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RFI - Request for Information

Definition of RFI - Request for Information

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Definition and explanation of RFI - Request for Information:

The request for information is part of the pre-selection of potential software manufacturers and solutions. Companies ask software providers for information on prices and services without obligation. The term Request for information (RFI) comes from the field of e-business and describes a process from the Software tender of companies. This whole process, including the general preselection, is often called a request for information.

Request for Information - pre-selection for market exploration

The RFI is right to begin with general request to the various providers and manufacturers of software and is primarily used to get an initial overview of the offers on the software market. The client can now use this information to identify the group of potential providers from the "Longlist"And decide which one can best meet his requirements and put it in the shortlist ("Shortlist") reach.

RFI example - possible inquiries:

  • General key figures of the software provider
  • Service portfolio or customer structure
  • Market positioning and industry coverage
  • Technical approaches and proposed solutions

Request for proposal as a specific request

In addition to the RFI, there is the Request for Proposal (RFP) in software selection and software procurement. After you have got a rough overview of the prices and services for general products from different providers, you ask for more detailed information about possible software solutions with the Request for Proposal. In contrast to the RFI, the RFP consists of binding offers and should only be requested from those providers who can realistically be considered.

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