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Employment Law

The planning and structuring of employment and residence law are essential elements of success for international staff assignments.

We coordinate services provided by an external legal advisor.

We coordinate the following services, which our separately commissioned cooperation partner KPMG Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH provides:

Work permit and residence law (Immigration Services)

  • Supervision of extra-territorial procedures (visa procedures) and domestic procedures for residence and / or work permits,
  • Support in administrative court proceedings.
  • In-house training on residence and work permit law,
  • Advice on internal compliance mechanisms,
  • Compliance checks on existing employee populations,
  • Creation of country-specific requirement overviews including activities that do not require a permit

Employment Law

  • Employment law drafting and review of posting guidelines, posting agreements, contracts in the country of employment, inter-company contracts,
  • Examination / application in connection with temporary employment,
  • Advice on works constitution and collective bargaining issues with an international dimension,
  • Advice on cross-border restructuring,
  • Advice in connection with the termination of employment relationships with an international dimension,
  • Examination of old cases (due diligence),
  • In-house training on labor law and
  • Accompanying labor court proceedings


* Our cooperation partner KPMG Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH will be happy to support you in this context with the following services on the basis of a separate order agreement.

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