How bad is it to have pizza for breakfast

SPUTNIK your weekend Why you can have pizza for breakfast too

A slice of pizza for breakfast? Most of us have probably done this before. After a night of dancing or because you were completely off track or because there was simply nothing left in the fridge. You probably never felt really cool doing it. Greasy, unhealthy, uh. But...

Pizza is the new cereal

Pizza for breakfast is not such a stupid idea, as a diet expert has now revealed. If you compare a piece of pizza with a bowl full of cereal, then the piece of pizza doesn't come off as badly as you might think.

"You'd be surprised to find that the average slice of pizza has almost the same amount of calories compared to a bowl of milk-filled cereal," explains Chesley Amer, MS, RDN, CDN. But not only that!

Pizza delivers a protein kick that promotes satiety and keeps you full through the morning.

Chesley Amer

Virtually everything speaks for the pizza! It is as "bad" as muesli, but the bottom line is that it makes you fuller and you don't eat around pointlessly.

It gets even better!

All in all, that makes pizza a decent breakfast snack for science. And it goes on: A piece of pizza contains more fat, but less sugar than most mueslis, says Amer.

No sugar shock, you are fuller and basically pizza is no worse than muesli. We would suggest: Time to change the breakfast schedule!

SPUTNIK your weekend | 02/17/19 | 09:50 am