Why am I not asked

Why am I always forgotten / not asked?

Hi Guys,

unfortunately it happened again. Once again I was forgotten or not asked whether I was also interested in a company.

Current case:
Months ago I asked my friends / acquaintances who would be so interested in Whitsun tents à la 3-day awake (this is about an organized campsite with live music and events within walking distance, many young people, etc.). Many were unsure or there was no clear promise. For me the topic was almost over because I didn't feel like going alone. It happened the way it should and people I asked are now gone without letting me know what I think is absurd!

If you look at the last few years, this is not an isolated case and it happens every now and then that I am simply not asked whether I would also "pull" him.
On the contrary - since this has been going on my whole life, I have developed certain strategies to counteract it
1. I organize things every now and then and try to get people together
(Unfortunately I am never asked when the others do something)
2. Now and then I invite myself when I notice that I have been forgotten again
(which I actually want to avoid because that cannot be a solution in the long run)

To myself I can say that I
a) Non-smokers
b) I rarely shoot me alcoholically
c) I'm more of the "reasonable guy"

I used to be able to understand it, because I was relatively passive when it came to things like that. But that has changed, I often ask people if they come with a party or if they would like a short vacation. E.g. Last year I spontaneously organized a birthday surprise with rafting, which was really well received. Only since then you haven't heard anything from those involved unless you happen to meet in town - and we didn't split up in an argument or anything.

So it is all the more questionable what is wrong - am I by nature an "opaque" type who simply does not stay in your memory?