What is a large penis size

You are wondering what penis size is normal or how big a penis is on average? Of course you are also very interested in which penis size women find perfect? Then you've come to the right place. We explain everything you need to know about the topic.

The average penis size in Germany

Anyone who compares themselves to the best piece by a porn actor will probably be directly disappointed. Because the size of the penis from an erotic film has nothing to do with reality. But what size is it now normal? How big is a penis in the German average? And when is a penis too small? Here is an overview:

  • Most penises are between 8.5 and 10 centimeters in length when they are flaccid
  • When erect, most penises are between 12.2 and 13.5 centimeters in length
  • The German average penis measures around 8.6 centimeters when flaccid and 14 centimeters when erect
  • A penis that is smaller than 5 centimeters when flaccid is considered to be too small medically

These are the average values ​​of penis lengths in other countries

Somehow every country has to struggle with its own cliché, and it is the same with man's genital equipment. Which country has on average the penis size that beats the other countries by a long way? The researchers from King’s College in London took a closer look and conducted a study with penises from all over the world. Here you can see the result of the examinations!

Warning: This study is about the flaccid penis - not that misunderstandings arise. 😉

  • At 8.6 centimeters, German men are just below the international average
  • France climbed the podium with a full 10.74 centimeters
  • In second place is Scotland with 10.20 centimeters
  • In third place the Bulgarians with 9.56 centimeters

By the way: The researchers also came to the conclusion that the penis size in none Related to the size of the other limbs such as the nose or feet.

Penis size: how is the penis measured correctly?

From the teenage years, most men revolve around the penis. Many people then ask themselves whether their size is sufficient, whether the penis is too small or even too big? To find out, simply take a measurement. But how is the limb measured correctly? The best part of a man is best measured with a ruler when erect. The length is recorded from the base of the penis to the tip of the glans. If you still want to measure the circumference, you should find the widest part of the penis and put the tape measure there.

Opinion question: what do women say about penis size?

What do women want in terms of penis size? Is this important when choosing a partner? Is sex better with a certain size and is it allowed to speak to a man about his small penis? Here come the answers!

Does penis size play a role when choosing a partner?

20 percent of our women surveyed cannot imagine being with a man with a penis that is below average for long periods of time. After all, for 36 percent, penis length plays no role at all when choosing a partner.

Is Sex Better With a Big Penis?

The question of all questions: How important is the penis length for a fulfilling sex life? 47 percent of the women surveyed found that the quality of sexual intercourse depends on criteria other than the length of the penis. The remaining 53 percent said the friction surface played a role during sex and therefore the penis size.

Should you ask the man about his small penis?

"No, never!" Said 60 percent of our polite readers. 26 percent have already found out that the penis is a bit small, and only 14 percent used this murderous argument to wipe out the man.

Penis size: what is the difference between blood penis and meat penis?

You have certainly heard the terms “blood penis” and “meat penis”. We will explain the difference between these terms to you. A blood penis is a penis that swells when sexually aroused and takes on a significant length or a much larger volume. One speaks of a "blood penis" when the penis is at least twice as long as when it is not erect. Since more blood flows into the erectile tissue, we are talking about the so-called "blood penis".

In the case of a “meat penis”, the member is already relatively large in its normal state. With a sexual erection, the meat penis hardly gets bigger, only harder.

Penis size: why are there different types of penis?

Scientists examined these two different penis types and found in Europe that around 79 percent of the male population have a blood penis. The remaining 21 percent have a meat penis. How the differences come about can be explained on the basis of evolution: In the northern regions, where people have more hair on their bodies to protect themselves from the cold, often have a blood penis. If the penis were too big, it would cool down more quickly - as with other body extremities.

In the more southern and therefore warmer regions, people used to have less hair on their bodies. Therefore, the men had more of a meat penis. Incidentally, this had another advantage in natural selection. Since people used to live undressed, the men were able to present themselves better in front of their possible partner.

This selection advantage no longer plays a role nowadays, because nowadays we run into each other wearing clothes and get to know each other in this way.

It doesn't matter whether it's a blood penis or a meat penis: When erect, the penises are all similar in size and length.

Penis size: which condom size fits me?

The right size condom is pretty important, both for sex and for contraception. To be precise, the width of the condom is important. If the condom is too tight, there is a risk that it will tear more easily. If it's too far, it won't hold properly and can slide down during sex - in the worst case scenario, it will get stuck. To find the right width, you don't need a ruler, but a tape measure. It is important that the circumference of the penis is measured when erect.

  • Smaller condoms: 47 mm to about 49 mm
  • Medium condoms: 52mm to 54mm
  • Larger condoms: 55mm to 57mm

A little tip: when you put on the condom, you can quickly determine whether the condom is properly seated. If it rolls off easily, it sits well. Condoms should usually be a little tighter than too loose. In order to buy the right condoms with the right width, the dimensions are usually on the back of the packaging, which you can use for orientation:

Can the penis get smaller from smoking?

In fact, scientists from Boston claim to have found out in a study that nicotine can have a negative effect on the limb. Even with more severe consequences than on the heart. It is already known that cigarettes clog blood vessels and thus also the connective tissue. In the case of an erection, the penis can no longer expand as much and can really get up to a whole centimeter smaller. But smoking has another huge disadvantage on the man. Studies have shown that whoever smokes a lot could sooner or later suffer from erectile dysfunction and infertility.

What other factors can make a penis shrink?

In fact, hormones can change the length of the penis. From the age of 40 onwards, the testosterone level drops by an estimated 1% - and this can mean that the best piece of the man has to lose both in width and in length. There is only one thing that can help: sex. If the penis is always active, the connective tissue will hardly change.

Is it possible to have the penis lengthened?

Many beauty clinics actually offer a surgical procedure that promises an enlargement of the penis by 3 to 6 centimeters. In most cases, a skin graft is not necessary. Often during this procedure, the existing skin of the penis and scrotum is used to cover the longer part of the penis. The cost of penis enlargement: around 10,000 euros.

How big is the longest penis in the world?

Men reveal what sex feels like with a micropenis.

15 facts about the penis you definitely didn't know!

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