Did you help a stranger with money?

The stranger

Situation 1

A stranger speaks to you on the street and asks:

"Wouldn't you have me a little change for a cup of coffee?"

If you think about it carefully and you are not in an exceptional situation, you will certainly have enough money to do a little "good deed" every day. Do you give money to this stranger or not?

[Yes No]




You are a kind person and you have really done a good deed! But do you really feel good now? Don't you rather ask yourself whether you have really helped him with it and whether it will one day get him out of his misery? Maybe he even lied to you and someone else needed your money more?



You are a very thoughtful person and have not let yourself be impressed by this pitying trick! But do you really feel good now? Or are you wondering whether he might have needed it after all and has now become even more bitter because of you? Maybe there is someone else who is not as strong-willed as you and is now being fleeced.

In case you've ever wondered

  • How could you behave correctly?
  • Have others worried about it too?
  • Why are there such beggars at all?
  • Why is it bothering you?
  • What makes the stranger do this?

then you are cordially invited to think about the basic question of this project.

[Basic question]