What are some opinions on fashion


Fashion: a topic that is a topic of conversation - not just for those who consider themselves fashion-conscious. Everyone has an opinion about the clothing style of other people. The German proverb “Clothes make the man” expresses that clothes are often the first impression we have of people. It makes people appear likable or unsympathetic, serious or unconventional. And then there are the fashion sins - especially Germans are said to be one or the other ...

Here's how you can do it:
At the beginning of the lesson, listen to the audio sequence together Socks in sandals - yes please! at. An alleged fashion sin of the Germans is discussed here. How do the participants see it: What is typical German clothing style? What do the participants perceive to be fashionable? Discuss the two questions in plenary. If necessary, fix some aids on the board as follows:

  • Typical German fashion is ...
  • Germans like to wear ...

Alternatively, you can create an associogram on the board: write the word -e fashion, -n in the center of the board and ask class members to write down any words or phrases they can think of about the topic. Then ask the students to present to the plenary which clothes they prefer to wear and which clothes are typical in their home country.

Then split the worksheet Clothes make the man out. Working in pairs, the participants should choose 2 people on the worksheet and describe their clothing. In a second step, you should above all express your own opinion about the dress style described.

Partner 1 chooses any other person from the course and describes their clothing to his partner, but does not give the name of the chosen person.
If necessary, write expressions on the board:

  • Today he / she wears ... ... blue jeans.
  • He / she also wears ... ... a black sweater.
  • ...

Partner 2 tries to guess the named person. Then the participants change roles.

Required materials:

  • Audio episode “Socks in Sandals? - Yes, please!"
  • Worksheet "Clothes make the man"
  • Blackboard / whiteboard or similar


The formats in brief:
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