning research by Boston Globe journalists. Variety The excellently played film impresses with its staging, the sobriety of which makes the events all the more dramatic. Last but not least, a great homage to classic newspaper journalism. epd-film Forever and ever, Die Unbrechlichen will remain the benchmark for the journalism thriller sub-genre. Almost 40 years later, Spotlight is now the film that is on par with Alan J. Pakula's masterpiece from 1976, which meticulously recreates the research of an investigative editorial team at the Boston Globe, combining this with a confident handling of cinematic means into a downright breathtaking and breathtaking multi-layered drama about the price that the search for truth can have. This procedural, which traces the efforts of the Boston Globe in 2011 to prove to the Catholic Church in Boston, of all places, that it has been trying for decades to sweep cases of child abuse by its priests under the rug has not a gram too much on its ribs. It is about a case that draws ever wider circles with each new disclosure, about countless hurdles to be overcome, about backbone, poise and perseverance. And with it, of course, a type of journalism that has actually already died out in this form.Every shot of the film makes it clear, which tells so cleverly, carefully and confidently and makes his ensemble shine. First and foremost Michael Keaton, who after Birdman impresses in a completely different role as editor-in-chief of the Globe supplement Spotlight. MORE than just electricity For little Andrea we deliver more than just electricity: Our electricity helps you fall asleep and lights up the safe way to mom and dad every night. Discover our new EssenStrom electricity tariff now. Electricity is security Andrea, 3 years, from Essen-Haarzopf 7

8 Current film releases Volume 55 Mustang A moving story, shot in an unleashed, lifelike style in atmospheric locations From February 25th Turkey / France / Germany 2015; 94 min .; Director: Deniz Gamze Ergüven; with Nihal Koldas, Ayberk Pekcander, Ilayda Akdogan, Tugba Sunguroglu, Elit Iscan; 12 years and older Awarded the European Film Prize and nominated for an Oscar. In her debut film, Denize Gamze Ergüven uses captivating and powerful images to capture the spirit of freedom and rebellion that nests in a generation of young women who rebel against the system of forced marriage. epd-film A captivating, heartfelt film that doesn't lose its lightness even in the tragic scenes. The Guardian In a village 2000 km from the metropolis of Istanbul, five orphan sisters live in the house of their uncle and grandmother. When their harmless frolicking on the beach triggers a scandal, the strictly Muslim family begins to exercise more control over the girls. Even the smallest deviation from traditional life is punished with arrest and slaps. Nevertheless, the girls manage to break out of their everyday life, which is dominated by cooking and sewing courses. But then the family wants to marry off the girls as soon as possible. Mustang is on the one hand a film about a family, about siblings, and on the other hand about the fight against the cultural constraints of an outdated and outdated form of society. It has long ceased to be about a logical explanation for prohibitions, but about the pure observance of duties, the weather in closed rooms Maria Furtwängler in an astute study of the world of donation galas and the business of poverty imposed by religion. The director Deniz Gamze Ergüven succeeds in telling this exciting story in a refreshingly humorous way. This is mainly due to the impressive acting performances of the five leading actresses. The naturalness and vulnerability as well as the increasing strength of the young women in the course of the film are perfectly worked out and portrayed. In addition, as a spectator, one witnesses the oppression in this conservative society on the one hand, but also the emancipation of the sisters. Mustang lets the viewer experience, reflect and stimulate discussion. German film and media rating From January 28, 2015, Germany; 97 min .; Script and direction: Isabelle Stever; with Maria Furtwängler, Mehmet Sözer, Anne von Keller, Jim Broadbent, Barbara Bouchet; from 12 years. The German fundraising manager Dorothea Nagel (Maria Furtwängler) acquires donations for UN refugee aid. After a London college decides to give scholarships to young women who have fled their homeland, she travels to the Middle East to organize a charity gala and find suitable candidates. But on the spot she is faced with unforeseen difficulties: because the borders have been closed, the refugee camps are empty. The affair with a young Arab, extravagant parties and nightly antics lead to the fact that she gradually loses control of her life. The indoor weather is inspired by personal experiences and research. In 2006, director Isabelle Stever (Happy Fiction) met a development worker who bought her clothes at Prada and Gucci and threw around with money. Your closely observed film throws an unmasking look at a decadent parallel society and reveals the macabre dependence of aid organizations on the plight of the poor. Stever succeeds in creating powerful images that will be remembered for a long time. In one scene you can see Dorothea moving her nightly party from the hotel room to the street and climbing into a UN tank, drunk, in another, refugee children are invited to a donation dinner to serve their benefactors expensive wine. Tatort investigator Maria Furtwängler embodies the staggering PR manager with impressive sovereignty and vulnerability. Maria Furtwängler turns the film into a disturbing psychogram of an unpredictable, deeply insecure woman, whose concept of life has wavered. Cinema 8

9 55TH VOLUME Current film releases Suffragettes Actions instead of words As captivating as a thriller, director Sarah Gavrons passionately tells about the pioneers of the suffragette movement From February 4th, 2015; 106 min .; Director: Sarah Gavron; with Carey Mulligan, Helena Bonham-Carter, Brendan Gleeson, Anne-Marie Duff, Ben Whishaw, Romola Garai, Meryl Streep; from 12 years Not least because of the Oscar-worthy performance of the new English cinema queen Carey Mulligan, the stirring historical drama still hits the nerve of the times today. Seniorenkino Thursday h Lichtburg London, When Maud Watts, who works in a laundry, witnesses dozens of women smashing shop windows with stones and shouting slogans like actions instead of words, she is initially shocked. Because Maud, like many women of her generations, always did what men told her respectfully throughout her life. But more and more women are demanding the right to vote, which they have not previously been entitled to by law. They demand fair wages and, above all, recognition for what they do. And they are ready to take to the streets or even go to jail for this right. However, the government does not take the suffragettes seriously. And the police see them as troublemakers who should be silenced. Little by little, resistance is also stirring in Maud ... In their film, director Sarah Gavron and screenwriter Abi Morgan shed light on a topic that has not been dealt with in cinematic terms. In addition to depicting historical events related to the suffragette movement, it succeeds in telling the emotional story of an individual fate that stands for many others at this time. Maud embodies everything that women had to endure at that time. The tutelage and incapacitation by the husband, the abuse of those in power, the degradation by law and order. Carey Mulligan manages a breathtaking performance. When the camera shows your face, you see pain and suffering, exhaustion and resignation embedded in it. And yet you can also see this spark in her eyes, which shows, friends for life. A clever, wistful and well-watched film about two friends who enjoy one last reunion that she rears up, that she defends herself and that they go their own way becomes. The rest of the cast is also convincing across the board. An important, impressive and moving film that tells a story that is just as relevant today as it was then. And which has to be told exactly like that. German film and media rating From February 25th, Spain 2015; 108 min .; Director: Cesc Gay; with Javier Cámara, Ricardo Darín, Dolores Fonzi, Alex Brendemühl, Javier Gutiérrez, Elvira Mínguez; from 0 y. Humorous and touching Variety A perfectly balanced tragic comedy Blickpunkt Film A praise for friendship The Hollywood Reporter Julián (Ricardo Darín) and Tomás (Javier Cámara) have been the very best friends since they were children, but they have had each other in recent years lost touch. When the two meet again due to a surprise visit from Tomás to Julián's in Madrid, it is as if the contact had never suffered, even though they live in different countries. You reminisce about days gone by and want to make Madrid unsafe. First. But the two's endeavors are overshadowed by a sad circumstance: Julian is terminally ill and wants to do a few last things with Tomás' help: for example, finding a new home for his beloved dog Truman or his son, who is studying in Amsterdam, still see one last time. Although the contents of Death and Farewell are difficult and sad topics and the leitmotifs determine or run through the entire film, sadness and sadness surprisingly rarely really appear in this film. On the contrary: it is the always subliminally resonating humor and the pleasant lightness that make the film what it is. In addition to the script, this is mainly due to the main actors. Darín and Cámara are a well-rehearsed leading actor duo and the chemistry between the two is intoxicating and highly contagious, despite the differences. 9

10 Current film releases VINTAGE 55 Nothing happens Raven-black tragic comedy with Devid Striesow, whose life as a family man is falling apart From February 25, Switzerland 2015; 88 min .; Direction and script: Micha Lewinsky; with Devid Striesow, Maren Eggert, Annina Walt, Lotte Becker, Max Hubacher, Sarah Orlov; from 12 yrs. Devid Striesow shines in this pitch-black grotesque epd film. His wife doesn't really have time and his daughter doesn't feel like it. Nevertheless, Thomas (Devid Striesow) is determined to spend a relaxing ski holiday with the family in the Swiss Alps. The fact that Sarah, (Annina Walt) the boss's daughter, is also coming with me doesn't make things any easier. The family has often spent their holidays in the mountains and has known the local population for years. They are especially friends with Ruedi (Stéphane Maeder) and his son Severin (Max Hubacher). On the very first evening the teenage girls want to go to the village for a party. Against the will of the mother, the girls prevail, Thomas takes responsibility and picks them up at midnight. But Sarah is strangely disturbed, silent and only slowly comes out with the truth: Severin raped her. Thomas wants to go to the police immediately, but Sarah asks him to keep the crime a secret, even before her Wednesday 04:45 am A Greek crime thriller with bitter, satirical humor From February 4, Greece / Germany 2015; 116 min .; Director: Alexis Alexiou; with Stelios Mainas, Adam Bousdoukos, Mimi Branescu; from 12 years parents who are already falling out. Not entirely unselfishly, Thomas agrees and thus sets in motion a chain of events that lead him into ever new moral shallows. Devid Striesow is ideally cast in this role, an actor who, like his character, is often described as nice and normal. How he doesn't do the obvious in every situation, but always finds an apparently easier way out, is fascinating, especially thanks to the dense script, for which Micha Levinsky has already received various awards. He continues to turn the spiral with absolute consistency, allowing his main character to slide deeper and deeper into moral abysses from which there seems to be no way out. 69 Days of Hope Drama about the mine disaster in San José, Chile, 2010 Planned from February 11, USA / Chile 2015; Director: Patricia Riggen; with Antonio Banderas, Rodrigo Santoro, Juliette Binoche, James Brolin, Gabriel Byrne Family father Stelios (Stelios Mainas) loves music and has found his calling. He runs his own jazz club in Athens, which he cherishes with great devotion and which he neglects his family a little. To renovate his club, Stelios borrowed money from a Romanian a few years ago. When the financial crisis hits Greece, the jazz club is also badly hit and Stelios is unable to repay his loan. He realizes that his lender is not as harmless as he would have liked ... In the cinematic language of a crime thriller, Wednesday 04:45 tells the story of a disillusioned Greek entrepreneur, whose goals and expectations, hopes and ambitions turn into frustration and self-destruction. With a bitter, satirical humor, Wednesday 04:45 takes a modern look at the depth psychological constitution of homo oeconomicus in the middle of one of the most fundamental economic crises in the history of capitalism: the economic crisis in Greece in the 2010s. New visions In 2010, the eyes of the whole world turned to Chile when 33 miners were buried alive when a gold and copper mine collapsed. In the 69 days that followed, an international team worked desperately and tirelessly to rescue the trapped men. Meanwhile, not only their families and friends waited in fearful hope, but also millions of people they did not even know. But 200 floors below the surface of the earth, time quickly ran out due to a lack of food. The film tells a story of perseverance, personal transformation and the triumph of humanity in the deepest abysses of the earth.We experience the private fate and emotional stress of the men trapped in the tunnel, who mustered great courage and simply refused to give up. The gripping, true story of the rescue operation was created in collaboration with the actual miners, their families and their rescuers. 69 Days of Hope describes for the first time personal experiences and events bordering on miracles on and below the surface of the earth. Warner Bros. 10

11 VOLUME 55 Current film releases Colonia Dignidad The gripping story of two Germans in Chile in 1973 who fell into the clutches of Colonia Dignidad From February 18, D / Luxemburg / F 2015; 110 min .; Director: Florian Gallenberger; with Daniel Brühl, Emma Watson, Michael Nyquist, Vicky Krieps, Richenda Carey; From 16 years of age narrated at high speed, with plenty of suspense and a plausible cabinet of figures, an entertaining political thriller in the best genre tradition and with explosive content succeeds: the role of German foreign policy at the time has not yet been dealt with. Florian Gallenberger has a preference for German stories that are embedded in large international material. Six years after his four-time German Film Prize winner John Rabe, who was based in Nanking during the Second World War, it is now with a large international cast, led by Emma Watson and Daniel Brühl, to Chile in the 1970s: the stewardess Lena visits her boyfriend Daniel in Santiago. Daniel works as a photographer and is part of a group of activists that supports the socialist president Salvador Allende. Meanwhile, chaos breaks loose in the country, with the young couple eventually being held by the secret police. While Lena is released shortly afterwards, her boyfriend Daniel is abducted to the German commune of Colonia Dignidad. The sect is led by the German preacher Ein Atem Character study and thriller, which impresses with its structure From 28 January D / GR 2015; 101 min .; Director: Christian Zübert; with Jördis Triebel, Chara Mata Giannatou, Benjamin Sadler, Isaak Dentler, Jasmin Rischar; from 12 years and sadist Paul Schäfer, who outwardly pretends to have a charitable purpose by enabling the members to lead a godly life. In reality he works with the ruling dictatorship and runs a deadly penal colony reminiscent of German concentration camps. Lena follows her lover to the sect-like commune with the hope of finding Daniel and escaping with him. That turns out to be a momentous decision ... Wie Brüder im Wind Nature and adventure film for a young audience From January 28th, Austria; 98 min .; Directors: Gerardo Olivares, Otmar Penker; with Jean Reno, Tobias Moretti, Manuel Camacho; from 6 years. A demanding, current and increasingly captivating character study Variety A big topic, told in a German affluent family BR-Online Tessa, who lives in Frankfurt / Main, wants to work again and needs a nanny. She finds it in the young Greek Elena, who left Athens to look for a better life elsewhere. Then Tessa's child disappears from the buggy, while Elena should take care. And Elena has also disappeared. Tessa goes on a search. Christian Zübert's Ein Atem begins as a drama about the economic crisis, which mutates into a thriller with the change of perspective. In it, Zübert traces two women's fates based on a joint script with his wife Ipek. The precise character drawing also succeeds thanks to the main actresses, the always convincing Jördis Triebel as a stressed affluent mom and the expressive newcomer Chara Mata Giannatou as an overwhelmed migrant. Cinematographer Ngo The Chau keeps the pictures clear and functional. A successful nature and adventure film, with overwhelming images of nature and great viewing values. Thrilling, touching and beautiful to look at. FBW Breathtaking and powerful The twelve year old Lukas lives with his father in the Dolomites. But the two do not get along well because the father displeases his son's daydreams. One day Lukas found an eagle chick that had fallen out of its nest. Together with the amiable forester, he learns to raise the animal and teach it to fly. But when the animal fledged and set off for the wilderness, Lukas followed his new friend. Director Gerardo Olivares staged this nature adventure together with Otmar Penker. As in their sports films, the main focus is on the imposing shots. But the cast can also be seen with Tobias Moretti and Jean Reno.Overall, a successful adventure film for a young audience, in which the didactic approach is not neglected. 11

12 Documentaries YEAR 55 Top Dogs by U r s W i D m e r Premiere February 26, 2016 Screenings March 18; April 7, 2016 Matinee February 21, 2016 Grillo Theater Tickets T Where to Invade Next The new film by Michael Moore (Bowling for Columbine, Fahrenheit 9/11) From February 25, USA 2015; 110 min .; Script and direction: Michael Moore Moore's film is funny and at the same time as serious as a heart attack. Entertainment Weekly We need voices like Michael Moore to remind us that change doesn't come by itself. The Guardian One of the best films by Michael Moore Indiewire Humorous and always close to the subject ... a gripping film. The Hollywood Reporter Where to Invade Next is Michael Moore's new film, and despite the martial title, it is perhaps his most enjoyable documentary. Moore invades Europe to steal the best ideas and bring them to the United States. Because we have problems that cannot be solved with war, as it is said at the beginning. Moore, for example, is sitting at the kitchen table with a young Italian couple in Florence, drinking wine and listening to them telling him about paid parental leave and six weeks of vacation - and he can't believe it. Why don't we have that? He asks, his jaw sliding down more and more. From Italy he travels to a small village in France, where he learns that healthy food is cheaper for children than the indefinable meat pudding that American schoolchildren pound on paper plates, and that there are indeed children who prefer to drink water than cola. So the journey continues, Slovenia, Iceland, Portugal, the film is set exclusively in Europe - but it is about America. Moore talks about a good Europe, but with his finger he digs into the ugly wounds of America, obesity, the oppression of blacks, the ailing schools. Süddeutsche Zeitung Brooklyn A love between two worlds Director John Crowley and author Nick Hornby adapt the novel of the same name by Colm Tóibín Next in the GB / IR 2015 program; 111 min; Director: John Crowley; Script: Nick Hornby; with Saoirse Ronan, Domhnall Gleeson, Emory Cohen; from 0 years. The superbly played romantic drama gives the feeling of being transported into a completely different world. The Hollywood Reporter An unabashedly romantic, graceful tale filled with beautifully subtle, old-fashioned elegance. Empire UK People from all over the world have always sought happiness in the United States, one of whose founding promises was the pursuit of happiness. Based on an Irish bestseller, director John Crowley and writer Nick Hornby tell of a young woman who left her home country Ireland behind in the early 1950s and hopes for a better life in New York. But instead of social advancement, they initially expect homesickness and feelings of guilt. It wasn't until she met a young Italian-American that she slowly arrived in America. Saoirse Ronan (apology) has already earned her impressive performance a well-deserved Golden Globe nomination. A soulful film, absolutely worth seeing. DD_schauspiel-essen_filmspiegel_Feb16_Top_Dogs.indd: 13: 111 12

13 VOLUME 55 Documentaries Untamed Documentation about four men who drive 16 Mustang horses from Mexico to Canada From February 18, 2015 USA; 105 min .; Director: Phillip Baribeau; from 0 yrs. A captivating real-life adventure that draws much-needed attention to an important environmental issue. The Hollywood Reporter Thousands of wild horses that had to be relocated are being held in confined spaces in state detention centers in the United States. There they are waiting for a possible adoption. However, since the horses are very difficult to tame, few of them will regain their freedom. The Texan Ben Master wants to realize an extraordinary dream with these horses. Together with the three other men, Jonny Fitzsimons, Thomas Glover and Ben Thamer, he adopts 16 Mustangs. Together with the animals, they want to go on an epic journey that will show the potential of the unique horses. The men train and tame the horses and plan the trip that will take them over a distance of 5000 kilometers through Mexico, the USA to Canada. You ride through the merciless desert heat, over abysses into impassable mountain regions, cross raging rivers and experience the breathtaking beauty of the untouched landscape. Natural wonders such as the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone and Glacier National Park can be seen. Director Phillip Baribeau shows how the connection between man and horse links the myth of the American wilderness with the unconditional urge for freedom. In addition, the filmmaker and the protagonists want to make people aware of the bad situation of wild horses in America. The film has been shown at numerous festivals and has received numerous awards, for example at the hotdocs film festival in Toronto, the Telluride Mountain Film Festival and the Hof International Film Festival The dark side of the moon Moritz Bleibtreu in a dense, tense thriller based on the novel by Martin Suter Further in the D / LU 2015 program; 97 min .; Director: Stephan Rick; with Moritz Bleibtreu, Nora von Waldstätten, Jürgen Prochnow, Doris Schretzmayer; from 12 years. An incredibly dense, tense thriller. This is really great cinema! A sophisticated cocktail of business crime, survival thriller and self-discovery trip. Spotlight: Film The best Suter film of all time Die Welt An exciting trip intro projector The moment when the former boss of a recently acquired company shoots himself in front of his eyes is the moment when he wakes up for Urs Blank. All of a sudden, all the money he makes as a business lawyer doesn't count anymore. Also the prestige, the reputation with the big bosses, the representative woman gradually questions Urs everything that he knows and has thought to be worth striving for up to now. When he gets to know the mysterious and seductive Lucille and takes magic mushrooms with her on a wild drug trip, he decides to break free from the shackles of his previous existence. When it turns out that the drugs have led to a real change in Urs's entire personality, he decides to leave civilization. But Pius Ott, a business boss who had big plans for Urs, does not want to let Urs escape his control ... The dark side of the moon is convincing all along the line. As a film adaptation of great literature. As an atmospheric and densely staged genre cinema. And last but not least, as an exciting and captivating story about the inner struggle against your own dark side. German film and media rating 13

14 documentary films 55th VOLUME South Africa The film A visually stunning documentary about South Africa From 25 February in the Astra Theater D 2015; 99 min .; Direction / Camera / Editing: Silke Schranz, Christian Wüstenberg; from 0 years Grenzbock Documentary about a hunter, his self-image and the change in his work Sun at o'clock as well as Mon and Tue at o'clock in the film studio Germany 2015; 88 min .; Director: Hendrik Löbbert Matinee with Silke Schranz and Christian Wüstenberg Sun Uhr Lichtburg After the successful landscape documentary The North Sea from Above, the filmmakers Silke Schranz and Christian Wüstenberg are now bringing exciting impressions from South Africa to the big screen. For their film, Silke Schranz and Christian Wüstenberg traveled all over South Africa, Swaziland and Lesotho in their motorhome. On the kilometer long way from Cape Town to Johannesburg, they documented every day during the two-month trip. Bull elephants fight for a place at the waterhole, a huge herd of water buffalo pounds past the cameras and giraffes take care of their offspring. Of course, the filmmakers also immerse themselves in the different South African cultures. You accompany township residents through the narrow corrugated iron alleys. In the footsteps of Nelson Mandela, they are surrounded by pupils in the playground of his former elementary school and a proud Zulu poor opens the door to his traditional round house. It is the special point of view that defines this travel documentation. Moving encounters with South Africans alternate with bombastic landscapes and incredibly close animal observations. In addition, the filmmakers give countless travel tips for South Africa lovers. With ease and humor, this film brings the viewer closer to this diverse, colorful and also complicated country and makes you want to discover it for yourself. When a garden grows In cooperation with Transition Town Essen im Wandel Monday, February 1st at 12 am at the Filmstudio Deutschland 2014; 78 min .; Director: Ines Reinisch Hubertus Meckelmann lets blow for the last time on the big driven hunt in the wilderness. In the core area of ​​the former military training area, there will soon be no more hunting at all. This is an imposition for the areas around the outside. Because the laboriously limited populations of red deer, fallow deer and wild boar are completely mixed up. The return of the wolf does not change that, and from the point of view of most hunters in Brandenburg, it has lost nothing. "Grenzbock" accompanies three hunters through their forests and, in long, calm shots, lets the worldview shimmer through, which is hidden behind the hunter's Latin and loden coat. Color film Film talk with director Ines Reinisch Mon. 1st February Film studio opening times daily from to (Friday and Saturday until 1.00 am) Breakfast daily from until noon Steeler Str Essen-Huttrop Tel / The documentary film When a garden grows tells of the cheerful adventure of one A group of neighbors in Kassel who, without any special prior knowledge, but with a lot of courage and motivation, have successfully transformed a bland urban lawn into a public garden oasis in the middle of the city. None of the neighbors are trained gardeners, but they try things out, ask questions, make mistakes, learn from them and open up a new world for themselves through their community garden, which also offers new horizons in terms of ideas. The community garden on the Kassel Huttenplatz will be a complete success for you and for the district! But the hustle and bustle of vegetables does not meet with official approval. Preserving the garden becomes a feat of strength. 14th

15 55TH VOLUME Documentary films Fire preserve not adore ashes Documentary film about the choreographer Martin Schläpfer Sun at and Mon and Tues at the Filmstudio Deutschland 2015; 86 min; Director: Annette von Wangenheim Family Business As part of the documentary film festival Stranger than Fiction Sun at 6 p.m. and Mon and Wed at 6 p.m. in the Filmstudio Deutschland 2015; 89 min .; Director: Christiane Büchner Film talk with producer and protagonist Sun. 31 January Film studio The film shows the energy with which the choreographer Martin Schläpfer is bringing the ballet on the Rhine back to international fame and the extraordinary ways the dance artist and ballet director are taking to modernize classical music do. Director Annette von Wangenheim takes a look at the artist's creative process and shows his living environment, from which he draws his energies. She watched Martin Schläpfer until the world premiere of his latest dance projects. On the other hand, it gives insights into his private life. The title of the film to preserve fire, not to worship ashes becomes Martin Schläpfer's motto, who wants to bring the centuries-old tradition of ballet alive into the present. Hotel Terminus Shoah Days in Essen: Contributions to the culture of remembrance Sunday January 31st at o'clock in Eulenspiegel USA 1988; 257 min .; Director: Marcel Ophüls; from 12 years. Entry 10 Family Business shows the intimate bond that is woven between two foreign families - one German and one Polish. Both families have to solve a tangible problem and work together to do it. Jowita travels to Germany to look after 88-year-old Anne around the clock and to relieve her working daughters. Conversely, the von Jowita family will push ahead with the construction of their house and finally be able to furnish their teenage daughter with her own room. But the pragmatic interlocking does not work without friction. The situation is new and strange for both sides. In the daily routine between the sofa, the kitchen and the coffee table, big questions arise. The decisive thing is at the edge of the pool As part of the documentary film festival Stranger than Fiction Saturday, February 30th at the Filmstudio Deutschland 2015; 61 min .; Director: Stefan Eisenburger Film talk with director and protagonist Introduction and subsequent conversation with guests Documentary about the former Gestapo boss Klaus Barbie, who achieved notoriety as the butcher of Lyon. In addition to excerpts from archive material, Holocaust survivors have their say in interviews, as well as members of the Wehrmacht at the time, ex-CIA agents Shoah Days, and people he only met in his Bolivian hiding place. Barbie's later work as a US agent and the trial that was finally brought to him in France in 1987 are also examined. Marcel Ophüls managed the feat of cutting a four and a half hour masterpiece together from a total of 128 hours of film material. Sat. 30 January Film studio The film accompanies three senior swimmers from the Ruhr area who are experiencing and celebrating national and international successes. It's not just sporting success that drives Erich Liesner (84), Hans-Jürgen Schmidt (66) and Andreas Chech (47) to the swimming pools. The protagonists describe their life stories in ups and downs. The Essen swimming club SC AEGIR 1908 plays a key role in this. The competition results are not decisive. The people in the club are decisive. Further information on the documentary film festival Stranger than Fiction can be found under 15

16 Special program 55th YEAR Pear cake with lavender In cooperation with the Seniors' Council of the City of Essen From February 10th, 2015; 101 min .; Director: Eric Besnard; with Virginie Efira, Benjamin Lavernhe BritFilms # 9 9th school film festival in English Monday 14th to Friday 18th March in the Astra Theater In cooperation with the AG Kino Gilde deutscher Filmkunsttheater Guest in the senior cinema: Director Eric Besnard Thu am Lichtburg After death her husband's Louise looks after the pear farm in Provence on her own. But business is not going so well anymore, the bank is on her neck because of a loan and Louise slowly doubts whether she can do it all. Then she runs into Pierre on the highway. This initially disturbs with his undisguised, open, but also solitary nature. Nevertheless, Louise is drawn more and more to the unusual Pierre. A wonderfully lively comedy from France in which not only the emotional but also the culinary stimuli are served. Screenwriter and director Eric Besnard immerses the warm-hearted story in equally warm shots of Provence. From 3 March in the Paddington cinema Mon, h Fri, h FSK: from 0 years, recommended age: from 8 years Incredibly charming, funny and heartwarming real film adaptation of the adventure of a little bear from Peru who has made a new home in London seeks. Whale Rider Mon, h Wed, h FSK: from 6 years, recommended age: from 10 years Enchanting film about a Maori girl who, despite the traditions, wants to become the leader of her clan. The German-New Zealand co-production combines cultural lessons and emancipation drama in one friendly entertainment program. What We Did on Our Holiday Do, h FSK: from 6 years, age recommendation: from 12 years Comedy about a broken London family with three children who learn the essentials about happiness while visiting the clan chief in Scotland. Still Life Wed, h FSK: from 12 years, recommended age: from 15 years Moving drama about a loner who is looking for relatives of the deceased. Uberto Pasolini tells in soft tones how the search for the past of others develops into the search for one's own identity, goes beyond the individual and deals with universal topics such as loneliness in the big city, unemployment, the consequences of harsh neoliberalism. School cinema BRITFILMS is a school film series by the AG Kino-Gilde. Seven British films, aimed at children and young people aged 8 to 18, will tour German cinemas for a school year. BRITFILMS # 9 will stop at the Astra Theater from to. All films are shown in the original English language with German or English subtitles (by arrangement). BRITFILMS provides English study guides for all films for download. Admission: 4 per student. Admission is free for teachers accompanying their classes. Registration under 0201 / Selma Tue, h Thu, h Fri, h FSK: 12 years, age recommendation: 14 years and over Historical drama about Martin Luther King and his march on to Montgomery (Alabama), which was to fundamentally change the USA. Filmmaker Ava Du-Vernay takes an indignant chapter in American history as a backdrop to paint an intimate character portrait. Citizenfour Mon, h Fri, h FSK: from 0 years, recommended age: from 15 years Fascinating documentary thriller about escape and revelations by whistleblower Edward Snowden. The Imitation Game Tue, h Thu, h FSK: 12 yrs., Recommended age from 16 yrs. Cleverly told history thriller by Morten Tyldum, which only superficially tells about cracking the Enigma code, but rather revolves around the fascinating life of the multi-layered Alan Turing . 16

17 YEAR 55 Special program The Denkodrom Forum for Avant-garde: Music, performance, video art Monday 8thFebruary at 6:00 p.m. in the Cinema Gallery (doors open) Admission: 6 to 12 at your discretion Reservations: My brother, the hero A story about social inequality and corruption in Thailand Wednesday February 17 at 6:00 p.m. in the Cinema TH / USA / ID 2015 gallery , 80 min .; Director: Josh Kim; OmU; from 12 years Music & Art Homo Chrom Cabaret, music and evocations with Klaus Steffen, Joscha Hendrix Ende, Tesk Klaus Steffen, author, musician and medium from Duisburg speaks and sings about capitalist realism and the end of innovations in pop and avant-garde. Joscha Hendrix Ende clarifies in his double cabaret program First World Problems / Die Leiden - creates hip-hop school performance with director Mirza Odabasi Wednesday, February 24th at the Filmstudio Deutschland 2014; 78 min .; Director: Ines Reinisch Split of the Left the question: Why isn't everything better, although everything could be better? Tesk generates music live on its laptop. This then takes about 20 minutes and every now and then there are volume fluctuations. More information under Since her father passed away, 11-year-old Oat has been raised by his older brother Ek. The two orphans live in a poor district of Bangkok and Ek had dropped out of school to feed them. When Ek's draft notice flutters into the house, the older of the brothers is hoping for the lottery luck, because whoever really has to go to the military will decide the lot. Ek's better-earning boyfriend, Jai, promises to take care of Oat if Ek draws the wrong lot. But Oat does not want to leave all of this to fate and steals a big mafia boss because he hopes to buy Ek out of military service with a bribe. As part of Fair ... raps! 4 of the Essen Youth Welfare Service (JHE), a free school event for the film “Leiden creates” will take place in Essen's Glückauf film studio on February 24, 2016. The socially critical documentary by Mirza Odabasi illuminates hip-hop in Germany, its beginnings and the often rocky road to success. Suffering-creates describes social injustice, questions about belonging and origin, sometimes as a confrontation with one's own identity, sometimes as poorly veiled everyday racism from the outside. From the Kreuzberg legend Killa Hakan to the Munich rapper Ebow and the well-known artist Marteria, many talents share their experiences in Leiden. In search of the answer to the question What is it anyway: to be Turkish, to be German? To be in Berlin, to be in Kreuzberg ?, the film illuminates various facets of belonging and portrays numerous artists. It is not uncommon for reality and dream to come together. While the ugly sides of the hip-hop business also resonate, the documentary shows that the road to identity is rocky. Admission free of charge Registration for classes from level 9 via under Further information under: 17

18 Special program YEAR 55 Welcome to Essen and then what? Film premiere Trapped by Law and discussion Monday, February 1st at the Astra Theater. Admission free Organizers: RWE Foundation for Energy and Society and the Mercator Nosferatu Foundation A symphony of horror Dominik Gerhard live on the Wurlitzer cinema organ. Sunday, February 21st at the Eulenspiegel : 11 / erm. 9 D 1922; 64 min .; Director: Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau; with Max Schreck, Greta Schröder Stumm Film The event is in the context of current developments on the subject of refugees, but aims to go beyond the current political debate. Using the example of the city of Essen, opportunities and challenges of integration in favor of positive urban development will be discussed. 6:00 p.m. NRW Premiere: Trapped by Law An odyssey from Essen across the Balkans and back In the presence of the director Sami Mustafa and the main actors Kefaet and Selami Prizreni The film tells the story of the two Roma Kefaet and Selami, two brothers and rap artists who grew up in Essen, where they have lived as asylum seekers since 1988. Watch Discussion What comes after the welcoming culture? The cultural diversity associated with migration forms a positive basis for the development of a city, but in view of the still unsolved problems (tolerance, bureaucratic hurdles) and the influx of thousands of other refugees, many questions remain unanswered: What are the prospects for a city like Essen ? What potentials from the past can we use and what comes after the welcoming culture? Discussions include: Essen's Lord Mayor Thomas Kufen, lawyer Nizaqete Bislimi, journalist and migration frog Mark Terkessidis and leading actor Kefaet Prizreni. Moderation: Asli Sevindim, WDR live music by R-A-A Band K.A.G.E. SAS aka Sahne Alte Schule Banda Senderos Thomas Hutter is the secretary of a broker in Wisborg and lives happily with his wife there. One day his boss sends him on a business trip to Transylvania to negotiate with Count Orlok about buying a house. Ellen, his wife, has no good suspicions, she senses the danger her husband is putting himself in, but cannot hold him back. In an inn in the Carpathian Mountains, the landlord also warns him about the count, and the landlady gives him a book about Nosferatu, the blood-sucking vampire. The count receives Hutter in his castle for a nightly supper, and he signs the purchase agreement. But when Hutter woke up in the castle the next morning, he discovered small red marks on his neck and suspected the horror he was facing: Orlok is a vampire. On the second night Orlok ambushes him in his bedroom - and the next morning the count loads a horse-drawn cart with coffins and hurries away. Then Hutter also flees the castle, because he is afraid that the ghost is on the way to his wife. One day a driverless ghost ship docks in Wisborg, whose cargo brings plague, death and ruin to the residents. Count Orlok has arrived ... Friedrich Wilhelm Murnaus Nosferatu is next to Das Cabinet des Dr. Caligari is probably the most impressive and artistically most valuable German horror film of all time: Its poetic imagery, revolutionary nature shots and the sensationally effective title actor Max Schreck ensure a nightmare that is still not easily forgotten even in the age of zombies and serial killers. Next event: Fritz Lang's The Tired Death (1921) Sun. April 17th at the Eulenspiegel PACT Zollverein Choreographic Center NRW Bullmannaue 20a, Essen Choreographic Center NRW GmbH is funded by the Ministry for Family, Children, Youth, Culture and Sport of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia and the city of Essen. Tanzlandschaft Ruhr is a project of Kultur Ruhr GmbH and is funded by the Ministry for Family, Children, Youth, Culture and Sport of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia. SAT CLOCK ENTRY FREE DAY THE DOOR OPEN THE FORMER WASCHKAUE TODAY: A DAY FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY SO JOULE 4 PM A PIECE FOR CHILDREN (3+) AND ADULTS LUCIA GLASS WHAT MOVES US, WHAT WE MOVE WHAT ALSO TEMON, WHERE KLAVIERKONCO WATCH RIERTE PIANO BY JOHANN SEBASTIAN BACH KARTEN VVK: +49 (0) PAC_ANZ-Filmsp-1602_03RZ.indd: 20 18