How safe is Cleveland

Ohio / USA: Columbus and Cleveland - completely underrated cities

He'll be down in a moment, and then that's it. A fall from a height of 40 meters, no, no one can survive that, absolutely impossible - guardian angel or not. It's a miracle that the man can still laugh. Even eat a bread! Both hands on the cuff, the bottom placed on an iron bar just as wide as an office chair and no safety line in sight: If this construction worker is not free from giddiness, then probably nobody in the world.

Where does this scene take place? Not in one of the big metropolises in the USA, in Los Angeles or Chicago. Not even in New York, where a new high-rise scratches the Manhattan sky almost every day. No, the man is working this morning in the American Midwest, in Columbus, Ohio to be precise.

Within seven years, the population of the state capital has increased by eleven percent to around 880,000. Including the suburbs, it is two million people. Another million could be added by 2050. Anyone who counts the scaffolding in the center will immediately believe the forecast.

In Short North, for example, shell construction follows shell construction. The neighborhood is considered a Columbus hotspot. Here, star chefs and bartenders meet business people who want to offer the city more than the same series of large chain stores.

Unconventional stores in Columbus

There are shops like Jason Williams'. The shop windows give the impression that they last saw water during Bill Clinton's presidency, and the jumble of dusty dolls, faded rubber balls and carelessly placed model cars does not initially suggest business success.

But "Big Fun"