Why do I despise anime so much


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So, I didn't really know where to put this, so I uploaded it here. If it's wrong then sorry!
So the question is: where does the hatred between the One Piece and Naruto fans come from?
I've noticed very often that they don't seem to like each other very much. Every fan thinks their own manga is much better and doesn't like the other at all. This is how it works for me in many forums. I really love both mangas and I hate it if you offend them for no good reason. So ... your opinion? Where did the argument come from?
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I find that there is absolutely no reason for this
Both One Piece and Naruto are two of my favorite anime.
Some think One Piece is better, some think Naruto is better.
Of course everyone has their own opinion, but then simply hating or despising such a great anime for no reason is just bullshit.
I don't like that at all>. <

CONCLUSION: Both animes are special and unique in their own way, and whoever hates the other anime simply does not understand the story of the anime <. <

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I am also very fond of both manga / anime
What I can't understand at all are statements like "He or she would defeat him or her"
Oh no, maybe because of the different universes.
I haven't noticed such real hatred yet, but I can well imagine it.
I suppose if someone starts to talk badly and you are not grown up enough at that moment to put it away, then you talk back.
For example, if someone told me that my sister was ugly (I don't have one, but I'll make one up for the example), it wouldn't matter how true or lied the statement was.
I would shoot back in any case
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Yes, I almost mean something like that.
I was on your side the other day and it was something like this:
"With One Piece, the plot is much better!"
"Wow! Absolutely not! Naruto is absolutely good!"
"But OP is much more about friendship and such. Not at all with Naruto"
I have the latter statement with an internal WTF!?!? Countered.
It was really like that. So I wonder where this argument came from.
Really 70% of the people who are interested in one manga hate the other manga deeply and without justification!
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WTF ?!
Naruto is also about friendship! >. <
Really some people I would like to ... * grumble *
And to hate an anime for no reason pukes me so much! >. <
Sure you don't like every anime, but you don't have to hate it>. <

GGLG Ai-chan ^. ^ <3
I'm an anime freak and damn proud of it <3
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I've asked myself the question many times, but never dared to post it here, out of fear that a little war would break out between the fan groups ^^ ยด
Fortunately, that hasn't happened here yet. Let's hope it stays that way.

Personally, I like both series a lot, even if One Piece is ahead of me.
However, I KNOW both series very well, regularly watch the anime episodes and read the manga chapters. One thing most of the haters don't do. They know their favorite series by heart, but only a few small excerpts and pictures of the other at most.

So where does the great rejection of the two fan groups come from?
I guess that's just envy. Naruto and One Piece were released around the same time and are both very successful. And an anime / manga that competes with my favorite series has to be bad!
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I guess it's just irrational guerrilla warfare like "We're better than you!" with no real rational reason behind it.
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It seems to me as if this is especially the case with younger fans or newcomers who have only just become enthusiastic about one of the two mangas. Such immature comments as "Narutards" and "One Piss", I would be horrified if that would also make the rounds among long-established fans :(

I have to say that I never got into Naruto, but as big as the fandom is here, I'll probably have to read it after all.
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I think there might be something to it.
You don't find anything like that in the elderly. I also have to say that in principle in the scene and on cons and everything else, the people are really nice and also very mature. And in principle, the proportion of people who have graduated from high schools and so on in the scene is very high. You can expect a bit of open-mindedness and cosmopolitanism
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hmm, honestly, I've been following both of them for a long time, mostly as manga ..

I have to admit that one piece simply excites me more from the story development than naruto .. naruto is currently just annoying me in terms of plot technology, it's just not what it was at the beginning .. all too flat .. one piece on the other hand, I think the level holds up and I've had to be annoyed a lot less about the plot ...

I can't talk about hating, I'm still a fan of both mangas, but I'm seriously considering whether I want to see the end of naruto at all> _>
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With One Piece I'm looking forward to new chapters, I want to know what happens next
The pace is also a lot easier
With Kishi I have the feeling that he is rushing towards the end and I read it in itself
only because I a) hope for a surprising turnaround and b) because I won't stop so close to the end
I also think that anyone who has read this far won't stop now,
but Kishi has to think twice if people are not supposed to end up thinking
'It was nice, but I wouldn't necessarily recommend it'
At the moment, the whole thing about One Piece just seems more logical and better thought-out to me
Oda made better use of his Timeskip. He made the SHB stronger,
but he gave them the teachers to justify it
At Naruto there is a funnel in the allergen ... the mouth and then become
force-fed the characters with renewed strength and jutsu

At the moment, OP is really ahead of me (from Usopp)
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maybe I do it like this:
i'm reading naruto to the end when the others say it's worth reading the end xD
or about spoiler stories, so I've kept myself up to date for a while: D

when i think about the ryu porn glyphs during surgery, oda must have thought a long way ahead .. that runs through the entire manga again and again ..
Of course, the constant action can sometimes get on your nerves, but to be honest, I can watch the knocking in the operating room again and again without it getting boring xD
how often have I checked out the arlong arc and found it worth seeing over and over again ^^
haha, when i think back to all those arcs i have to realize that i was always laughing at a fight (mainly thanks to usopp) xD

at naruto, the only thing I can do is watch the mission with zabuza and haku, it had something :)
or when I want the little obito back: kakashi's past parts .. even if it makes you cry T_T
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Yup, the Kakashi Gaiden keeps moving to tears
I think my favorite 'arc', if you will, is Mit Kakuzu and Hidan
Say the first fight, Asuma's death, and then the second fight.
There was the episode where Shikamaru walks through Konoha, later howls and plays Shogi with his father
All in all, it had an atmosphere that was rather untypical for Naruto, but I really liked it
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litle conqueror
I think there could be something to it.
You don't find anything like that in the elderly. I also have to say that in principle in the scene and on cons and everything else, the people are really nice and also very mature. And in principle, the proportion of people who have graduated from high schools and so on in the scene is very high. You can expect a bit of open-mindedness and cosmopolitanism

So, I wouldn't infer how they behave when it comes to criticizing their own favorite series, not just from a person's graduation or age. There are also very young fans who deal very well with unfriendly criticism of their fanworks or of their favorite series (whether it is Naruto or One Piece) in general. I really just want to say that it depends on the person and the character and how you react to provocation. Not on age or whether you're new to fandom.

An assumption: Maybe the people who insult the advocates of the other series are actually just about provoking and making sure that their own favorite series is the best after all ...? Or: Maybe you just have nothing better to do at the moment. ;) Maybe sometimes everything is not meant so seriously. Personally, I can't understand it anyway, because I just don't hate anyone series can feel.

Maybe it is often the case that you just feel annoyed. I know the feeling myself that sometimes I look through the FF archive and see so many FFs on a series that I don't like that much that I roll my eyes and annoyed click away. Maybe there are people who can't just click away and see that there is another popular series ... Competition for their own favorite series, so to speak ...? : /
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I am a die-hard Naruto fan and have been from the very beginning! But so far I haven't noticed much of this hate o.O Have I missed something?

I used to watch OnePiece on RTLII ..... it's not really mine now, but didn't think it was bad either.

Meanwhile it's too epic for me (too many episodes to catch up on all of this. Let me spoil my friend xD)

But on the whole, I think it's nonsense that people argue or even offend about it. To each his own, there are enough fandoms.

Aren't we anime and manga fans open to anything? We already have enough to struggle with prejudice and intolerance!

So it's better to push a quiet ball and if someone doesn't like a certain series, you don't have to watch it - or pull it over!
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Hey ^^

I think both are great.
And never had a hate for any of these manga / anime.
Is still like this
although I don't like the new episodes of Naruto that much anymore.
Still, I couldn't say which of the two I think is better.

Article # 17, written on October 23, 2013 | 8:41 am
I've never watched One Piece, but I've been reading the manga for years
I watched One Piece for a while.
And I have to say, I like both, especially because of the differences.
I used to read manga not on recommendation, but like this,
that I've always read something from different genres.
And even there has to be variety. The two manga originate from this attitude.
Because, ninja and pirates, that's different.
I also really like the fact that OP has more comedy than that
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So lately this "hate" probably came from the fact that oda dealt pretty heavily against almost everyone, at least that's what I heard. There are also some allegations of plagiarism against Kishimoto because of the tree.
(which I personally join, regardless of whether fanboys shout something of the folklore that I know well. kishimoto could have done without the tree. for comparison, oda said himself that he once planned a character with a bone-bone fruit , but not installed for no reason)
i think you already noticed that i'm on the one piece side myself. (i used to be on the naruto site, imo. so much so that the reading recommendations still show over fifty percent naruto-ff, i just claim i know what i'm talking about when i say :)
naruto just went extremely down. not just from the fanfiction, but simply from the real history of the storry. I mean honestly, when did we have the last surprising turn? before - when did azuma die? (who says tobi / obito will be beheaded by me. that was not surprising!) it is a fact that naruto has nothing more to offer in terms of storry technology. and naturo himself is now more stylistic than ichigo.
and honestly - it makes me sad. but my "hate" towards naruto comes from the fact that kishimoto doesn't manage to make it exciting and still people say it is still good. i mean we all know that naruto will win soon. I can't say that I know about luffy if he will defeat dofla.

my point of view. dont like it? flame!
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That's an interesting opinion!
But which tree?
Article # 20, written on October 24th, 2013 | 9:53 a.m.

In all honesty, you are definitely right about a lot of what you say. The last Naruto chapters were reasonably appealing and had a lot of great panels and stylistic devices, but the storyline can no longer be saved.
What I like about One Piece is that Oda refrains from making Luffy the sole champion. Of course, every crew member gets an opponent who plays in his league. But there are still differences.
I also like the fact that Luffy doesn't always have an op on it. E.g. it had to be patched up by Ivankov. He needs help and can be helped. These are qualities that I miss far too often. And by help I don't mean a gateway to Hueco Mundo, like in Bleach. Where Ichigo then continues to beat himself up on his own.

In my case, however, I would not talk about hate, but more about disappointment. But I also ask. What about the tree and plagiarism? So where is it supposed to be stolen from?