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All the Facts On BTS V (Kim Taehyung): Facts, Childhood, Family, Fashion and More

Would you like the final profile of BTS V (Kim Taehyung) know: facts, childhood, family, fashion, acting, future, dog, solo music, car, photography, vante, favorite food, real name, girlfriend, height, age, weight, blod type, zodiac sign, chinese character, eye color, ear piercing, Wealth (annual income) and more.

Welcome to our regularly updated profile page (Last updated: October 8, September 2020) For V.. Here you can find his / her real name, place and date of birth, family background, siblings, age, zodiac sign, height, weight, and wealth Spotify playlist like him to BTS came, his position in the group, singing skills, dance skills, solo music activities, personality traits and emotional aspects, fashion style, acting career, his impact and influence, iconic moments, his interest in photography, his super cute dog Yeontan, his car and all the remaining details of his life.

Right name: Kim Taehyung
Artist name: V
Date of birth: December 30, 1995
Age at debut: 17
Position in the group: Singer, lead dancer, visual
Status in the group: Maknae (second youngest member after Jungkook)
Chinese character: Pig
star sign: Capricorn
favourite colour: Gray (according to an interview with J-14 magazine in May 2015)
height: 1,79
Weight: 63 kg
blood type: AB
Net worth: $ 12 million in cash (according to the International Business Times) plus $ 8 million in Big Hit Ent. Shares (as of September 2020)
Spotify list: V’s Join Me
foreign languages: Fluent in Japan, intermediate level in English
Favorite number: 10

V’s childhood and family background

V. was born as Kim Taehyung on December 30, 1995 in Daegu, South Korea. The vearly dreamthat informed of his birth was as follows: his father made a bet on a game of snooker against a dragon and he won the bet. The dragon gave a pearl to its father and Taehyung came out of that pearl when it opened.

Taehyung grew up in Geochang County in South Gyeongsangi, which is considered rural and has a different dialect than the dialect of Seoul. The names of the parents of V. are not disclosed, we know they live and their occupation was agriculture when V. was born. He is the oldest of three children. Kim Taehyung has two younger siblings, a boy and a girl, whose names are Kim Eonjin and Kim Jeonggyu. Due to the intense and highly planned lifestyle as an apprentice and then as an idol, he couldn't spend much time with his family. He felt a deep pain of grief for distancing himself from his family. Accordingly, he claimed (on MCD Backstage) that if he had a day off, he would want to see his parents. In addition, struck V. on another occasion the three requirements for happiness: family, health and honor.

V.‘S grandmother was a key figure in his childhood and adolescence until he was 14 years old. V's parents were supportive but couldn't leave much time for him as the farming activities were busy from morning to night. His grandmother was there to report. As V. Having lost his grandmother and, shortly afterwards, his grandfather, he seemed to fall into a state of deep sadness and became quieter and more relaxed.

V. stated that he wanted to become a singer for the first time in his 5th or 6th year at Chagnam Elementary School. However, he thought that his dream of becoming a professional singer coincided with the time he started taking saxophone lessons in his early secondary school. After that he also enrolled in a dance school. V. revealed while attending the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon that his passion for music dates back to days when he was learning the saxophone as his father said a singer should play at least one instrument. Taehyung further insisted that if he hadn't come to BTS, he might have chosen a professional career as a saxophonist. He also mentioned that as his parents he would have been a farmer if music hadn't had a place in his life.

The most important professional contribution from V.‘S parenting to him was undoubtedly that his audition should be a K-pop idol. The day Vs mother V. In spite of her poverty, she bought him a very expensive jacket. Other boys thought he was a rich child. The truth was, his mother didn't want the wealthy town boys to make fun of her son. In fact, the other boys came from families that weren't rich anywhere either. In fact, his bandmates thought Day V was a rich guy who might make fun of them 🙂

Tae’s role model is his father. He wants to be a father like his father, someone who looks after his children, listens to everything they say, encourages and advises on their future plans.

As another detail were V. and Jimin classmates at Korean Arts High School, which he graduated from in 2014.

V and BTS

Kim Taehyung first went to Audition Big Hit Entertainmentto support a friend. During this incident, he was walking and looking around the Big Hit’s Academy building, where one of the company's rookie development group employees saw his eye-catching pictures and asked if he would consider auditioning. He called his parents, got their permission, and was auditioned. He won the audition and you know the rest.

V’s nicknames are TaeTae (friends call him that because it's easy to say) and BlankTae because he has a blank expression most of the time. Before he got his stage name, he had a choice between Six, Lex, or V, and he went with it V.because it represents victory.

Taehyung was the last member in the group when the first teaser pictures were posted for each of them. Previously the group was known as a group of 6. As an interesting detail, he almost made his debut as a rapper in BTS and not as a singer.

He's in the group Jin and Jungkook the next. He shared a room in the old dormitory RM (until then his artist name was Rap monster). In the new dormitory he had his own room. Was in the dormitory V. responsible for the washing machine.

V. first appeared on June 13, 2013 together with BTS in Mnet's M-Countdown program, where they performed the song “No More Dream” from their cool debut album “2 Cool 4 School”.
In the video below you can enjoy his development as a BTS idol year after year:

Be BT21 character is a red anthropomorphic heart named Tata who wears a blue onesie with yellow polka dots.

V is one of the most popular idols of Kpop

Led in 2018 Eugene Investment & Securities Co. analytical research too Google addiction trends in relation to the K-Pop branch by. "V.”Took first place in the table, meaning that it was the most searched keyword in the past five years South Korea was. According to Gallup Korea As of 2019, he will be in 4th place in the most preferred Idol ranking.

V (Kim Tae Hyung) won the title "The Best Handsome Face in 2017" and "The Best Handsome Man in the World in 2018“. V. is from the YouTube channel Top 10 World as "Most Handsome Man of 2020 in the World”Awarded over 300,000 subscribers. Taehyung has first place in the according to TopGomiz Top 10 of the most beautiful K-Pop men's phases 2020-2021 occupied. In addition, has V. first place in the Starmometer list "Ultimate Asian Heartthrob of 2020”Occupied. Internet users vote in this list for three consecutive years 2018 to 2020 For V..

Look at some idols from other kpop groups V. as your role model. Among them we can Younghoon ve Hwall of The Boyz, Jaehyun and Jangjun of Golden Child and Hanyu of Boy story highlight.

V. was the first and only artist in the world to receive 10 billion views of Tiktok with two hashtags (#V and #Taehyung). His cult line “I'm Good Boy” has suddenly become a viral challenge for TikTok.

“V” has a distinctly deep and rich vowel voice

V. is a baritone, but he can also sing in falsetto! His voice differs most from other members by its deep, hoarse vocal range. Karen Ruffini of Elite Daily stated in her article: "V. has no problem creating super calming, deep tones which are a key element in the overall sound of BTS. " It can also achieve higher grades than it should be; For example, he can subtract C6 and D6, which are higher than a tenor. Billboard's Tamar Herman said that "having a wide range and a deep tone vs expressive vocals is a mainstay for BTS‘ sound. "

He is known for his love of classical music and jazz music, as well as trot (ancient Korean pop music known for its use of repetitive rhythms and vocal inflections). The American musicians Ruben Studdard and Eric Benet are both artists who inspired V. His favorite songs include "Hello in There" of Joan Baez, “Blue Room" of Chet Baker and "Every kind of way" of H.E.R.Rain" of Lee Juck is also an important song for him because he associates this song with a painful memory. The first album that V. bought was an album of the Girls ‘Generation. We can see the impact of these artists in his singing and in the music he composes. But what makes him special is his special note, which sets him apart from every other artist. He also likes to look for good songs that not many people know about.

You were fascinated by the pictures of “V”

The visual elements of V are distinctive and out of this world. He said his fans called him "CGV (Computer Graphics V)" because the features in their eyes are so perfect they look like they were made with computer graphics.

His eyes are also made of pure beauty. Incidentally, he has a single and a double eyelid.

In addition to his gorgeous graphics, he has the very best natural aegyo (Korean word for cute, flirtatious, and flirtatious demeanor) that takes his stage presence to the next level.

Kim Taehyung is the third highest member of the BTS under RM and Jin. He's not focused on building muscle, but he has six-pack abs and muscular, long legs that became iconic in his self-shot karaoke video (see video below). He says, "I work out too, but when I've got the fitness level needed to make our comeback, I'll just stop exercising."

V. says his hands, especially his beautiful long fingers, are his favorite part of the body. We can't say more! Kim Taehyung loves to sign in V-pose with his victorious fingers.

In a Weverse response, he revealed that he had a chronic condition called cholinergic urticaria, in which the affected person becomes too warm and their skin breaks out in hives. The skin care of V. on the plane involves soaking cotton pads with toner and applying twice as much lotion. Tae also has a facial skin care tips video that is infamously titled “Going to Bed With Taehyung” - you can check it out below:

He has a total of 5 ears. (2 right and 3 left). After all, he has three moles on his face - one under his right eye, one under his nose, and one under his lower lip. You are just cute.

The fashion style of V is versatile and harmonious at the same time!

Remarkable at V. is also that his style is versatile and harmonious at the same time.

His style is eclectic in the sense that he can hit both ends of the spectrum of modern and classic looks. He prefers brightly colored, boldly patterned shirts and polos in pants, which are generally dark monochrome, but he can combine the printed top with a printed bottom. In one case you see him in causal earth-tone basic dresses (aka Skywalker from Star Wars), in another case you will be amazed to see him in a stage costume in which he shines like a prince or a ballet. He also often uses red paint, which not many can manage. He also likes to wear striped tops. Taehyung rounds off his look with bandanas, sports bands and berets that add a touch of playfulness to his outfits. We can easily say that V is the ultimate bandana guy, he looks amazing with a one!

V. likes the Italian luxury brand Gucci, and he is often seen wearing the brand. You can often spot the iconic Gucci tiger figure on it. His phone case, his sweater, his watch, his collar, his sunglasses, his bag and almost everything 🙂 were bought by this line. Because he likes it so much and is constantly being seen wearing his products, many fans have started to consider him a Gucci ambassador. Note that V.although he often prefers Gucci, is not a Gucci ambassador or Gucci model, as big hit entertainment artists are not allowed to be sponsored by any brand. This is a smart strategy as it gives you the flexibility to wear what you want, when you want. Even if Big Hit is considering sponsorship, this must apply to all seven members at the same time.

Impressed in January 2020 V (Kim Tae Hyung) both Grammy Music Awards the audience with a subtle black turtleneck, characteristic wide trousers and a long black coat. The subtle elegance of the look combined with Kim Taehyung's superb graphics just drove fans crazy. It was on that fantastic night that he was nicknamed “Guy in All Black”.

V has a very special personality

V. is one of the K-Pop idols with a so-called 4D personality, which means that he has a strange or eccentric personality and tends to think outside the box. He's totally creative. In Korea, having a 4D personality is more of a compliment. That's probably one of the reasons fans are so obsessed with him. Anytime you V. Seeing it on the screen is entertaining. In detail, he doesn't like being called 4D.

Taehyung is very kind, caring, and happy. He has a kind heart and really loves children. He is a good person to talk about problems, he will always listen without judgment. He likes hanging out with people he knows and we can often see him spending time with his co-workers and other people instead of being left alone. His bandmates say he has the most outgoing and loudest personality in the group.

On the other hand, he seemed to have suddenly shifted from that bubbly person lately to someone who speaks most of the time, when necessary or calmly. He became someone who doesn't show emotions easily in front of so many people. Someone who is collected and can easily peel off the blank face. The fact that he's not smiling doesn't mean he's depressed. Nobody has to smile all the time. He can be a capricious person at times, which most likely feeds into his genius as he creates great works of art in his own music production and photography.

Many people also call V. as “alien” since V has many “out-of-this-world” actions like talking to himself. It is admirable when he can freely express himself in such a unique way. Once Jimin caught him talking to himself while doing his laundry. When he unintentionally cut his hair during shooting of music video for the song “Danger”, he poured out his grief to a dog on the street. If he had a superpower, he expressed that it would be to talk to cars. He loves bright weather, but his favorite season is Fall.

He's as carefree as children because he does what he wants without being afraid of what people might be talking about him.In essence, Taehyung can act weird at times, but he does so in such a confident and nonchalant way that you can't help but be impressed and bewitched by him!

He likes Van Gogh's painting Starry Night. He has a picture of it hanging in his dormitory and a phone case of it. We can easily say that his artistic style is a reflection of his favorite artist's art style: fascinating, unique, punctuated, enigmatic and blurry!

V coined the iconic phrase: "I Purple You"

V. came up with the famous phrase “보라 해” (Borahae), which means “I purple you” (Bora means purple / violet and Saranghae means I love you, combination is Borahae, which means purple + action = purple you). This phrase, as well as the color purple itself, have become a trademark for BTS and ARMY. This phrase is BTS ‘way of showing their love and trust for ARMY. Purple is viewed as a color that indicates long-lasting trust, love, and affection. V goes into the meaning of the phrase as such: “Purple is the last of the rainbow colors, which means I will trust you and love you until the end. until my last breath ”.

Big Hit Entertainment sponsored the "#ENDviolance”Campaign of UNICEF in November 2017, in which UNICEF Executive Director Henrietta H. Fore BTS and the BTS ARMY expressed their sincere thanks for their efforts to raise over $ 1 million (later to $ 2 million). for their work to end violence against children and young people. She said, “From your music to your messages to your donations, you have shown the power of kindness. We here at UNICEF purple you! "

V played a part in a big K-drama!

V. appeared in the historical Korean television drama Hwarang which aired in December 2016 and ended in February 2017. He played the role of Hansung, an adorable, cute, and innocent character on the show. Taehyung was the youngest actor in the cast. If you haven't seen it before, we recommend checking it out as the series has an interesting plot and great cast including the highly acclaimed actor Park Seo-joon. The IMDB score of the series is 7.9what can be considered a decent score.

V has delightful plans for the future: retirement, love, and family matters

Regarding his retirement, V believes that he will continue his career until he is 40, for example, singing and acting without any problems.

He stated that he has not yet had a serious relationship and that his hope is to marry his first love. He would like to dedicate the rest of his life to my future wife. So romantic! He also wants three children.

His ideal type is someone who cares about him and does a lot of aegyo. He wants someone who is charming and who wears chic clothes and baggy trousers. He likes long-haired women who are chic on the outside but have a warm heart. Vs ideal woman is thoughtful, takes good care of him and uses money wisely. The last point is very important to V, as in his response to the profile questionnaire created by The Star in 2015 about his ideal type of girl, he wrote, “A girl who knows how to save money when I make money, someone who stop me when I spend too much, a girl who says to buy a house before a car and someone who is willing to give anything to their parents. ”

He didn't talk about the visual aspects that he would expect in a girl. However, he chose Lily Collins and Rachel McAdams as his Hollywood crushes. So you can extrapolate from their properties 🙂

He said he had a dream of wearing a brown beret and coat and feeding pigeons in a park in the fall. Another time he said his ideal date was to visit an amusement park or a nearby nature park. On another occasion he said he wanted to take his child to the zoo and give snacks to the pigeons. We understand that he really loves parks and pigeons.

During the celebrations for FEST 2020 gave V. to that he hopes his children are best friends with the children of his BTS colleagues. During the 7th anniversary celebrations, 20 years from now, Taehyung confessed that he hoped the members would be together and bring their sons and daughters together and eat together.

V has done great solo music acts as well as notable collaborations

In December 2014 reported V. above "Someone Like You" of Adele. He sang this song so soulfully with his deep voice that brought additional layers of feeling. The clip is recorded while V walks down a narrow alley. While it looks so unaffected, it has an almost iconic sentimental feel to it.

V. published a cover of "Hug me" of Joonil Jung with his BTS bandmate J-Hope. The song begins with soothing, delicate vocals from V. and suddenly J-Hope steps in with his fast, structured rap. Such an addicting combination ...

V. had his first solo song "stigma" within the 2016he albums "Wings“Which ranks 10th in the Billboard World Digital Singles Chart reached.

Together with his band mate Jin sang V.It's definitely you"For the original soundtrack of the TV series"Hwarang“Which he also played.

In June 2017 published V.4 O'Clock“, A song that he produced together with his BTS colleague RM to celebrate the fourth anniversary of BTS.

V's second solo song “Singularity” was released in May 2018 as a trailer for BTS ‘the upcoming third LP“Love Yourself: Tear" released. It went viral in the US after two years of its debut (in response to the intriguing image of V) when a random Twitter user posted it in her tweet.

V. released his first full solo track outside of BTS, "Scenery“, In January 2019 via the SoundCloud page of BTS. It broke SoundCloud records for reaching 100 million streams of 20 million in over fourteen days, the shortest time for the platform.

Worked on June 14, 2019 V. together with BTS member J-Hope with the Swedish singer Zara Larsson on a song called "A Brand-New Day”For the soundtrack of their mobile game BTS World.

in the August 2019 he produced and published the solo song "Winter Bear“, A masterpiece written and performed entirely in English. V released this song on the 1000th day after coining the phrase “I purple you”. He also shot the video himself. In fact, Taehyung is inspired by the movie About Time. During the tour of BTS, he stayed alone in the hotel and went to see it. Jimin said during the tour, despite the busy schedule, instead of resting, Taehyung went out every day to record every short video. He really went out of his way to show us this damn masterpiece. Taehyung also said when he was in London he wanted to go out at 4 a.m. to capture the best sunrise on the scene. Other interesting details are that Taehyung was born in winter and his parents called him baby bear.

V. had his solo song "Inner Child" in "Map of the Soul: 7" in the February 2020 released. The lyrics of this song go straight to the heart as it is about how our inner child has changed and matured. The chorus of the song is also a whirlwind of emotions.

in the March 2020 composed, produced and sang V.Sweet night”For the original soundtrack album of the critically acclaimed TV series“ Itaewon class". The song fits the series so well and musically that it is a masterpiece that fully reveals Taehyung's musical depth and brilliance. It also became a record song. Six years later, after his cover of Adele’s song, is V. the only artist with the song "Sweet night"A song at number one iTunes in 117 different countries and thus Adele's record with her song "Hello”Breaks.

V. prepare his first Mixtape with the title KTH1 before, probably before the end 2020 is published.

V’s dog Yeontan is also a celebrity

Tae’s super cute dog Kim Yeontan reached the top 10 in the list of the most popular dogs on the website “Famous Birtdays”. Yeontan is the first dog owned by a singer.

V. also has other pets. There are two dogs named Soonshim and Ssyongssyong and a gray cat named Kkanji. Soonshim and Ssyongssyong are currently living with V's parents.

V is also a photo artist; a very good one indeed

He posted pictures with his signature name Vante, a combination of V. his stage name and Ante from his favorite photographer Ante Badzim, a Sydney-based minimalist photographer.

The professional photography skills of V. were featured in Vogue Korea in September 2019. Cosmopolitan Korea Magazine has V. Voted best idol photographer in August 2020.

Here are the rest of the details on V

Taehyung's car is the Hyundai Genesis GV80, a sleek SUV that he bought in June 2020.

His favorite items are his phone, computer, clothes, shoes, accessories and anything unique. He has a habit of collecting ties. V likes to go to art galleries. Playing basketball and cycling are his favorite sports.

In his spare time he likes to look for obscure good songs. V is also particularly fond of reading comics and watching animated films. He finished every episode of the Japanese manga "One Piece". He likes almost all of the cartoons on Toonieverse, and he's seen most of them.

He can only have one glass of beer before he gets drunk. He doesn't like coffee, but loves hot cocoa. He is the pickiest eater among all members. V doesn't like vegetables. V's favorite foods include japchae (Korean dish made from potato noodles) and all kinds of gatherings.

V. is originally left-handed, but can also write with the right hand. One of his cute habits is biting his nails, clenching his teeth in his sleep, keeping his mouth open and saying "apa!" Accept. (it hurts) and “eomma” (mom).

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