In relationships, expectations are necessary or not

Expectations in love - how to become happy with your partner

People's expectations of a happy relationship are diverse, because everyone has a different image of love or "perfect" relationship in their head. But what are the expectations for a successful partnership at any age? And where is the line between expecting too high a partner and a justified need for a healthy relationship?

The expectations of women and men in a relationship

Clichés like “women only want to talk about their feelings” and “men only want sex anyway” are widespread in love, but the expectations in a relationship between men and women do not differ as widely as assumed. Aspects such as harmony, loyalty and respect for both genders are paramount in a relationship. But also passion, eroticism and flirting are part of love for both partners in every age group, so sex is still an important point for people in old age.

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Men's longing in relationships

Old school men in particular rarely wanted to openly show their soft and soulful side, but this is reflected in their expectations of a relationship. In addition to harmony and loyalty, emotional and physical closeness are also important to men in life in order to build a close bond with a woman. But men also want freedom, praise and recognition from their partner without asking at a young and old age.

Desire of women in relationships

It is often assumed that women of all ages expect nothing but romance and open feelings in a relationship. But they too want the same attention, recognition and passion from their life partner, especially in old age, as in their younger years. In addition, friendly aspects in a partnership, such as laughing together and mutual support, are also important for women.

Unrealistic Expectations of love screw down

Would you also like to have a passionate love affair like Rose and Jack in the classic Titanic? These unrealistic ideas of people about relationships and partners, which are often conveyed in media such as film and television, quickly lead to expectations that are too high in real life, which can, however, damage one's own partnership. Reality shows that no person and no relationship are perfect and that important aspects such as trust and bonding only develop over time. One should avoid Hollywood-like expectations with regard to the relationship, but also to the appearance of the partner, and consider characteristics such as loyalty, honesty and support as important.

Separation and lovesickness through compromise avoid

Open communication is the alpha and omega of a well-functioning relationship in life, unfortunately this often fails and you expect your partner to know what is important to you without asking. A healthy relationship, however, thrives on both partners communicating openly with one another, expressing their wishes or needs and also strengthening the relationship through compromises. In this context, it is important to show more initiative, to approach the partner without reproach and not to make demands, but to express wishes clearly. For example, if your partner has forgotten to take the garbage down again, then it is advantageous not to accuse him of this mistake and provoke an argument, but to find a way together to remind him more easily in the future using a notepad or something similar. In this way you will be able to prevent long-term lovesickness or a breakup, meet the needs of your partner and maintain the happiness of your relationship into the later years of your life.