Should I be worried about smelly urine


Whether on clothing or on surfaces in the apartment such as upholstery, sofa and tiles: The urine and urine odor can be eliminated or neutralized with the help of special products and various home remedies.

Smells have both an inward and outward impact on human relationships. If you are confronted with urine smells on your own clothing or home more often, you may fear that other people might perceive these smells. As a result, some of those affected withdraw from social life, but it doesn't have to be. The cleaning industry hasspecial productssuch as hygiene products or sprays that effectively remove urine odors. On the other hand turn out to be toocertain home remedies, like apple cider vinegar, baking soda, or lemon juice come in handy.

Remove urine odors in the apartment

Not only those affected by incontinence, but also parents of small children or owners of pets know the problem. If the urine has just leaked onto a surface or material, the liquid should be soaked up / wiped up as quickly as possible to prevent the possible spread of the odor. The next step is to consider the type of surface or material.

The market offers specific products for almost all materials, both forStain removal as well as forOdor neutralization. TheEnzyme cleaner is the all-round talent among urine cleaners, as it is suitable for almost all surfaces and materials to be cleaned and is an effective alternative to chemical products. It works particularly deeply, reaches the urine crystals and breaks them down. Enzyme cleaners are non-toxic and are mostly used to clean carpets and upholstered furniture. Additionally you canRoom sprays can be used in different fragrance variations for the hygienic elimination of unpleasant odors. These not only cover the smells, but also fight bacteria and ensure a fresh scent in rooms, on textiles and upholstered furniture.

PVC floors andTiles are usually also easy to clean: fresh urine can be wiped off with a paper towel or something similar. If the urine has already dried, take a cleaner of your choice (home remedies are often sufficient), let it soak in briefly and wipe it up. If there is any residue, scrub with a brush or a harder cloth.

The cleaning of oneWooden background It is more difficult, however, because the urine is quickly absorbed into the wood and leaves stains. So wipe up the urine as soon as possible. A well-tried household remedy is suitable for removing the stain: Put some diluted vinegar essence or citric acid on a cloth, place it on the stain and weigh it down from above. Then check the stain every hour, it will gradually fade. Alternatively, chlorine bleach can be used to remove the stain, but it is more difficult to handle and more demanding to dose.

Remove urine odor from clothing

Sometimes you can't get rid of the impression that the smell of urine has seeped deep into your clothes, even if they have already been washed and are no longer stained. With the following tips, you will be able to wear your favorite items again without hesitation.

The clothes contaminated with urine should first be separated from the "clean" clothes andwashed separately until the odor is eliminated. Before washing the clothes in the washing machine, you can pre-treat the soiled garment by rinsing it with cold water and then kneading it briefly with warm soapy water.

Since the bacteria in the urine can only be destroyed at high temperatures, washing must be done at at least 60 degrees to remove the urine odor. Of course, not every piece of clothing is suitable for such a hot wash. Alternatively, aenzymatic detergent be used. The advantage here is that this already unfolds its effect at low temperatures (30-40 degrees). It penetrates deep into the fiber and breaks down the urine crystals, eliminating stains and odors. It should be noted that enzymatic detergents are only used for washesup to 45 degrees can work, as a higher water temperature destroys the enzymes.

Alternative home remedies: baking soda, vinegar, lemon

Even if enzymatic cleaners offer a sustainable and residue-free solution, tried and tested home remedies are often sufficient. They can sometimes work just as well as chemical or enzymatic cleaners:

• Apple Cider Vinegar is particularly effective if you put a quarter cup in the fabric softener compartment together with the conventional detergent.

• Urine stains can be particularly good withsome squirt of lemon can be removed after a short exposure time. The citric acid affects both the discoloration and the smell.

• Baking soda or baking powder are ideal for upholstery, carpets and tile joints. Either dilute it with water or put it on the contamination, let it soak in and then wash off or rub off.

Psychological concern: does the urine smell really exist?

Many people concerned ask themselves this question and are therefore very insecure, because the smell of urine literally “sticks” in the nose. We all know this phenomenon when we have smelled something unpleasant and can no longer get that smell out of the nose. If you are unsettled by this feeling, ask someone you trust if they can also smell urine. If this is the case, there are various ways of addressing the problem, as described in this article.

If you would also like to know how urine odor is bound on incontinence products or how it can arise anyway, you will find our blog article on this topic here.

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