Why do people do immoral activities

Examples of Immoral Things?

One can identify immoral things relatively well by checking actions (or omissions) against certain principles.

  • Categorical imperative
  • utilitarianism
  • Consequentialism
  • Intentions

Furthermore, moral behavior is linked to fairness.

You can see a few general structures:

The more serious the effect of an action, the more you should be clear about your action. Example: If I am to blow up a building, I have to do everything I can to ensure that my surroundings are not damaged. If I cut down my garden wall in my own garden, it doesn't matter a meter.

The more people are influenced by my action (it concerns them), the more one has to make sure that the effect of the action is not negative. Example: Corona. Anyone who does not comply with the rules of distance today is acting asocial and therefore immoral. Example: garbage. You shouldn't dispose of any kind of rubbish in bodies of water, especially not hazardous waste.

The stronger my intention, the more likely an act can be moral or immoral. Example: Corona. If I purposely sneeze at someone, for example to get people to avoid me, it is highly antisocial and immoral. Example: accident. If I try to help someone who is badly injured and I make a mistake (which of course I couldn't have foreseen), the act was still moral. It is also the case that in our society we are required to help.