What is advanced construction management

Conditions of participation

The conditions of participation and the facilities of the tendering platform can be changed at any time or adapted to the current state of technology and legal requirements.

The tendering platform is operated by ARGE AI AG & SDV AG.

1. Participation in the award procedure

The Staatsbetrieb Sächsisches Immobilien- und Baumanagement (SIB) provides the tender documents for tender procedures free of charge, unrestricted and completely in electronic form on the award platform www.sachsen-vergabe.de.

A request to participate / offer can generally be submitted in electronic or written form. The form is determined by the respective awarding authority for each award procedure.

The applicant / bidder alone is responsible for meeting the requirements under public procurement law, in particular that

  • the required documents and answers to questions from the bidder are retrieved in good time before the bidding period expires
  • the request to participate / the offer is sent in good time so that it is received in full by the relevant SIB registration office within the application period / offer period,
  • Submit requests to participate / offers in accordance with the specifications of the registration office in text form, with a signature or electronic signature,
  • all additionally attached documents are provided in a generally customary and readable data format (usually PDF).

An electronic submission of tenders via the SIB's tendering platform is only possible if the tenderer has downloaded the tender documents electronically from this platform. If a company has received the tender documents from the registry elsewhere (e.g. by e-mail, CD), it is not possible to submit tenders electronically.

2. Registration

The www.sachsen-vergabe.de award platform can be used without any restrictions and free of charge.

The user only bears his own costs for the electronic data transmission (Internet use) and for the acquisition of an advanced or qualified signature.

In order to be able to use the full service, it is recommended that potential bidders

  • register yourself or your company once free of charge and
  • Register on the procurement platform to participate in procurement procedures and download the procurement documents via the link "Participate in tendering".

This is the only way that users become participants in the procurement process and can take advantage of all the advantages, e.g. they automatically receive notification of the procurement office when the procurement documents are changed and all messages about the procurement process.

Companies that do not make use of the option of voluntary registration must independently find out whether the tender documents have been changed in the meantime or whether the awarding bodies have answered questions about the award procedure. If the companies fail to do this, they run the risk of having created a request to participate or an offer on the basis of outdated tender documents and therefore being excluded from the process in the further course of the process.

Please enter your details truthfully and completely when registering. The SIB reserves the right to check the information and, after consultation with the users, to block incorrect registrations or multiple registrations.

If the company name changes due to a change in the legal form or a change of name, a new registration under the current company name is mandatory. The maintenance of the company data is the responsibility of the user.

Please do not register multiple times! You can enter other responsible persons / employees under the menu item "Change my data" / "Create new employee".

Multiple registrations by users can lead to the procurement process that has already started not reaching you and possibly making it impossible to participate in a tendering process.

Information provided by the registration offices via the registration platform will only be sent to the e-mail addresses of the employees specified during registration. This also applies to those users who do not use the full functionality of the tendering platform and, for example, submit their offers in paper form.

By registering, the user agrees that his / her registration data will be available to all registration offices involved in this registration platform for research purposes.

3. Data protection agreement

The regulations of the Saxon Data Protection Act must be observed. The processing of your data takes place in accordance with the relevant legal regulations and on the basis of the greatest possible security. The Free State of Saxony does not assume any guarantees with regard to data transmission over the Internet.

For the purpose of data security, when you access our website, data is temporarily stored in our server, which may allow identification. An evaluation does not take place, with the exception of statistical purposes in the form of the registration of the access numbers.

When you register on the procurement platform, you must submit a declaration of consent to the storage of your data.

Further information on data protection can be found at www.sachsen.de/datenschutz.html.

4. System requirements

The technical requirements for using the tendering platform are explained under the following link: www.ai-ag.de/service/tools/

5. Electronic signature

If an electronic signature is required in an award procedure, then

  • the advanced signature according to the Signature Act and if the advanced signature certificates come from a certification service provider that is listed with the Federal Network Agency
  • all qualified or accredited signature cards according to the signature law

be used.

Information on the list of certification service providers at the Federal Network Agency can be found on the website: www.bundesnetzagentur.de/cln_1421/DE/Service-Fätze/ElektronischeVertreudienste/QES/QES-node.html

You also need class 2/3 card readers certified by the Federal Network Agency.

The electronic offers are also encrypted. The encryption remains in place until the deadline set for their submission has expired. These encrypted offers are only accessible to the registry when the offer period has expired.

6. Liability and warranty of the platform operator of ARGE AI AG & SDV AG

Unless otherwise stated in the following provisions, liability for slight negligence is excluded. This does not apply to injury to life, limb and health. This also does not apply to damage suffered by the user as a result of the operator fraudulently concealing an error or legal deficiency in the tendering platform.

Liability under the Product Liability Act remains unaffected.

The operator guarantees the functionality and virus-free content of the procurement platform only within the scope of what can be expected based on the current state of technology and taking into account the principle of proportionality.

The operator is not liable for the correct functioning of infrastructures or transmission paths of the Internet, which are not in his area of ​​responsibility. He does not guarantee that the offer will remain intact during transport outside of his service area.

The operator assumes no liability for damage caused to the user because he has not taken on his obligations with regard to the security of his data and unauthorized third parties could gain knowledge of this data to his disadvantage.

Status: 08/2016