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Here you can find out which cookies we set and how you can remove cookies from your browser.

Our website uses so-called cookies. These do no harm.
We use cookies to make our offer user-friendly. Some cookies remain stored on your device until you delete them. They enable us to recognize your browser the next time you visit. If you do not want this, you can set up your browser so that it informs you about the setting of cookies and you only allow this in individual cases.

If cookies are deactivated, the functionality of our website may be restricted, for example you cannot use community functions such as reading and writing comments, saving articles in your personal watch list or the "seamless reading" feature.

What are cookies?
Our website uses so-called cookies. These are small text files that are stored on your device with the help of the browser. They do no harm.
We use cookies to make our offer user-friendly, e.g. to analyze (pseudonymised) interactions of users with our website or to save articles on a personal watch list.

What types of cookies are there?
First-party cookies: are only sent and read from the domain of the service provider.

Third-party cookies: are sent and read from domains of other service providers.

Session cookies (session-id): Temporary cookies that are automatically deleted when the browser is closed. Session cookies enable the user's movements on the website to be recognized so that information is retained. Without cookies, websites have no "memory"

Permanent cookies: permanent cookies that have to be deleted manually or delete themselves after a certain period of time. These cookies help the website to remember the user and his settings; e.g. language selection, menu preferences, internal bookmarks or favorites.

How can you delete cookies?
The common browsers enable the user (mostly under the heading "Settings" or "Data Protection") to delete cookies that have already been saved.

Internet Explorer:

When can a service provider, in this case Addendum, use cookies?