Why do some ski resorts prohibit snowboarding

April 1, 2018 By: Gerrit in 'News'

One or two arguments have already broken out between skiers and snowboarders. In a ski area, the controversial question of which sport is cooler will no longer arise. From now on snowboarders are banned there. The ban will come into force next season. As a result, skiers should be able to enjoy their ski vacation more again without having to constantly consider snowboarders. Snowplaza reports on the newly introduced regulation and provides information on the background to the snowboard ban.

Snowboarders are no longer welcome in this ski area

"Unfortunately we have to stay outside". The sign at the entrance to the village shows a snowboarder who is crossed out with thick red bars. It was only a matter of time before it would happen. Now the first ski area in the Alps bans snowboarders. The reasons have been known for a long time: snowboarders interfere with skiing. They sit behind hilltops, drive holes in the ski slopes and block pull-ways. The ski area operator is certain: "That jeopardizes safety on the slopes. The consequences we are drawing now were long overdue." The offer for snowboarders is finally available. A modern drag lift was only inaugurated on the soccer field in front of the town entrance last season.

Video: snowboarder crash

Control by slope supervisors

The consequences are well thought out. Surveillance drones sound the alarm at the parking lot as soon as a snowboard is unloaded from the trunk. It is then no longer possible for the owner to purchase a ski pass. If a snowboarder still manages to get into the lift queue and approaches the turnstile, it is automatically registered that it is no longer permitted sports equipment. In this case, the chairlift stops immediately. In addition, the slope supervisor runs regular patrols and controls secret routes. Snowboarders who are caught by the slope supervisor can expect heavy fines. In addition, the snowboard is confiscated in order to avoid another offense in the future.

What's next now?

The hotel operators in the region breathe a sigh of relief. Snowboarders were often not dressed appropriately, especially for dinner. Opinions differ among the interviewed skiers. While one faction is positive about the decision, others are critical. Sabine W. is desperate: "Yes, I am a skier. However, my husband is a snowboarder. May we no longer be allowed on the slopes together in the future?" It's not quite that far yet. Other ski areas are not planning a similar regulation, it is said. It is currently also possible to circumvent the ban. There are already special ski-like constructions that can be strapped under the board: "The control mechanisms don't recognize that," says the industry.

Snowplaza distances itself from regulation

The topic was critically discussed in the Snowplaza editorial team. The ski portal does not want to continue to support discriminatory campaigns like this. Therefore, the name of the ski area has not been mentioned in this article and the profile page of the region has already been removed from the website. Instead, the editorial management founded the foundation "Equality in Winter Sports". The associated donation account, with which ski resorts can expand the offer for snowboarders, was set up on April 1, 2018.

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