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Shop anytime & anywhere: shopping apps put to the test

Brave new world: you can order clothes from the sofa or on the train, manage your grocery subscriptions or redesign your home - shopping apps make it possible. But the greater the freedom we enjoy, the greater the opportunities to use your data for other purposes - which is not always in the interests of the consumer. We have each other with Zalando, eBay and Amazon took a closer look at three of the most popular shopping apps.

Our expectations: shopping frenzy, yes, but not with our data

We put one easy operation ahead of the apps so that shopping is just as accessible to the layperson as it is to the professional. A clear explanation of all conditions and payment methods is just as important to us as a pleasantly wide range. We want to shop, but without having to reveal too much about us. And we want our data to be safe. The transfer of our purchase is supposed to SSL encrypted take place and the Returns should be just as clear as the terms and conditions and data protection agreements.

Zalando in the test

The Zalando app is optimized exclusively for smartphones; Tablet users cannot use them - unless they are using the iPad. At least iOS 7.0 or Android 2.3.3 is required to use the Zalando SE shopping app. With the installation you grant the app the following access: identity, photos / media / files, camera / microphone and WiFi connection information. The app is also able to call up data from the Internet, access all networks, control the vibration alarm, deactivate sleep mode and call up network connections. The iOS Zalando app has existed since 2012, and in April 2013 Zalando followed suit for Android. Destination of the shipping giant was to build the app in the same way as the desktop version - and that's exactly what we can do, we can already reveal that much.

After the installation we can have a look around: Next to the Offer for women, men and children there are numerous additional features. This is how the "Styleshaker" as inspiration for those who are a little undecided. Just shake your smartphone and you can look at and put together individual combinations. You have the option of this to buy directly or to share with friends. If you want to compare prices on the go, you can do so with the Barcode scanner in the app do. In the sales category, bargain hunters get their money's worth Magazine informs interested online shoppers about the latest trends and developments in the fashion industry. The app automatically synchronizes your app details with your online account so that you can always see when you have shopped what and which items are on your wish list. With the common memory, search and purchase functions the app is also waiting for you. Products and outfits can be share on social networks and in our test we could simply filter, view and order products without any difficulties. We only noticed one fact: If we use the style shaker, it is Sum of the outfit easily at 400 - 600 euros. It would be great to be able to set a price limit here.

You quickly internalized the navigation: By means of Swiping gestures navigate between the home screen and the three main categories (Women / men / children). In the individual main categories you will find sub-categories and the number of products behind them - a nice overview is given here. A further filtering for further subcategories is just as possible as that Sort by ascending or descending prices or other parameters. Below it is possible to use the Narrow the filter even further: Enter a price range, decide on certain brands or colors and the app will filter out everything else. Because of the gigantic offer at Zalando the filter function definitely makes sense! If you would like to take a closer look at a certain part, use the magnifying glass function to enlarge it. Item descriptions and customer ratings give a very good overview of the products. The Zalando shopping app always ran smoothly in our stable WiFi network, while the testers using the App used with a mobile data connection have often complained that the The images take a long time to load. We felt very well informed about the conditions at all times.

We can find the general terms and conditions quickly, easily and in German on the Zalando website. We learn it three different sales models which each include different parts of the terms and conditions: Zalando articles, Zalando partner articles and Zalando lounge articles. The latter is an “exclusive shopping community” where branded items are offered at a greatly reduced price. Next will us Contact details for questions and / or comments called: The Germany hotline 0800 240 10 20 can be reached daily between 8 a.m. and 10 p.m. (also on Sundays), you can contact the e-mail address at any time. Zalando is one of the "Trusted Shops"; In order to receive this award, shops have to meet various requirements that Trusted Shops brings together at this point. Thanks to this certification, consumers receive one Buyer protection up to 2,500 euros. In short, this means that your purchases from Zalando up to this amount are protected against loss by a guarantee for 30 days. You can read the specific conditions at Trusted Shops.

Zalando can also boast of TÜV certified to be: “With tested quality, security and transparency are,, highly trustworthy“Explains the TÜV certificate. More than 100 criteria are examined, including “z. B. the ability to actually fulfill the promised services, as well as a good level of data protection, in particular to protect personal and other sensitive data. In addition, the transparency of the entire online shopping process is examined - from the research and selection to the order and its processing. ”The terms and conditions inform us that You are solely responsible for the content you post; Zalando is not obliged to save or publish your content, such as comments or product reviews. In point 4.1 we see that Products can only be bought by minors if their legal guardians give their consent. Zalando formulates very clearly how a binding purchase takes place. The ordered goods will be delivered after the full invoice amount has been credited to Zalando's account. The bill won't paid within seven days, Zalando withdraws from the purchase contract, the order is invalid and Zalando's delivery obligation expires. The The obligation to deliver also expires in the event of non-availability; In this case, any advance payments will be "refunded immediately". If the delivery time is delayed due to force majeure, the following applies: “If the impediment to performance in the aforementioned cases lasts for more than 4 weeks after the originally applicable delivery times, you are entitled to withdraw from the contract. There are no further claims, in particular for damages. "The aforementioned cases are those of force majeure such as strikes, raw material shortages, machine damage" and all other hindrances that, from an objective point of view, were not culpably caused by us. "

Changes in the terms and conditions can take place at any time; Zalando informs its customers in good time and notifies you of the specific changes. Now it's all about orders from Zalando: Your orders can be paid for by prepayment, credit card, PayPal or by invoice. The shop reserves the right to “not offer certain payment methods and to refer to other payment methods.” We find out when credit cards are charged, how invoices and credits work and what happens in the event of default in payment. Also the Revocation declares Zalando: Return labels are enclosed with the parcels, can be accessed online and requested by email or telephone. The cancellation policy applies exclusively to the purchase of Zalando items, not to partner or lounge items. You can withdraw from the contract within 14 days without giving any reason. The 14-day period begins when you receive your items. Submit your revocation by post, fax or email. You can also use the cancellation form for this, which you can find under "My user account". In addition to this statutory right of withdrawal, Zalando enables you to 100-day return policy: The period begins again on the day the goods are received. You can return your goods to Zalando 100 days later if you have only worn the goods to try them on, and you can also return the goods "intact and without damage in the original packaging." Any payments you may have already made will be returned to you via the payment method that you have have chosen to order, for example you pay by credit card and Zalando sends the refund to your credit card account. Order it Zalando partner articles, this will be marked accordingly. You will find information on the partner's identity linked on the article page. Essentially the same terms and conditions apply to these items as to Zalando items; this applies also for the statutory and voluntary right of cancellation / return. This is followed by the terms and conditions for the lounge articles, from which we again take details about the conditions and payment methods and also find out that here only the 14-day statutory right of withdrawal applies.

We can also find the data protection agreement quickly, easily and in German. We learn that our consent to these agreements is given by placing an order or registering. At Questions about data protection contact persons are available to us by telephone, post and e-mail (). Personal data are recordedwhen you register and fill in the details in your customer account, and also when you contact Zalando in any other way. Zalando asks for caution and confidentiality of all data, especially the password, because: "We cannot accept any liability for improperly used passwords, unless we are responsible for the misuse." what your personal data is used for: "For the entire processing of your purchase, including any subsequent warranties, for our services, technical administration and our own marketing purposes." Third parties will only receive your personal data"If this is necessary for the purpose of contract processing or billing or if you have given your prior consent." Unfortunately, it is not specified in more detail what this consent should look like. However, Zalando obliges its partners to To use your data exclusively for the respective purpose. For example, the logistics partner DHL receives your address and is only allowed to use it to deliver the goods you have ordered. Your personal data will be deletedif you have asked for deletion, this can be agreed with the statutory retention periods or storage is not permitted for legal reasons.

Very good: Don't you want that Your personal data will be used for advertising purposes, you can contact the data protection officer and object to this. Your You can make newsletter settings yourself in your account. Alternatively, you can use the unsubscribe link in the newsletter or contact the data protection officer. You will receive product recommendations regardless of the newsletter. These recommendations are based on your last Zalando purchases. Do you want to do not receive any product recommendations, contact the data protection officer again. In anonymized form Further data, including the operating system and platform, order history, date and time of the website visit, receipt and read confirmations of e-mails, etc., are used to "permanently improve your shopping experience and make it customer-friendly and individual for you." You can also object to thatby contacting the data protection officer. Accept If you take part in competitions, market and opinion research, the data will only be used anonymously. All answers will be at no time in connection with your personal data brought. Zalando sends personal data including address for credit check to Bürgel Wirtschaftsinformationen GmbH & Co. KG in Hamburg. You can also object to this by contacting the data protection officer, but then you have to live with the fact that you Pay only in advance can. Zalando relies on Google Analytics and Webtrekk for statistical analysis. Zalando continues on Use of social plugins attentive and advises you to log out of the respective networks if you do not want the social networks to collect information from you when you visit Zalando. Zalando works with one 256-bit AES encryption and promises to secure all of its own pages and systems "through technical and organizational measures against loss, destruction, access, modification or dissemination of your data by unauthorized persons".

We like Zalando! The Navigation is simple and intuitive designed, the selection so huge that the filter options are absolutely necessary in order not to lose the overview. Did we use the app in the WiFi network, the order process went smoothly, we feel us well informed about conditions and payment methods. It is a little more cumbersome in the mobile data network: images load much more slowly and you have to be patient. The The CPU of our test devices is only marginally loaded and both the Findability and the clarity of the terms and conditions and data protection agreements are exemplary. The shows that security and data protection are actually in the interests of the consumer Self-determination of the consumerthat only needs to be active: At Zalando it is possible to shop in such a way that personal data is only disclosed to those third parties who serve the purpose of the order (logistics and payment partners). If that's what you want, then object to any other use. Speaking of contradicting: the voluntary 100-day return period makes the shop even more attractive!

Summary Zalando

  • Revocation: by law (within 14 days) and voluntarily (within 100 days)
  • Data access: Identity, photos / media / files, camera / microphone, WiFi connection information, retrieve data from the Internet, access to all networks, control vibration alarm, deactivate sleep mode, retrieve network connections
  • Developer: Zalando SE
  • Financing: Cross-financing with Zalando products
  • Country Germany
  • General terms and conditions & data protection agreements: Clarity and findability very good, transparent, clearly formulated, very good in terms of content thanks to many possibilities for self-determination
  • Passing on personal data: yes, objection to this is possible
  • Clarification of conditions: unambiguous
  • Individual determination of data access: no
  • Age restriction: noted in the terms and conditions
  • Social media connections: for recommendation
  • Storage of personal data: yes, on servers in Germany
  • Instructions, forums, support: free telephone hotline, contact form and online help
  • Available functions: very extensive range of fashion and accessories, features such as trend magazine, style shaker, barcode scanner, search function, synchronization of the shopping cart and wish list with customer account
  • optional purchase functions: none
  • CPU: low utilization
  • Cost: free
  • useful in the free version: yes

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eBay put to the test

With the free eBay app auctioning and bidding becomes mobile: iOS users can use the app from version 6.0, under Android the required version varies depending on the device. You can use the app both on smartphones and tablets - that's an advantage over the Zalando app. They allow eBay access to your identity, your location, photos / media / files and camera / microphone.The app can also call up data from the Internet, control the near-field communication, read the service configuration, it can be executed at startup, access all networks, control the vibration alarm, call up network connections and deactivate the hibernation mode. These are relatively extensive permissions, which are mostly useful - The app needs your location, for example, if you want to look at articles in your area. The app accesses your camera and files so that you can create and use article images.

After opening the eBay shopping app, we can search for items, log in, create an account and make settings. We can't do much under the settings until we have logged in, but we find Explanations on eBay buyer protection, we can Use customer service and access the terms of use and legal information. After we have logged in, we get a great overview: My eBay, categories, sell, reminders, news, saved searches, saved sellers, recently viewed items, our own interest feed based on previous purchases and searches, WOW! Offers as well as top-price articles are displayed to us before we can access our rating profile at the bottom and can now also make settings while logged in. These Settings are not particularly extensive: Show notifications, country / region, history (delete current searches on this device) and recently viewed items on the home page. On the “My eBay” tab you will find what you know from the eBay website: The “watch”, “buy” and “sell” lists with the option to view details. But the app can also come up with functions that would be pointless in the website version: Go to "Find on eBay", you can Scan barcodes, call up saved search queries again or enter a new search term. Nice: If you are looking for something, you will find the direct route back to the start page, to "My eBay" in the upper right corner, or you can update the list of results.

You can get results for your search Sort, change the view or filter by category, style, brand, color, offer format, item condition and price. If you pick a product, you can look at the pictures above and follow the item description below. You can also see existing bidding activities, as well as details about the conditions and the seller. You can call up other items from the seller or similar items, or alternatively sell such an item yourself. You can use all articles Share by email or on social networks. We like the functionality and handling of the app: That is exactly what we expected from eBay mobile. We are curious to see whether eBay will also meet our expectations with regard to the terms and conditions and data protection agreements.

We find them Privacy policy and terms of use for the eBay app directly in the application under Settings - Help - More on the topic. If you use the app, you also agree to these terms and conditions. EBay Europe S.à.r.l. is responsible for users from the EU. in Luxemburg. Some or all of the eBay collects and stores the following informationto offer you more user-friendliness:

  • Your device credentials including device ID
  • Location data, if you do not prevent this in the settings of your device,
  • Your personal information from your registration,
  • an encrypted copy of your username and password,
  • Your language settings and your preferred eBay site,
  • Your e-mail address and all the content of the correspondence that you send via the app,
  • Information about your interactions with the app and related eBay websites.

Not just eBay, but his service partners also use all of this information, "To operate and improve applications, websites, services and tools from eBay." Use the app in connection with sharing functions, for example via social networks, eBay assumes no liability for damage resulting from this exchange function. eBay allows itself to share information about you with the corporate family “in order to provide common content and services [...], to support the detection and prevention of illegal activities and violations of our principles and to provide assistance in making decisions about their products, services and communication bid. ”eBay promises members of the corporate family May only use your information for advertising purposes if you have requested it. EBay's services may be provided or supported by third parties. In these cases and in order to obtain analysis data on the use of the application Tracking means such as cookies used to Collect usage data anonymously and forward the results to eBay. eBay makes it clear that your security is important to the group, but that the information recorded by the app is locally on your device or also Sent to eBay's servers in the United States and / or Europe can be. The declaration states that “generally recognized industry standards are used to protect your personal data,” but the auction house does not guarantee the security of your data. The data protection and terms of use may change from time to time. eBay informs its members about this and puts changes into effect 30 days after notice. If you do not agree with these innovations, the case for eBay is clear: "Uninstall the application and no longer use it." Arise to you Questions about the data protection agreements, you can contact.

In the terms of use following the data protection declaration, we learn that eBay excludes "any liability for any damage resulting from your use of this application". According to the legal regulations, however eBay is liable for intent and gross negligence on the part of eBay and its vicarious agents, also in the case of culpable injury to life, body and health, the "simply negligent breaches of essential contractual obligations" caused by eBay and its vicarious agents. The eBay buyer protection corresponds to that of the partner company PayPal: If an item is not delivered or if it deviates significantly from the description, you are asked to contact the seller within 45 days via "Resolve problems" on the eBay site (top right under "Customer service"). If the seller has not resolved your problem within 10 days, eBay will take care of further communication with the seller; again go to "resolve issues" and hand the matter over to eBay. EBay will contact you within 48 hours to clarify the details. Are you right eBay will reimburse you for the purchase price and shipping costs. this applies only for purchases that are paid for with PayPal. Further details can be found on the PayPal Buyer Protection page.

The The support offer on eBay is also pretty extensive: In addition to the help pages on the eBay website, you can contact eBay using a form. We liked the eBay app: It turns the web version of the auction house into mobile and makes shopping pretty easy. That Data protection declaration and terms of use can be accessed from the app we think it's good to maintain transparency. We find it less good quite open-hearted handling of your datawho like to wander across the globe to the states. If you use PayPal as the payment method of your choice, there is buyer protection for your orders. The advantage of eBay is that you Used and thus cheaply buy or auction all possible and impossible things while you shop at Zalando to a limited extent. Zalando comes from Germany and can offer an appropriate level of data protection.

Summary eBay

  • Revocation: unnecessary as it is free of charge
  • Data access: Identity, location, photos / media / files, camera / microphone, retrieve data from the Internet, control near field communication, read service configuration, execute at start-up, access all networks, control vibration alarm, retrieve network connections, deactivate hibernation
  • Developer: eBay Mobile
  • Financing: cross-financing
  • Country: USA (mother), Germany (branch) and Luxembourg (responsible for the app)
  • Terms and conditions & data protection agreements: Findability and clarity very good, in places worthy of criticism
  • Passing on personal data: yes, to partners and parent companies, which can also be located outside the EU
  • Clarification of conditions: unambiguous
  • Individual determination of data access: no
  • Age restriction: no
  • Social media connections: yes
  • Storage of personal data: yes, on servers in Europe and the USA
  • Instructions, forums, support: separate support page with FAQ & contact options
  • Existing functions: bidding / buying or selling / auctioning items of any kind, barcode scanner, account management
  • optional purchase functions: none
  • CPU: low utilization
  • Cost: free
  • useful in the free version: yes

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Amazon in the test

While Amazon under iOS 6.0 or higher can be used with the iPhone or iPod touch in the same way as for the iPad, it is more difficult under Android, but at least there is also a solution for tablet users: The app, which is optimized for smartphones, can be downloaded from Android 2.3, the app designed for tablets from Android 4.0.3. With the installation you authorize the app to access your identity, your location, photos / media / files, WiFi connection information, device ID & call information. In addition, you allow the app to read settings and shortcuts on the home screen, to get data from the Internet, to install shortcuts, to access all networks, to get network connections, to control the vibrating alarm, to deactivate the sleep mode, to use accounts on the device To create accounts and set passwords. These are by far the most extensive permissions in our shopping app test.

After opening the app, we see an overview of current customer interests and bestsellers in various categories. If we have logged in, we receive individual product recommendations, as we know it from the Amazon website. A tap of the finger in the navigation on the left gives us a great overview: We can switch to the start page, call up offers, view orders, accounts, wish lists and recommendations, choose our country, see legal information, call up help or log out. If we click on the categories, the navigation remains pleasantly clear: If we call up "Books", for example, we can then filter further. If we now decide, for example, for "fiction", the navigation allows us to make further restrictions. With another tap on "All categories" we leave our selection again. If we call up an article, the handling reminds us of the website of the shipping giant: We find out product details, can put the article in the shopping cart or buy it with 1 click (if activated), receive further shopping options from other retailers, a detailed explanation follows, Articles that other customers have already bought are displayed to us, then we can see the reviews. At the bottom of every article page we find links to the terms and conditions, the privacy policy and the imprint. These points can also be called up via the left navigation menu under "Legal information" - that is pleasantly transparent.

You accept the terms and conditions and data protection declaration in the course of your registration by clicking the corresponding field. they seem for all Amazon presences for buyers and sellers equally. The terms and conditions, which you can also access online, give Amazon the right to communicate with you by e-mail or through publications on the website. You consent to this electronic communication. Post content yourself, for example reviews or product images, moral rights are not transferred, but Amazon and its sub-licensees and transferees may use the name that you use to submit content and the content itself use, reproduce, change, edit, publish, translate, produce derivative works, distribute and reproduce worldwide in all media. To do this, you agree to be the owner of all rights associated with your content. The shipping giant explains its own role: Amazon provides just a platform for action and in no way intervenes when buyers and sellers act. Amazon is neither a representative of the buyer nor the seller; the latter is solely responsible for the proper transaction including any complaints or other matters. Nonetheless, Amazon offers With the A-to-Z guarantee, an arbitration option: This guarantee applies to all ordersthat you do via or the app. A Buyer protection is available for up to 2,500 euros; Requirements, restrictions as well as the guarantee application and further information can be found on these pages. If Amazon, representatives or agents of Amazon have caused an intentional or grossly negligent error, the online retailer is fully liable. Amazon is also liable for slightly negligent violations that endanger the achievement of the purpose of the contract, as well as for breaches of duty that make the proper execution of the contract impossible, but "only for the foreseeable, contract-typical damage".

We learn in the terms of sale that people who use Amazon, be at least 18 years old or appoint a legal representative have to. So far, so good, now it's going to be special: “Participants authorize Amazon to use any information that was requested during registration to check the accuracy of this information (including its updates) and from time to time and for as long as Participant is registered for Marketplace, Obtain credit reports (including spouse inquiries). “Getting financial information about spouses is pretty strange! While you will be informed of any changes on other platforms, Amazon asks you to take action yourself from time to time and to check the conditions regularly. If you accept the terms and conditions, you expressly consent to the "collection, processing and use of personal data". Amazon and its partners are authorized to contact you - regardless of which preferences you may have specified under "My Account".

Sellers and other Amazon users undertake to to use information that has become known to them exclusively for the purpose of processing. "In particular, it is forbidden to use such information for advertising, unsolicited e-mails, other unwanted contact or for other improper purposes," explains the shipping giant in more detail. A praiseworthy and clear formulation, because if you purchase items that do not come to you directly via Amazon, the retailer will receive your contact details. If criminal acts are suspected, Amazon is entitled to disclose your personal data including contact details, IP address, surfing information and self-published content. Amazon declares that it is not responsible for any seller or item reviews and is not required to review reviews. Participants who stand out for “untrue, insulting, anti-competitive, criminal or otherwise illegal content” may, however, be excluded. In the terms and conditions we find the cancellation policy: The purchase can be revoked within 14 days after the buyer has received all or part of the goods ordered, or in the case of digital content from the day the contract is concluded. Amazon is very well prepared for returns: Use the return center, where you will find instructions and labels, as well as a return form. You can do it all also call up in the app - theoretically, because unfortunately it didn't work in our test; we could only see one white side. It may take 14 days from receipt of your cancellation until you get your money back.

This statutory right of withdrawal complements Amazon with a voluntary return guarantee: You can return the goods within 30 days of receipt, "provided the goods are complete and in an unused and undamaged condition." Amazon gives examples: Welded / sealed goods such as PC games can only be returned in an unopened state, digital Content that is not delivered on physical media, i.e. Downloads are completely excluded from this guarantee. The purchase price, but not the shipping costs, will be refunded. Clothes and shoes from the Amazon shop are an exception; shipping costs will also be reimbursed. Amazon has put together details and examples on this page. Your goods are within the EU for two years from delivery with a guarantee provided: You are entitled to repair or replacement if the products purchased from Amazon “turn out to be defective or not as described”. If the defects cannot be remedied or a replacement cannot be obtained, “you can request a refund or a reduction in the purchase price”. This warranty can be shortened for used goods.

Also the Data protection agreements can be accessed both from the app and online. Four Amazon companies are responsible for the implementation of all data protection laws (Amazon Europe Core S.à.rl, Amazon EU S.à.rl, Amazon Services Europe S.à.rl and Amazon Media EU S.à.rl) based in Luxembourg and LOVEFiLM Deutschland GmbH based in Munich. Amazon participates in the Safe Harbor program. That means: Even if your data is on European servers, may all data on the US mothers, in the case of, Inc. The main point of criticism of this program is that the level of data protection there cannot keep up with the EU-wide one; see Wikipedia for more information. Information that you pass on to the retailer through your registration, use or other contact with Amazon is used to "customize and continuously improve your shopping experience at", as well as for the processing, delivery and rendering of goods / services , to notify you about orders, products, services and for marketing informationto update Amazon's data sets and your account as well as to be able to recommend content, products and services in order to optimize the platform, "prevent or detect misuse or enable third parties to carry out technical, logistical or other services on our behalf." All information that you enter on the website or in the app is recorded and saved. If you do not want to provide certain information to Amazon, you may not be able to use certain offers.

In addition come information collected automaticallythat are collected via cookies and flash cookies. You can find out what these are in detail here. Mobile users transmit the whereabouts and an identification number that can be clearly assigned to the terminal. Amazon uses this information to offer you location-based services. On your mobile device, you can switch off in the settings that apps are allowed to use your location. Amazon also evaluates communication via email: If your computer supports this function, Amazon receives confirmations as to whether and which e-mails you have opened. You can specify which emails you receive from Amazon in your account - You can also opt out of all emails; e-mails relating to your transactions and purchases are excluded. Amazon can also contact third parties to obtain information: You can get information about your payment history with other mail order companies or credit bureaus Logistics companies can update information about the order and delivery address, Amazon has put together more examples here. So much for information gathering - how about getting your data out? Amazon puts it nicely: "It is not part of our business to sell this customer information." Nonetheless, we can Information to the following extent is passed to third parties:

  • All companies affiliated with, Inc. and their subsidiaries can receive your data "if they are either subject to this data protection declaration or follow guidelines that offer at least as much protection as this data protection declaration."
  • Partner companies that are not directly connected to Amazon, but have their own Amazon shop, as well as sellers on Marketplace, if the data is necessary for processing.
  • External service providers to fulfill special tasks, for example logistics partners who have to receive your address data for delivery, or financial service providers who enable the payment process, but also for advertising measures (including making search results and links available). These partners may only use your data for the respective purpose and may not contact you beyond that.
  • For promotional purposes, Amazon can send offers from other companies to selected customer groups. In such cases, this company does not learn any data that can personally identify you.
  • If parts of the company or the entire shipping giant are sold, your data can pass to the new owner.
  • In the event of legal obligations, Amazon can disclose customer accounts and the personal data of a customer, for example in the event of a criminal matter.

When transferring your data to countries outside the European Economic Area, Amazon undertakes that the The information is transferred in accordance with the data protection guidelines and German data protection laws. In order to securely transmit your information, Amazon encrypts all communications. Exceptions are activities outside the Amazon website / app, for example if you contact the mail order company by email and do not encrypt yourself. Also interesting is the point that Amazon Copies of your original information will be retainedwhen you change your details under "My Account". If you would like to avoid that third party advertising is personalized with your personal data, you can indicate this in your profile. To do this, visit the “Amazon Settings for Advertising” page. This self-determination is on the one hand commendable and exemplary, on the other hand relatively useless, if your data may nevertheless end up on US servers and are subject to the data protection guidelines of the USA through the Safe Harbor program.

The Amazon shopping app delivers what you already know from the web version to your smartphone or tablet. Through the tidy menu navigation The app is easy to use and the CPU is barely noticeably stressed. Amazon is exemplary when it comes to the return / warranty conditions: By law, you have 14 days and voluntarily 30 days to decide for or against a purchase, plus a two-year guarantee for new goods. The fact that Amazon is bringing out a smartphone and a tablet app under Android is a better alternative than doing without tablets altogether, as is the case with Zalando. The Amazon's support offer is extensive: A help page already answers any questions, help videos give precise instructions and you can also get in touch with the support team to answer individual questions. We are very enthusiastic about all of this, but cannot hide the fact that the Data protection regulations not in the interests of the consumer are. The Safe Harbor program ensures that your data can be transferred to the USA - including your personal data. Amazon is known for To turn you into a transparent customer. Expect your Purchasing behavior is comprehensively documented and loggedthat it is used for product recommendations and promotion. Amazon knows exactly what you want, what you need and what you want also what you can afford. If not, Amazon will get this information. Even Information about your spouse's financial situation may catch up with Amazon if you use the platform to sell. Don't see Amazon as a nice bookseller, but be sure that you are dealing with a data octopus. Amazon probably knows you and your family better than you do. Make yourself aware of this if you still want to use the shipping giant.

Summary Amazon

  • Revocation: by law (within 14 days) and voluntarily (within 30 days)
  • Data access: Identity, location, photos / media / files, WiFi connection information, device ID & call information, read settings and shortcuts on the home screen, call up data from the Internet, install shortcuts, access all networks, call up network connections, control vibration alarm, Disable hibernation, use accounts on the device, create accounts and set passwords
  • Developer: Amazon Mobile LLC, subsidiary of, Inc.
  • Financing: Cross-financing with other products / services
  • Country: Luxembourg and Germany, mother in the USA
  • General terms and conditions & data protection agreements: both very easy to find, clarity very good, content worthy of criticism
  • Passing on personal data: yes, to the mother, partner companies and third parties
  • Clarification of conditions: yes
  • Individual determination of data access: no
  • Age restriction: yes, mentioned in the terms and conditions
  • Social media connections: yes
  • Storage of personal data: yes, including possible transfer to the USA
  • Instructions, forums, support: extensive help pages, how-to videos and personal support
  • Available functions: very extensive shopping offer, access to the account, wish list and recommendations
  • optional purchase functions: none
  • CPU: low utilization
  • Cost: free
  • useful in the free version: yes

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On the go in a shopping frenzy: This is what defines our test winner

Our focus is always on security. Here one app is clearly ahead of the other two tested: Zalando. The developer comes from Germany and also maintains its servers here. The TÜV-tested security reinforces the dealer's credibility. Users have the option deal with their data in a very self-determined manner. Of course, if you want to shop at Zalando, you have to provide personal data, including sensitive payment data, that is inevitable. Partner companies such as logistics or payment service providers must receive your personal data for processing. Zalando allows you to determine yourself to the extent that you can decide about your data. Take advantage of these opportunities! Zalando is also the app, which needs the fewest permissions; this app does not access your device ID or your device accounts. Even though Zalando "only" sells clothing and accessories, this app has become the clear test winner. It would be desirable for the future if Zalando also made its app available for tablet users.

eBay and Amazon offer a much larger selection of products, but are known and feared as data octopuses. Rightly if you look at the data protection agreements: With parent companies that are based in the USA, your data will also be transferred outside of the EU, you cannot object to this. There is only one thing left: log out of both platforms and never use them again. But between us: can or would you like to do without Amazon and eBay? Hardly likely. We can only recommend that you use the app, Adjust your data protection settings as best as possible. And if you can do without, pat yourself on the shoulder - you are one of the very few.