How do you generate traffic with Instagram

Instagram Traffic: 5 Tips for Quality Website Visits

Opportunities to direct more and long-term valuable visitors to your own website are one of the most important growth factors in the digital space for companies, brands and website operators. In this context, Instagram offers you many development opportunities. 500 million active users consume the Instagram Stories alone every day. Aside from these, however, there are other options for you. These include, for example, Instagram shopping and Instagram TV. In addition, the Instagram Bio already offers many opportunities to attract visitors. And a targeted strategy determines success and failure. But how should you set up your strategy?

Instagram Bio: You should link to it

You want to attract not just a dozen, but hundreds of new visitors to your site via your account. It all starts with the Instagram bio. Have you already gained some Instagram followers by now? Now you might be wondering how your followers become website visitors and buyers. The prerequisites have to be right. Your Instagram feed needs to make an aesthetically pleasing impression.

In addition, the right link in the Instagram profile is also important. The best thing to do is to create a specific page directly for users who become aware of your website via Instagram. With this you offer your Instagram followers indirectly:

  • exclusive products
  • hidden discounts in posts
  • Premium content

This is how you create added value for your followers. This will pay off in the long run. The stronger the brand loyalty, the more likely referrals and sales are. For example, you can mention a puzzle in the Instagram story. Only the Instagram followers who solve the puzzle can access the product. The crucial question, however, is always:

What advantage do you offer your followers in terms of content?

You have to find a good answer to this question. These can be cooking videos that show followers which foods they can use to create exciting recipes. But also insights behind the scenes can be interesting for your subscribers.

Example: influencer Carmen Kroll

Influencer Carmen Kroll, better known as Carmushka, has created several benefits for her followers. Thanks to augmented reality filters, the influencer was able to gain 140,000 followers within a very short space of time.

This shows how important it is to put yourself in the shoes of your own followers. Only those who create added value with creative content will be successful in the long term. This of course also brings more followers to the profile.

Which bio links are useful?

When choosing the right link, you generally have two options:

  1. insert a link in the Instagram bio
  2. to access a Linktree link

Linktree offers the option of directing users to multiple pages. After opening the link, various pages are displayed that users can choose between. This is useful for online shops, for example. But also for freelancers who want to focus on certain services. You can also build your own landing page on which you can place various links. Also keep in mind that you actually have to link an imprint via your Instagram profile; However, this is hardly the norm in real everyday social life.

When a business owner sells clothing for women and men, it can make sense to use two different links. After all, every target group wants to see suitable offers. But the function does not only have advantages. The likelihood that users will jump off the overview page increases. So you should consider whether the profile link might not better point to your website. Then users can quickly click on the appropriate area, provided the UX on your site is adapted for this.

As soon as you have 10,000 followers, you can link to various pages in the story via swipe up and no longer have to refer to the link in the bio alone.

Instagram shopping as an opportunity for e-commerce

Instagram shopping is the supreme discipline on the platform, especially for e-commerce operators. If you use this function correctly, you can realize enormous sales potential via Instagram. It depends on the correct implementation. Only when you identify the products that are Instagram blockbusters will your strategy work. But how do you find out which products work on Instagram - or not?

Very simple: for example with the help of Google Analytics. The Google tool gives you the opportunity to analyze sales and website visits. In this regard, you have the option of selecting channels. So you can see at a glance what the length of stay of the Instagram visitors looks like. If your profile link has a short dwell time, it makes sense to think about adapting the page.

You can use the goals in Google Analytics to record purchases. This makes it easier for you to optimize Instagram. In addition to recording purchases, you have the option of analyzing sales:

  • Which products did Instagram users buy on the site?
  • How much do Instagram users spend on average?
  • Which items do Instagram followers buy the most?

These questions can be better answered with the help of Google Analytics. And with the help of these answers, you can increase your sales significantly. For example, you can offer a ten percent discount if the sales reach a certain value. This is especially helpful if you want to increase the average purchase value. Further discount campaigns are possible: “Buy 3 and get the cheapest product for free” could be a variant to generate more sales.

Instagram Stories & A / B tests help to optimize your presence

Instagram Stories replaced the feed as the function with the greatest reach in 2020. This means that stories are becoming more and more relevant for entrepreneurs and those responsible for marketing. Instagram Live in particular can then be interesting.

Instagram Stories designed according to your users' wishes are becoming even more important. The first step is to create your own design for your Instagram profile. With this you work out a unique selling proposition. This is important in order to stand out from the crowd. Before you decide on a final Instagram story design, test the different variants in the Instagram ads. You should definitely take advantage of the option to carry out A / B tests in this context. In this way you can find out relatively quickly which variants work - or not.

With regard to website visitors, it's just as important that you check the designs for:

  • different calls to action
  • different designs as well as colors

This way you can make sure that you choose the right Instagram story design for your followers. Often the following applies: the more interesting and striking, the better.

Product placement at IGTV: More sales through the video section?

Even if links to your website via IGTV are not yet possible, product placements can help you there. You should consider combining interesting advice videos with the products you offer. Working with influencers also makes sense. This gives you the opportunity to present your products to the public in a targeted manner via IGTV.

For example, you can publish a video that deals with travel tips and suitable vacation spots. If a publisher then mainly sells travel guides, it is possible to market them specifically within the videos. Instagram series in particular will help you in this regard. With Instagram series, users are informed directly when a new episode appears. In addition, Instagram immediately asks the followers to watch the next video. In addition, IGTV series are displayed on a separate overview page. This offers additional opportunities for branding.

But IGTV product placements also come with some risks:

  • There is no guarantee that the audience will be focused on your product. Instagram overloads our brain with a lot of information. Who can really still remember all of the content?
  • There is no way to mention the product often. Otherwise, the video is quickly perceived as a pure advertising format. That shouldn't be in your best interest

IGTV example of product placement: Sephora

One brand that makes good use of Instagram TV is Sephora. Interested parties receive valuable information through advisory videos with clever product placement.

As you can see above, the products presented are specially marked. This makes the buying experience easier and can generate more sales. For example, Sephora ensures this through videos such as “Self-Care: Tips for Shiny Hair”. This video shows tips for a female audience that can be used at home. That creates added value and many advantages. At the same time, Sephora products are used in the video. If you want to use the tips, you could mention referring to the products.

Instagram stats: give your followers what they want

Analysis and statistics tools are certainly a very important discipline for marketers on Instagram. This also includes internal Instagram statistics. Four key statistics are:

  • the interaction rate
  • the development of the followers
  • the likes per picture
  • the link clicks about the story

With these statistics you can understand which posts you should put in the focus of your Instagram profile. You can also see whether your last posts were more successful - or not. So be sure to check out your best Instagram posts. Then you can work out similarities and adapt your content:

  • Do pictures with you in the foreground or as a side issue get more likes?
  • Is your interaction rate better with videos or pictures?
  • Have past collaborations been successful in gaining new followers?

This not only ensures more likes, but also profile visits. When the Instagram Bio is also optimized - or even the swipe-up function is achieved - nothing stands in the way of many website visitors.

In a nutshell: generate relevant website visitors for via Instagram

Instagram offers creative users many opportunities to attract new followers to their own website. However, this is first of all associated with hard work. Choosing the right products for Instagram shopping, for example, takes time and patience. Furthermore, all measures must be constantly checked after a while and adapted to the current wishes of the followers.

However, these measures are useful in order to benefit from more visitors in the long term. With numerous, many thousands of followers, it may even be possible to live on the income on Instagram alone. However, different requirements apply to influencers, companies and private users; you should also keep this in mind at all times. And your success, once set, also depends on the continuous work on your account and your ongoing web presence.

Niklas Hartmann is managing director and head of the influencer marketing department at ReachOn. The entrepreneur is responsible for the influencer campaigns of his customers. His clientele mainly includes e-commerce companies. In addition, he writes articles for the Chamber of Industry and Commerce and various specialist magazines with passion.