What is the best working dog breed

Healthy dog ​​breeds

Healthy dog ​​breeds get sick relatively rarely and are considered to be very robust. Mostly these are breeds that were bred to be working dogs. However, you should make sure that healthy dog ​​breeds come from reputable breeders. Inbreeding can cause serious health problems in these breeds as well. Read more

The main character traits


The Affenpinscher is one of the oldest dog breeds in Germany. Although it is very small, it should not be underestimated.

Afghan hound

For thousands of years, these fascinating four-legged friends have been considered a treasure in their original homeland, Afghanistan. Even today, the long-haired runners are special to many dog ​​lovers around the world.


The Alopekis is an extremely charming dog that appears in many variations on the outside. Outside of his native Greece, however, he is hardly known. We want to change that and introduce you to the balanced and family-friendly Greek in our portrait.

Old German Shepherd Dog

Strictly speaking, the "Old German Shepherd Dog" does not even exist - at least not as an independent breed recognized by the FCI. In general, the term long-haired or long-haired German Shepherd Dogs. Regardless of these circumstances, the pretty German shepherd variant with the bushy hair and the loyal, friendly nature is extremely popular and in great demand as a family and companion dog.

Anatolian Shepherd Dog

The powerful and defensive giant has a very peaceful and calm nature. As a guard dog, however, he is used to acting independently, which can quickly become a problem if kept incorrectly. An Anatolian Shepherd Dog, to which the FCI counts four different strokes, therefore only belongs in the hands of an experienced dog handler.

Appenzell Mountain dog

The Appenzeller Sennenhund is not for couch potatoes: The pedigree dog from the Appenzeller Land, which was bred as a farmer and herding dog, is a bundle of energy through and through. With a sporty owner who offers him enough exercise, the barking nature boy also feels at home in the role of the family dog.

Australian kelpie

Sporty, intelligent and sensitive - with the description of its character traits, the Australian Kelpie would certainly have the best chance of success in a dating agency. The Australian herding dog is primarily passionate about working with sheep.

Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog

The Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog is a sturdy, medium-sized dog with a natural stump tail. As a working and herding dog, he absolutely needs a job in order to be physically and mentally busy.


The noble, large greyhound from Russia, whose breed name "Borzoi" is derived from the Russian word for "fast", is one of the oldest dog breeds and the fastest land animals in the world. If he is allowed to run freely, the energetic thoroughbred hunter shows himself to be a calm and affectionate family dog.

Bearded Collie

Bearded Collie lovers agree: “If you don't know this breed of dog, you have to experience it!” And whoever has once experienced how a Bearded Collie with fluttering fur rushes happily across meadows, with what energy and joy it romps around and how attentive and attentive it is if he is at the same time vigilant for the wishes of his owner, he must simply fall for this original dog breed with its unmistakable charm.


The robust Beauceron with the short, thick coat needs an experienced dog owner, who trains him with a lot of love and consistency, due to his self-confidence and his dominant nature.

Bedlington Terrier

Visually, it is reminiscent of a sheep, but under the fluffy look of the Bedlington Terrier there is a clever hunter who has it as a fist behind his lop ears in the woods and fields. In their home, owners can look forward to an affectionate and patient four-legged friend. The Bedlington Terrier is a dog for people who like a robust character.

Belgian Shepherd Dog (Malinois)

The elegant and sophisticated Belgian Shepherd Dog is available in four different varieties, which differ greatly in appearance. What they have in common is their enormous urge to move and be busy, which requires a lot of time and experience on the part of the owner.

Bergamasque Shepherd Dog

The rugged and well-proportioned Bergamasque Shepherd Dog with the matted villi is medium-sized and is characterized by a particularly intimate bond with its people.

Berger Picard

The French Shepherd Dog Berger de Picardie is robust in every way: in his appearance, his nature and his health. As a family dog, he also shows his soft and charming side.

Bichon Frize

The French Belgian Bichon Frisé is a charmer who enchants many dog ​​lovers with his friendly nature. Find out more about the popular breed here.

Black and Tan Coonhound

The American Black and Tan Coonhound finds his calling in raccoon hunts, the trail of which he tracks down and pursues like no other. The black and tan raccoon dog, which is very similar to the Bloodhound, has a balanced temperament and gets along well with people and fellow dogs.


The Boerboel is a South African Mastiff type farm dog. His calm and reliable manner, combined with a strong protective instinct, makes the big dog with the massive head an excellent watchdog who fearlessly defends his family against wild animals and intruders. The Boerboel is only suitable to a limited extent as a family dog.


At first glance, he's a typical lap dog. At second glance it becomes clear: A Bolognese can do a lot more than just cuddle! The sympathetic and playful four-legged friend is a great companion for young and old and spreads a happy mood everywhere with its open nature.


The "colorful lap dog" from Russia, as the name translates, is also enjoying growing popularity outside of its home country. No wonder, because after all, the Bolonka Zwetna is a real little sunshine that gives its owners a lot of joy with its cheerful and uncomplicated character.

Border collie

The intelligent and demanding Border Collie with its medium-length or stick-haired coat is a herding dog through and through - so it is only suitable to a limited extent as a family dog.

Border terrier

Visually inconspicuous, the Border Terrier is an ideal dog for everyone who appreciates a robust, enterprising companion.


The elegant, medium-sized Briard with long, twisted hair and friendly demeanor is a popular family dog ​​today. However, due to his stubbornness and temperament, the former herding dog belongs in experienced hands.


The Broholmer, this old Danish mastiff-type dog was almost extinct before lovers took it under their wing from 1975 and backbred it under strict criteria. An animal happiness for the dog world, because this four-legged friend shows greatness in several ways with its self-confident and at the same time good-natured nature.

Bull terrier

Balanced, playful and people-friendly? The description from the breed standard does not seem to fit the picture of the dangerous fighting machine that many people have of the Bull Terrier. Time to dispel some of the prejudices about this breed.

Cairn Terrier

The rugged Cairn Terrier is one of the oldest hunting terriers in Scotland and has retained its rustic appearance, courage and self-confidence to this day. Instead of chasing foxes and badgers under piles of rubble, the small, friendly daredevil now acts primarily as a companion and family dog.


The Cavapoo - also known as the Cavoodle - is one of the so-called hybrid dog breeds. It was created by crossing a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel with a toy or miniature poodle and impresses not only with its extremely cute appearance, but also with its lively and loving manner.

Chesapeake Bay Retriever

The robust and powerful retriever owes its name to its place of origin, the Chesapeake Bay in the US state of Maryland. Originally bred for water hunting, the Chessie is still characterized today by courage, perseverance and toughness. In contrast to other retriever breeds, he also has a very strong protective and watchful instinct.

Ciobănesc Românesc Mioritic

Dogs of the Ciobănesc Românesc Mioritic type, or Mioritic for short, are common in Romania, because here they are popular working dogs of the shepherds. Outside of their home country they are very rare and efforts towards standardized breeding are still young.

Coton de Tulear

In the French colonial times, the small, pretty Coton de Tuléar was a dog of the French upper class in Madagascar. Fortunately, today he delights far more dog lovers with his enchanting nature and his distinctive appearance. However, depending on the region, fans of the breed have to travel long distances in order to be able to call a specimen of this companion dog their own: The Coton de Tuléar is still exceptional today.

Curly-coated retriever

The Curly-Coated Retriever is considered to be the oldest breed of retriever in the world. The large pedigree dog from England has not only retained its primeval appearance and curly, frizzy hair, but also its retrieving instinct and passion for water. Even if he is increasingly kept as a family dog ​​today, he still needs a hunting assignment.


The Deerhound, also known as the Scottish Deer Dog, was used to hunt deer back in the Middle Ages. Although the breed has since lost its original field of work, it still has the same speed, agility and fearlessness. Thanks to their gentle nature, the large greyhounds with their coarse fur are popular family dogs today.

German Wirehaired Pointer

With its lovable nature, attentive look and rustic beard, the German Wirehaired Pointer quickly wins the hearts of many dog ​​lovers. But despite its many positive characteristics, this breed is reserved for a certain group of people for good reason: The German Wirehaired Pointer is a high-performance hunting dog and therefore a dog made by hunters for hunters.