How do I buy used iPhone wholesalers

Buying iPhone Pre-owned: How to Get the Best Deal

New iPhone models were presented again at Apple's special event. This year, the iPhone XS (Max) or the iPhone XR are already a thing of the past. But while some users always want to have the latest technology at home, there are also those who are primarily looking for the best compromise between price and performance.

Used iPhone: From flaw to trend

You may still remember a time when references to used iPhones were “branded”. There was a time when buying a second-hand Apple smartphone was frowned upon. And yet some people were doing it back then. In the meantime, however, the used market has become so interesting that many suppliers are vying for the customers' favor.

Of course, older iPhones are no longer the spearhead of technological progress. However, the devices can sometimes still serve well for several years for someone who is not looking for a status symbol, but a device that primarily fulfills the tasks assigned to it. Accordingly, more and more interested parties like to use a used iPhone.

What does "refurbished" mean?

Devices that have been (generally) overhauled are referred to as "refurbished". For example, Apple itself offers “refurbished” devices, but currently no iPhones. The company from Cupertino received these as returns, for example, or exchanged them for customers as a guarantee case and then had them checked and / or repaired by employees in its workshops.

But third-party providers also buy devices and then overhaul them. For example, the provider "asgoodasnew" has its own workshop in which the used devices are checked and, if necessary, made fit again.

Is “refurbished” better than “used”?

At first glance, one might assume that a refurbished iPhone is definitely better than a used device. But in individual cases this does not apply at all. Because just like some owners of a used car are sometimes particularly careful with the vehicle, there are also users who treat their iPhone like a raw egg.

Accordingly, there are no “standards” when buying used iPhones. While third-party providers introduce different categories such as “good”, “very good” or “like new”. The descriptions of these classifications are usually very precise and correspond to reality. You do not have this comparability with private sellers. They make subjective judgments about the condition of their devices. And then it is true that someone still regards something as good, that someone else already regards something as no longer so good.

Where is the best place to buy your used iPhone?

The number of websites where you can buy used or refurbished iPhones has increased significantly. There are dozens of providers. So you are spoiled for choice.

The auction website eBay is certainly one of the long-established platforms on which you can buy used iPhones. In addition to private sellers, dealers also sell used or refurbished iPhones there. There are also eBay classifieds. There you can only buy used equipment from private sellers.

In addition, dozens of providers are vying for your favor. Some of the largest are "asgoodasnew" or "rebuy". Other providers are called "Back Market", "Buy Zoxs" or "Refurbed". Often enough, your advantage when buying from this website is a "guarantee" or warranty. “Asgoodasnew”, for example, offers a 30-month guarantee. But there are also conventional shops such as Cyberport, which meanwhile offer "used" devices that were on display in shops, for example.

What do used iPhones cost?

Whenever Apple brings its new smartphones onto the market, the used devices are particularly cheap. You can now also get juicy discounts for some older models such as the iPhone 6s, 7 or 8. There are also promotions that offer additional discounts.

By the way, you can get used iPhones particularly cheaply in November and before Christmas. Especially before, on and shortly after “Black Friday” there are good prices.

It doesn't mean, however, that buying a used iPhone is always going to be cheaper. In fact, there are phases in which dealers sell remnants of “new” or “almost new” devices more cheaply than used dealers.

Compare prices

This is another reason why the price comparison for the devices is worthwhile. In addition to general price comparisons such as Idealo, there are also specialized platforms such as “Handyverkauf”, on which you can find out not only how much a used smartphone currently costs you, but also how much you get when you sell your cellphone from some providers.

What to weigh

Of course, older devices are no longer as powerful as the very latest. But performance does not play the most important role for every user. Accordingly, there are more important things to consider when buying used iPhones.

Before you buy, you should perhaps make a checklist with features that are particularly important to you. While the cameras in iPhones have always been good, some models have been particularly good and may serve your purposes better.

In any case, you should not ignore the guarantee of commercial providers when you buy a bargain privately. Providers like “asgoodasnew” give at least 30 months. So you are more or less on the safe side. In addition, even if, for example, the battery runs out, Apple has meanwhile significantly reduced the prices for battery replacement after the "battery gate" (see support page).

Private purchase: don't forget the activation lock

Either way, if you come across a bargain on eBay, Facebook, or anywhere that someone is selling privately, you should definitely be able to see photos of the device. If the seller does not offer these on his own, ask him to make some. This is the only way to convince yourself of the external condition of the devices if you cannot even look at them directly.

In addition, you should always remind the seller of the activation lock. If he forgets to deactivate "Find my iPhone", you will have difficulties using the device with your own Apple ID after purchasing it.

Water damage and more: identify hidden damage

Many commercial providers offer you the option of sending the devices back within 14 days of receipt. During this time you can find out a lot - actually on the first day.

Apple's iPhone XS and XS Max are now so waterproof that they can withstand up to 30 minutes five meters underwater, and then still work. Nevertheless, Apple has always included sensors in all iPhones that change color when they come into contact with liquid (see support page). Starting with the iPhone 5, the indicator can be found in the SIM card slot, previously there were some on the dock connector and the jack connection. If you notice such liquid damage (indicator colored red), you should usually send the device back. Because over time, the corrosion of the components ensures that more and more errors will occur.

Check the battery of used iPhones, and more

You can also check the status of the battery either with a third-party app or, with a newer iOS, via the Settings app (Settings> Battery> Battery status).

You should also start the compass on the iPhone and see whether the sensors are doing their job properly.

You should also always place a spirit level on the iPhone 6 Plus. First test whether the surface is level and then whether the Apple smartphone does not bulge. Because you may have heard of Bendgate. A direct consequence is the so-called touch disease, in which operation via the smartphone display causes difficulties.

Good money for your own old devices

If you're looking to buy a pre-owned device, you may have thought about selling and trading in an iPhone. Apple's buying service is not worth it. It is only a cooperation with a buyer. You don't usually get the best prices there.

A while ago we gave you extensive information on how to sell your old equipment at a profit.