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Alpengenetik eG

When in 2010 Mr. Xaver Hierl (RBG Memmingen) and Mr. Hans Mair (Tyrolean Brown Cattle Breeding Association) recognized the signs of the times and agreed to found the Alpengenetik eG, a few principles were quickly clear. In addition to closer European cooperation, the aim should be to be able to offer members a wide range of top Brown Swiss genetics at affordable prices. They also wanted to meet the needs of the individual farms in relation to their personal breeding goals as well as possible, so that the member farms can continue to prepare for the challenges of modern agriculture in the future.

So nothing stood in the way of the foundation on June 7th, 2010 to bring the common vision to life.

With the accession of the Vorarlberg Brown Cattle Breeding Association in October 2011 and the Carinthian Brown Cattle Breeders in April 2012, Alpengenetik eG became the largest Brown Swiss genetic provider in the EU.

Across all organizations, Alpine Genetics can fall back on over 150,000 Brown Swiss herd book cows in around 13,500 member farms.

As expected, the breeding successes were not long in coming: As early as 2010, top genomic bulls such as AG Halleluja (the first bull of the AG), AG Vanpari, AG Puck, AG Hegall and AG Voice were widely available and were able to use theirs excellent sire qualities realize sales figures in the five-digit range.

The success of the cooperation founded in 2010 has continued to this day.

After all bulls moved to the newly built stables of the cattle insemination cooperative Memmingen eG in Hitzenhofen in 2019, the range of bulls in Alpine genetics has expanded to include other sizes such as AG Bison, AG Sevilla and AG Cadiz.

Ten years after it was founded, one thing can be said with certainty about the future of Alpine genetics: the best genetics from four associations under the umbrella of Alpine genetics will continue to stand for excellent Brown Swiss quality in the future!