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Diving goggles: test & recommendations (05/21)

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Diving goggles allow you to see clearly underwater and at the same time protect your eyes from bacteria, salt water and chlorine. This way, your eyes will not be unnecessarily irritated. Unlike conventional swimming goggles, most diving goggles also allow you to equalize pressure underwater, which protects you from damage to your health.

With our diving goggles test 2021 we want to support you in choosing your diving goggles. We have compared the different types of diving goggles and we want to make it easier for you to find your perfect diving goggles based on certain criteria. Our guide will also help you if you need special diving goggles with prescription or diving goggles for snorkeling.

the essentials in brief

  • Diving goggles give you a clear view underwater and protect your eyes from irritation from bacteria, salt water and chlorine. At the same time, they allow you the important pressure equalization when diving.
  • When buying, you have to pay attention to the fit and material as well as the tightness of the diving mask. Depending on the area of ‚Äč‚Äčapplication, different types of diving goggles are suitable.
  • Simple diving goggles for hobby divers are available at a low price. However, you should always make sure that the materials are of good quality.

Diving goggles comparison: reviews and recommendations

There are a wide variety of diving goggles on the market. But not every model is suitable for every age or every purpose. Below we have put together the best diving goggles for you to make your choice easier.

The best all-round diving goggles

The Onda diving goggles by Cressi are made of hypoallergenic silicone. These are single-lens glasses with tempered glass. The large field of vision ensures a good all-round view when diving. The diving goggles have a medium-sized internal volume. The wide mask strap allows the diving mask to fit comfortably. The soft sealing lips are not only used for waterproofing, but also for comfort.

The diving goggles are suitable for amateur and sport divers as well as for snorkelers. You can not only purchase the diving goggles in three different colors, but also in three different sets. Both snorkels and fins are available to match.

Editor's rating: These diving goggles offer a solid overall package and score with good materials. The wide mask strap and the hypoallergenic silicone ensure a high level of comfort.

The best diving goggles for children

The Aqua Lung Mix diving set offers good value for money if your child enjoys diving and snorkeling. It is suitable for children from 4 to 6 years. The set includes classic single-lens diving goggles and a matching snorkel. The mask is only available in one size, only the silicone strap can be adjusted in length.

The lens of the glasses is made of plastic. It is a non-tinted Plexiglas pane, which has an anti-fog coating. The diving goggles are available in four different colors. If you are looking for simple diving goggles for your child, then this is perfect. The large field of view allows you to see as much as possible underwater.

Editor's rating: The Aqua Lung Set is a solid diving set for children. Thanks to the included snorkel, you can try both diving and snorkeling at no additional cost.

The best goggles for snorkeling

The Dorlle snorkel set consists of a two-tube diving mask and a snorkel. The field of vision consists of hardened glass, which is provided with an extra anti-fog coating. The frame of the mask is made of silicone and therefore adapts ideally to the shape of the face. The snorkel has a special three-channel design, which separates the water flow from the air. The mouthpiece is also made of soft silicone. This set is suitable for both adults and teenagers.

Thanks to the 180 degree panoramic window and the anti-fog layer on the glass, you can see everything around you without any problems and are not restricted by anything. The snorkel can be attached to the mask so that you can also dive freely.

Editor's rating: This snorkel set is the ideal companion, whether for diving or snorkeling. The ergonomic silicone mask guarantees a one-way-free view and the special snorkel ensures a problem-free air supply.

The best full face snorkel mask among diving goggles

The full face snorkel mask from Wotek is available in two sizes and is suitable for both children and adults. It is equipped with a 180 degree field of view, anti-leak technology and the option to mount your GoPro. The mask is made of silicone and is therefore very adaptable.

The particularly large and wide frame of the mask enables perfect vision. The manufacturer also promises a scratch-proof and break-proof sight glass. This diving mask also promises anti-fog protection. This works via a separate chamber design, which enables easy and calm breathing in and out without the disc fogging up.

Editor's rating: With the perfect all-round view and the ability to attach your GoPro, this full face mask makes your dive a special experience.

The best prescription diving goggles

The Focus diving goggles from Cressi are two-lens diving mask. With these glasses it is possible to order glasses in diopters from -1 to -8 and to use them instead of the original glasses. A good view is guaranteed due to the small distance between the eye and the sight glass. The mask is available in many different colors.

The frame of the mask is made of hypoallergenic silicone. Together with the soft sealing lips, it enables a comfortable fit on the face. The band, also made of silicone, can be adjusted in length. The sight glasses are made of tempered glass.

Editor's rating: The diving mask from Cressi offers a good overall package and convinces with the possibility of using optical glasses. However, keep in mind that the optical glasses will incur additional costs.

The best diving goggles for adults

The size of the Korostro diving goggles is particularly suitable for adults. It convinces with glasses made of tempered glass. These are equipped with an anti-fog protective layer on the inside and a scratch-resistant layer on the outside. They also offer protection from UV rays.

The frame of the mask is made of PVC and can be individually adapted to your face with the adjustable headband. The small distance between the eyes and the sight glass enables a clear and wide view. With an additional snorkel, it is also ideal for snorkeling.

Editor's rating: Simple diving goggles that convince with their good sight glass. It's the ideal choice for you if you value a good view but don't want to spend too much.

Diving goggles: purchase and evaluation criteria

In order to find the right one for you among the multitude of diving goggles, we have put together various criteria for you. These make it easier for you to choose and compare between the various diving goggles.

In the following we explain to you what is important for the individual criteria.


The quality differences between the different glasses can be seen particularly in the material used. Both the material of the field of view and the composition of the frame are important here.

Pay particular attention to the quality of the sight glass.

For the material of the field of view, you can choose between plexiglass, tempered and laminated glass. Plexiglass has the advantage that it is usually much cheaper. Unfortunately, it is also much more prone to scratches. Tempered and laminated glass, on the other hand, are break-proof and scratch-proof. Tempered glass is also used as safety glass in many other areas. Because if it should ever be damaged, there are no dangerous sharp-edged splinters as with other glass.

In most cases, the frame is made of either silicone or PVC. The silicone has the great advantage that it is particularly flexible and yet stable. So it can ideally adapt to the shape of the head. With the plastic PVC you should keep in mind that it usually contains plasticizers. If the diving goggles are intended for children or allergy sufferers, it is worth looking into which plasticizers are contained in the product.


Good diving goggles must of course be tight and not allow water to penetrate. This would seriously affect the view. How well diving goggles hold tightly depends, of course, on the correct fit. The glasses must neither be too loose nor too tight. We recommend putting on the glasses before buying and testing the fit and comfort.

Also make sure that the glasses have a double sealing rim or a double lip. As a rule, these models guarantee that your diving goggles are much more impervious.

Always make sure that there is no (beard) hair under the frame. This quickly leads to the glasses becoming leaky. It can also get very painful if your hair becomes tangled on and around the strap of your glasses. It's best to tie your hair in a braid behind your head to minimize the risk.

Size of the field of view

Another important aspect is the size of the field of view. It is particularly important to know what purpose the diving goggles are intended to serve. Accordingly, the type of diving goggles is also important for the size of the field of vision.

A large inner volume favors the fogging of the diving goggles.

When it comes to the field of vision, the internal volume of the glasses always plays a role. The smaller the inner volume of the glasses, the less air you need to blow out. If you go diving without a ventilator, glasses with a smaller internal volume are a good choice. The pressure equalization is much easier here than with a larger internal volume.

With so-called two-lens glasses, the field of vision is, as the name suggests, divided into two glasses. This also reduces the internal volume of the glasses again. However, a smaller interior volume is often associated with a restricted field of vision.

Fit and comfort

The right fit should play a crucial role when choosing your diving goggles. Not only a high level of comfort depends on it, but also the tightness of your diving goggles. If the glasses are too loose or too tight, water can penetrate the sides.

It makes sense to buy glasses that allow you to adjust the length of the strap. Nonetheless, you should try the glasses on before you buy them in order to be able to check whether the glasses adapt well to the shape of your head. In addition, diving goggles with a good fit do not leave any unsightly pressure marks on the face.

You can recognize a good fit by two different things. On the one hand, the nose should have enough space in the nasal cavity and the mask should not press uncomfortably there.

When trying on the mask, make sure that neither scalp nor whiskers are trapped under the sealing lips. This can affect the fit of the diving goggles.

You can test whether the mask with its frame is suitable for your face as follows: Put your head back and place the diving goggles on your face. Inhale through your nose, then tilt your head forward again. If the mask is still in place, then it is a good fit for you.

Diving goggles: frequently asked questions and answers

Below we answer various questions about diving goggles. We have picked out the most common questions and would like to answer them for you shortly.

Who are diving goggles suitable for?

Diving goggles are suitable for anyone who actually wants to dive and not just swim on the surface.