How would you describe a great manager

The 66 most important interview questions in sales in 2020

So now we have our best Tips compiled and developed a detailed list of questions that can also be used as an example by the candidate in preparation for a job interview.

Our two most important tips for recruiters:

  • First, don't be overly friendly or overly harsh during interviews - these are two extremes common to many companies that don't interview often. Strike a balance between the two and always stay professional.
  • Secondly, ask the 50 interview questions listed below. Otherwise, you may not recognize the perfect candidate. The interview questions can also be spread over several conversations and asked by several interviewers.

Overview of interview questions for sales professionals

Here are the 50 interview questions for sales:

  1. Why do you workwith pleasure in sales department?
  2. How would youCorporate culture Describe your current company?
  3. What you are the most importantpropertieswho make an effective sales rep?
  4. Whichaims could you reach in your old company? How high were the goals and how were they set? How did you compare with your sales colleagues?
  5. Have you ever seen one particularly high sales targetset yourself? What steps did you take to achieve the goal? Tell me more about how you approached the lofty goal and why you chose it.
  6. How do you go about the Cold calling in front?
  7. Let's assume, I would be a customer and You'd have to convince meto purchase a product / service from you.
  8. How long was he the typical sales cycle(= Duration between first contact and conclusion of the contract, measured in days / months) in your previous roles?
  9. What were theyTarget customer segments in your previous job and which of them were particularly profitable?
  10. How would you describe yourself as a seller describe?
  11. How do you come with your current colleague clear? What positive or negative experiences have you had?
  12. If I would conduct a survey among your previous colleagueshow many percent would then have a negative opinion of you? What words would these people use to describe you in an interview?
  13. With which hurdles resp.Obstacles are you faced in your current position?
  14. Can you give me an example of one complex contract negotiations name that you have successfully completed? How did you go about it exactly?
  15. How did your current company fare in the market positioned?
  16. How would you like your ideal sales manager describe?
  17. What characteristics do you think make aSales executive out?
  18. Can you give me a specific example of how you approach oneinteresting new customers received. How did you go about it?
  19. In which area of ​​sales do you seepotential to develop further?
  20. What is the meaning of the term"Advisory sales approach" for her?
  21. What size was oneaverage deal in your previous position?
  22. Give me an example of how you can deal with adifficult customers handled so as not to endanger sales? What experiences do you take with you for future challenges?
  23. Which specific customer or which deal would you consider yours so far greatest professional achievement describe? What was your goal, how did you approach the task, how did you measure your success, and what mistakes did you make?
  24. What was the most important lead you spoke to recently? How did you prepare for the interview? Please guide me through your interview preparation. What information did you analyze beforehand and how did you structure the conversation?
  25. Have you already gained professional experience that you describe as successful, but nonetheless don't like to repeat would?
  26. Describe one typical working day with your previous employer.
  27. Is it better to be late and do a perfect job, or be on time and do a good job?
  28. How did youCompensation package put together so far?
  29. Can you give me oneExample pitch introduce the product or service that you have sold with your previous employer?
  30. Can you send me a message within 5 minutes explain complicated business modelyou understand well?
  31. WhichCharacteristics should managers exhibit so that you learn best among them?
  32. Why is it your desire to be your current employer tooleave?
  33. How would you like your opinionsuccess define?
  34. how would you hard work in sales define?
  35. How would youSales style Rewrite your former manager?
  36. Where do you see yourself in one, three and five years?
  37. What is theideal role in sales for you?
  38. About whichfundamental values should all big companies have?
  39. How would you like the people in your past companycharacterize?
  40. Which CRMSoftware tools did you start in your last job?
  41. Can you give methree adjectives name which you best asEmployee describe?
  42. Can you give methree adjectives name which you best asperson describe?
  43. Can you give me oneExample of failure name that you have experienced in your job? What did you learn from it?
  44. Tell me about one Mistake you made.
  45. Who is she smartest person you know personally? What makes this person so intelligent?
  46. Is there something you do could easily do it every day for the rest of your professional career?
  47. WhatInterested You in our company?
  48. WhichTotal compensation are you aiming at?
  49. How would youtypical leadership style characterize?
  50. What connotations do you associate withPassion?
  51. how would youprosperity describe?
  52. How do you feel when you face a customer and in front of many peoplepresent?
  53. What would you do if you could 50,000 euros start-up capital to start your own business?
  54. What was she most important decisionwho you had to meet in the past year? Why was this decision so important?
  55. Which skills do you think are particularly important to a particularsuccessful sales rep to be?
  56. Why should we hire you?
  57. How would you like yourLearning style describe?
  58. Why did you choose the Sales area decided?
  59. How did your previous companynew leads addressed?
  60. What percentage of leads could you actually use for sales?use?
  61. How would you like your ideal sales lead describe?
  62. What do you think is the best way to be strongrelationship to create with a client?
  63. How do you deal with it when theExpectations of the customer is excessively high?
  64. Can you give me an example of yourcreativity name how you were able to repeatedly convince an existing customer?
  65. Is sales one for youart or onescience?
  66. What has she got so far in this interview surprised?

Impartiality and careful selection count in the application process

Aefficient sales force is not only for growth but also for thatFuture perspective of a company is crucial. You shouldApplication process therefore not only take it seriously, but also carry it out very carefully. Only then will you find out whether the candidate has the decisive qualities as a salesperson. This care also includes not hiring the first person who makes a passable impression. Only the comparison of different candidates makes it clear who is best suited. It is therefore of great importance that you do your best during the entire process unbiased stay. You can do this, for example, by answering the interview questionsversatile andopen to get voted.

With this in mind, it is particularly important for candidates on the other hand to delve into these interview questionsprepare. This should work out fine by carefully going through our list. Many applicants also find it helpful to practice the interview situation with a friend, for example.

We wish you every success with hiring your new colleague or applying in sales!