Can I learn to cook online?

Learning to cook made easy

You have no experience in the kitchen or you are not sure how a certain product is prepared? The NDR cooks Rainer Sass, Hannes Schröder, Tarik Rose and Theresa Baumgärtner help. Whether roasting meat, cooking rice or mixing mayonnaise - they show you how to do it right in short cooking videos.

Roast the steak properly

Before preparation, Hannes Schröder oiled the steaks on a plate and then seared them on both sides in a well-preheated steel pan. 2 min

Braise meat properly

Braising makes the meat nice and tender and creates a fine sauce. Rainer Sass shows what is important when braising. 1 min

The perfect schnitzel

For a classic schnitzel, Hannes Schröder uses thinly sliced ​​meat from the veal shell and breadcrumbs from light-colored rolls. 3 min

Bread properly

In a breading, fish or meat stay nice and juicy, while the shell becomes crispy. Rainer Sass explains how to bread properly. 1 min

Cook whole duck in the oven

Preparing a whole duck is easier than you think. Rainer Sass shows how the poultry is tied, stuffed, cooked in the oven and carved. 4 min

Cooking rice properly

Rainer Sass explains how to prepare rice in such a way that it stays fluffy. He also prepares a delicious and simple rice and vegetable stir-fry. 2 min

This is how potato dumplings are made

"Forget ready-made products!" Advises NDR chef Rainer Sass and shows how easy it is to prepare the dumplings from fresh potatoes. 3 min

Perfect mashed potatoes: Here's how

The preparation of a really tasty mashed potato has its pitfalls. NDR head chef Rainer Sass shows how the classic, popular with young and old, works perfectly. 3 min

Pickle vegetables

Hannes Schröder cooks a stock from vinegar, water, sugar and spices. It can be used for almost any garden vegetable. It lasts for up to a year. 2 min

How to properly prepare cabbage

This is how traditional winter vegetables succeed: NDR chef Rainer Sass explains how to properly blanch white cabbage and grate red cabbage into strips. 2 min

Cook vegetables

Carrots, broccoli and the like first cook in salted water and are then quenched. This preserves the color and vitamins. 1 min

Make vinaigrette

Oil, vinegar or lemon juice form the basis for a vinaigrette, the classic salad dressing. Rainer Sass shows three other variants. 2 min

Mix the mayonnaise

You can prepare mayonnaise yourself in minutes using just a few fresh ingredients. Rainer Sass shows how it's done. 2 min

Make pesto yourself

In a mixer or by hand in a mortar: There are two ways to make classic basil pesto - the main thing is to make it yourself! 2 min

Uncomplicated baking: bread from the pot

Hobby cook and food blogger Theresa Baumgärtner prepares a picnic on the beach. This also includes a homemade bread. She bakes it - quite unconventionally - in a pot. 2 min

Boil meat broth

A good broth is essential in the kitchen and should be cooked yourself if possible. NDR chef Rainer Sass shows how this works. 2 min

Flambé properly

Flambé is not only used to burn off alcohol, but also to create a nice roasted aroma. Hannes Schröder shows what needs to be considered. 2 min

Pickling mackerel

Mackerel keep for about four weeks when they are pickled. Food blogger Theresa Baumgärtner and professional chef Julian Richert show the preparation. 3 min

Deep fry properly

In addition to fish, meat and vegetables, herbs such as parsley or sage are also suitable for deep-frying. Rainer Sass shows how easy and quick it is. 1 min