Who is the Fairy Tail Guild Master

Crime Sorcière

Ultear: Hiii

Meredy: Hi Ul ^. ^

Ultear: -_)) could you please stop calling me that?

Meredy: I'm sorry Ultear .-.

Jellal: Hii :)

Meredy: Jellaaaal ... ^^ When will you do it? ^, ^

Ultear: Hopefully soon! : 3

Jellal: 0 ///// 0 What do you think?

Meredy: Don't be stupid ... ^^ Erza's marriage proposal! When will you do it ??

Mavis: Hopefully soon, then I have a reason to come down from Tenrou! : D

Ultear: MAVIS ?? The first master of Fairy Tail ?? But you're dead!

Meredy: O.O.

Mavis: So actually I'm a ghost that only Fairy Tail members can see, but here in the chat you can also see me ... ^. ^

Jellal: Oh sooo: D

Zeref: Hi

Ultear: ZEREF ?? The black magician?

Zeref: Oops, wrong chat, I'm sorry!

Meredy: Anyway, we, Crime Sorcière, will defeat you! >;>

Mavis: Nooooo! D:

Jellal: Huh, why not, he wants to wipe out your guild! Ô.õ

Mavis: Zeref belongs to miiiiiiiiiir! >.>

Meredy: You'd like that! * Tooooodesblick *

Aquarius: * Ultrasonic crashing supercelestial rock crevice death look and an atom bomb goes into the air *>: D Bääääääääääm! What do you say now?!?

Ultear: Kowaii ...>. <(<- scary)

Aquarius is removed from Ultear Milkovich (NOT Ultimate Milk Sandwich Natsu) because she is too kowaii

Natsu: What honestly ?? D: I always thought her name was like that!

Ultear: -.-

Natsu Dragneel is removed by Ultear Milkovich because he has upset her too much (and that, as is well known, does not do so well in old age ^^)

Zeref: Hahahahaha Natsu! XDDDDD

Meredy: Get out of here and never come back! >.>

Mavis: Neeeeiiiiiiin! T.T * I ​​don't cry, look *

Jellal: Don't cry first master ...: o

Zeref: It’s all right, sugar candy, they don’t know;)

Ultear: Don't know what? Ō.õ

Meredy: SUGAR CUTS ?? :O

Mavis: * Schnief * are right ...

Zeref: * Mavis wiped away the tears *

Jellal: Who are you and what did you do with Zeref ?! :O

Zeref: I'm still the same c:

Ultear: WHAT CANNOT WE KNOW ?? Tell me or ...

Zeref: Or what? You have no more magic ^^

Ultear: Never underestimate a woman>: D

Mavis: I think we should tell you ...

Zeref: Yeah, sure. You just tell a non-official guild that we got married and have a child -.-


Zeref: Oh oops ...

Ultear: OMG Congratulations !!! : D: *

Mavis: Arigatou ^. ^

Meredy: CONGRATULATIONS??? What else do you not think of ???

Ultear: Now that you say! What's your daughter's name? : 333 Is she cute? When is her birthday?? Can I be a godmother?

Meredy: UL !! D:

Meredy leaves the chat frustrated with Ultear because she doesn't seem to know what's going on anymore

Zeref: XDD

Mavis: Her name is Tsuki ^. ^

Jellal: Oooh moon so: D

Ultear: Awwwwww: 3

Zeref: And her birthday is on January 3rd and is four years old ^. ^

Mavis: And you are welcome to be a godmother ^. ^

Zeref: And she is KAWAII !!!

Tsuki is added by Zeref

Jellal: Hi Tsuki !! : D

Tsuki: Okaaaasaaaaan! Who is there?

Ultear: Awwwwww sugar ^. ^: 333

Mavis: This is Jellal, the future husband of Erza and Ultear, your godmother ^. ^

Jellal: What?? 0 ////////// 0

Tsuki: Godmother? Can i say obasan ?? : 3

Ultear: Awwwwww just sugar ^. ^ Of course my darling

Tsuki: Okaay Obaaasaaan! ^ _ ^

Zeref: Uuuu I have to go! See you soon Zuckerschnute!

Mavis: Tschüüüüüüs!

Zeref leaves the chat to ... do what Zeref is doing

Tsuki: Ciao Otousaaaan!

Ultear: Your daughter is just Sugar Mavis !! ^. ^

Mavis: I weeeiiiiiss !! ^ _ ^ But now she has to go to sleep ^^

Tsuki: Neeeiiin Okaaaasaaan! I do not want to sleep! D:

Ultear: If you sleep a lot you get big and strong and you can impress your dad! ^. ^

Tsuki: Really ?? : D I go to sleep a lot so that I get big and strong !!

Tsuki leaves the chat to sleep and get big and strong so that she can impress Zeref

Mavis: I'll go ^. ^ You see (write) each other!

Ultear: Bye Bye! :)

Jellal: Ciao Mavis!

Mavis Vermillion leaves the chat to ... To do what Mavis Vermillion is doing alone (with Tsuki and Zeref ^. ^) On Tenrou

Ultear: Speaking of getting married ... Now it's your turn! > :)

Jellal: 0 ///////// 0 Please no, I can't do that !!

Ultear: You can! And you will ...> :)
Hello Hello! Here I am again! The idea just wouldn't let me go and I had to write ^. ^
I hope you like it! Above you can see a picture of Tsuki as I imagine her :) (By the way, I made Tsuki freely!)
By the way, I'm now writing a new book called 'How to catch a flying potato cat' and it's a manual on how to catch flying potato cats. ^. ^ take a look if you are interested in mindless nonsense! : D