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School management software: organization down to the last detail.

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Multiplex Infotech GmbH, 6331 Hünenberg

Multiplex Infotech GmbH - The performance manager

The administration and organization of educational institutions in particular requires a high degree of structure, care and know-how, which these days can only be achieved with the most modern means. Multiplex's performance manager is just such an effective and powerful software solution that supports you in the organization and management of all school and business processes. The school management software offers a wide range of functions that can be individually adapted and expanded according to your needs. In addition to clear material and room management, the basic version of the performance manager also includes extensive student and course management that links and displays individual information in a structured manner.
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Database Designs, 9014 St. Gallen

Database Designs - SchoolX

With the school administration software SchulX you get a clear and powerful software solution for the administration of all your student and personal data, correspondence, grades, exams, class data and certificates. Our state-of-the-art solution is network-compatible for both Windows and Macintosh and supports you in the management of all your important school data professionally and reliably. Benefit from a large number of functions, such as class management, which gives you a structured overview of the class division. At a glance you can see which student is assigned to which class, which subject teacher and class teacher, which student withdrawals and reallocations have occurred and what the student allocation to the individual classes or groups looks like. In addition, you will find statistical lists that present your data precisely and show you, for example, how many students you have on average per class, what the gender distribution is and how many students attend the students in total.
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swiss-untis IT GmbH, 6330 Cham

Swiss Untis

The popular school planning software Untis, which is widely used in over 80 countries around the world, also has a large following in Switzerland. Over 400 schools in Switzerland with a wide range of different orientations, from elementary schools to high schools, rely on the many advantages of professional timetable creation with units. Units is available in several versions, which in turn are updated and continuously improved every year so that you have a powerful, flexible, modular and user-friendly tool not only today but also in the future, with which you can design your timetable according to your needs. Get to know Units 2009 and test the versatile planning program for yourself.
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Merkisoft Informatik, 8180 Bülach

Merkisoft IT course management

Whether a pottery course, business English course or leadership coaching, a multitude of courses for young and old are offered every year, which bring a variety of benefits from leisure fun to professional skills. But all of these courses must also be properly managed so that there is no insurmountable planning chaos that jeopardizes the success of the entire project. The Merkisoft Informatik course management provides a remedy and supports you in the management of all your course data optimally and reliably. Our high level of commitment, quality and user-friendliness pay off, which is also noticeable in the fact that over 10,000 course places are looked after and managed with the course management software every year. For smaller schools, clubs, associations and municipalities in particular, the Merkisoft IT course management system is therefore an ideal tool for managing a wide variety of courses and offers.
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For the organization and administration of a school or educational institution, it is no longer enough to just work with hanging files and arrange the participants' names alphabetically. The abundance of data and information makes it necessary for the majority of all processes to be standardized and automatic, thus saving a lot of time. A professional school administration software is therefore indispensable in order to be able to handle all administrative tasks professionally.

Depending on the version, such school management software offers a wide variety of tools and functions and offers the right options for every institution, from smaller school facilities to large, state schools. Whether comprehensive school management software with integrated personnel management and cost management or a solution that mainly coordinates courses, data and room allocations, you decide for yourself which options the school management software should offer you.

It is best to find out more about the individual companies that have specialized in the development and sale of school management software here at www.eduscout.ch and contact the providers that are most interesting for you. Let us send you extensive documents on the latest offers and give you individual advice. In this way you can easily and simply find the school administration software that your institution needs.

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