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Dangerous room spray
Who does not know the situation: After cooking or partying, from having pets or cold tobacco smoke, the home smells and the air quality can be assessed rather modestly. What helps is the quick access to the room spray or the so-called air freshener. For many users this brings better, fragrant air to breath. However, caution is required with some fragrance sprays, the ingredients are often classified as hazardous to health.

Air fresheners are harmful to the environment and health

Many sprays contain concentrated chemistry, and some ingredients have caused cancer in animals in various test series. Certain substances are also suspected of eliminating the vital red blood cells. Artificial fragrances and preservatives can also be a problem for allergy sufferers and promote allergic reactions of the respiratory tract. Some ingredients have even been found in breast milk and can accumulate in human adipose tissue. Relevant test results were published, among others, by the ├ľKO Test magazine in October 1999 and discussed controversially. Some air fresheners release allergenic fragrances such as "Hydroxycitronellal", "Cinnamal" or "Lyral". Air fresheners can also contain plasticizers, which are used as a stabilizer for the fragrances. Phthalates are suspected of damaging the liver, kidneys and reproductive organs of humans.

Room sprays, air fresheners & Co:

Better to ventilate, of course
The range of substances contained is broad. Some of the fragrances are currently in
Brussels examined by the Scientific Committee on Cosmetology and Non-Food. In the relevant literature, symptoms of illness such as headache, kidney damage, inflammation of the mucous membranes of the eyes and nose are reported. Chlorinated hydrocarbon can be red
Dissolve blood cells and cause a shortage of oxygen in the body's cells. Even incense sticks, scented candles and scented oils should be viewed critically, according to the Federal Environment Agency.

Alternative with Hepa air purifiers
Effective systems with special filters filter dust, smoke, odor and allergy-causing fine particles from the room air. In contrast to the air freshener, the bad air is not covered, but filtered from the room air. Positive side effects can be seen in the reduced dusting and healthy breathing air in the living room and at the workplace.

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