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Once in Winterfell, the Boltons begin to rebuild the burned down fortress. Meanwhile, Ramsay and Roose are considering how to consolidate their power in the north. Roose thinks nothing of Ramsay's suggestion that they simply take what they want by force. Instead, he suggests that Ramsay be married off. Roose has already found a bride and he explains to his son that it is Sansa.

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His lover Myranda doesn't think much of Ramsay's upcoming wedding to Sansa. Ramsay is annoyed by her jealous airs and threatens to deport her. At the same time, Ramsay still makes fun of tormenting Theon. When Sansa reaches Winterfell, Ramsay forces Theon to apologize to her for killing Bran and Rickon. Ramsay assures his fiancée that he has already punished Theon for his actions. Then Ramsay eagerly suggests that Theon lead Sansa to the altar after this reconciliation.

After eating together, Ramsay learns that Roose is going to be a father again. Roose also says that Ramsay is the product of rape. He briefly considered killing Ramsay as a baby, but immediately recognized him as his son and therefore raised him. Now Roose and Ramsay plan to defeat Stannis' army, which is marching towards Winterfell.

The wedding between Ramsay and Sansa is celebrated under a weirwood tree according to old tradition. Theon then leads the newly wed couple into the bedchamber. There Ramsay wants to know whether Sansa is still a virgin and then consummate the marriage. He forces Theon to watch and enjoys when Sansa bursts into tears. Since Sansa takes too much time undressing for his taste, he finally rips her clothes off. Then Ramsay brutally deflowered his wife.

Ramsay also attacks Sansa in the following nights. When Sansa asks Theon for help, he immediately confesses to his master that Sansa wants to flee from him and apparently has allies in Winterfell who want to help her. Ramsay doesn't hesitate to find out who offered Sansa support. Without looking around, he skins the old woman and presents the violated corpse to Sansa. With this, Ramsay underlines that Sansa is completely at his mercy.

As Stannis and his army get closer and closer, Ramsay wants to surprise them with a lightning attack. Roose agrees with his plan. After Ramsay has successfully returned, he realizes that Theon has now helped Sansa escape and that the two killed Myranda.

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