Jony Ive designs Apple's new campus

Apple Appoints Jonathan Ive as New Chief Design Officer

Apple Appoints Jonathan Ive as New Chief Design Officer

Business news: Apple has promoted Jonathan Ive to the newly created Chief Design Officer as part of a reorganization in the company's design department.

The British designer will continue to lead Apple's hardware and software divisions, but will hand over management responsibilities so that he has more time to travel and focus on design.

"Jony is one of the most talented and accomplished designers of his generation with an astonishing 5,000 designs and utility models," said Tim Cook, Apple's CEO, in an email to employees. "His new role reflects the amount of work he's been doing at Apple for some time."

I've held his previous title as Senior Vice President of Design since 1997. With his promotion, fellow countryman Richard Howarth was named vice president of industrial design, and American Alan Dye is now the new vice president of user interface design.

"I'm still responsible for both of them," I said in an article in the Telegraph that first appeared on the news. "I'm called the Chief Design Officer. With Alan and Richard in my place, I'm relieved of some administrative and managerial chores."

Both were important members of the teams behind Apple's most famous products. Howarth, who has been with Apple for two decades, has helped develop the hugely popular iPhone since its first iteration. Since joining nine years ago, Dye has been involved in designing the user interface for products like the newly released Apple Watch.

"These two are as good as they can get," I said. "Richard has been a leader on the iPhone from the start. He has followed it from the prototype to the first model we brought out."

"Alan has a genius for human interface design," he added. "So much of the Apple Watch operating system came from him."

Ive joined Apple's design department in 1992 and became Senior Vice President of Design when the company's founder, the late Steve Jobs, returned to the helm in 1997. Cook took over the helm of the company in 2011 when Jobs got too sick to continue. In 2012, Ive took over responsibility for the Human Interface department - the merging of hardware and software design in one department. Ive is currently designing the furniture for Apple's new ring-shaped campus in Cupertino by Foster + Partners, due for completion in 2017.