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16 funny series to stream that are guaranteed to put you in a good mood

Funny Series 2021: The Best Comedy Shows on Netflix

Laughing success series: "The Big Bang Theory"

Hardly any other series has been as successful as "The Big Bang Theory" since it was first broadcast in 2007. Sheldon, Leonard, Raj, Howard, Penny & Co. have quickly become cult figures - and the actors have become world-famous stars. The best way to watch "TBBT" after working with a takeaway dish from a Thai or Indian is around the corner, as it feels like half of the scenes take place while eating together in Sheldon and Leonard's living room.

The best series to laugh about: "Modern Family"

How crazy your own family can be sometimes, but how much you love them at the end of the day, no series shows better than "Modern Family". A bit of chaos, lots of funny moments in life of all ages as well as one or the other dramatic scene show the everyday life of the Pritchett / Dunphy family.

The best series with humor: "How I Met Your Mother"

Will Ted Mosby ever find love ?! This is what viewers wonder for a few seasons before the New York architect (finally!) Gets to know the mother of his children. That these at the end of the series - Warning, spoilers! - then it is not his only great love, does not matter relatively. Because Barney, Marshall, Lily and Robin cause so many laughs over the course of the seasons that Ted's love drama almost becomes a subplot.

Funny series from Germany: "Turkish for Beginners"

We will probably never forget Elyas M'Barek's star role as Cem Öztürk. The German series is one of the funniest productions from Germany and shows the life of a German-Turkish blended family. Pure comedy!

Funny series: "Brooklyn Nine-Nine"

Action meets comedy: the sitcom tells the everyday life of the investigators in the (fictional) 99th NYPD district in Brooklyn - hence the title "Brooklyn Nine-Nine". In the center of the action: the somewhat silly but very funny Jake Peralta (Andy Samberg, known from "Saturday Night Live").

Series with a nostalgic factor: "The Prince of Bel-Air"

"The Prince of Bel-Air" provides that extra portion of 90s nostalgia. The sitcom made Will Smith a world famous star and still puts a smile on the face of all generations today.

Over 70 woman power series: "Grace and Frankie"

That two women over 70 star in a Netflix series - or a Hollywood movie - doesn't happen too often. "Grace and Frankie" proves how ingenious and overwhelming that can be. In the comedy series, the iconic actresses Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin slip into the roles of two women who are abandoned by their husbands. Because, as it turns out, the two men are gay and have had an affair with each other for years.

Funny series: "Arrested Development"

This series is not only well received by viewers: "Arrested Development" won several Emmys and Golden Globes in 2004 and 2005, including awards for "Best Comedy Series" and "Best Cast". No wonder, since the TV show about the Bluth family offers the perfect mix of eccentric characters, clever dialogues and unique slapstick scenes.

The best parody series: "Community"

At the (fictional) Greendale Community College in the US state of Colorado, an ex-lawyer with a fake diploma, a divorced mother, an elderly millionaire, a movie nerd, a former high school football star, an ambitious Adderall addict as well a former anarchist collide and start a study group. The series is a single parody and shows the comical everyday life of fellow students who become friends.

The funniest Netflix series in the world: "Sex Education"

Few series are as original and unique as "Sex Education". The UK Netflix production is just screaming! The premise: a teenager whose mother is a sex therapist begins to give his classmates tips about sex and relationships - even though he is a virgin himself.

The best Netflix series: "Orange Is The New Black"

"OITNB" is one of the first Netflix original series ever to be produced. The series is based on the novel of the same name by Piper Kerman and tells the story of a young American woman, inspired by true events, who ends up in the women's bar because of drug money laundering. Sure, things are often very serious in prison, but there are plenty of funny moments in Piper's everyday life.

Funny Series 2021: The Best Comedy Series on Amazon Prime Video

Series classic for streaming: "Friends"

"Friends" is an absolute classic and always works. The story about the befriended Twentysomethings from New York Rachel, Ross, Monica, Chandler, Joey and Phoebe premiered in 1994, but over 25 years after the first broadcast of the first season it is still watched in a loop - even if some aspects are not are more contemporary and the series has received a lot of criticism from millennials lately.

Laughing series: "Scrubs"

If you are fed up with the whole "Grey's Anatomy" drama and prefer to watch a doctor series with humor instead, then "Scrubs" is the right place for you. The short episodes - one episode lasts around 22 minutes - are perfect for in between and can also be easily streamed while cooking or washing up.

Laughing series: "Californication"

If classic sitcoms à la "Friends" or "The Big Bang Theory" are a bit too silly and if you prefer black humor, you should like "Californication". Sure, there's always a bit of drama here, but the series with David Duchovny in the leading role still makes for a lot of laughs.

The best flat share series: "New Girl"

One of the funniest flat shares of all time can be seen in "New Girl". Thanks to Jess, Nick, Winston and Schmidt, boredom has absolutely no chance here, as the characters around the leading actress Zooey Deschanel always find themselves in hilarious situations. The perfect series, either alone - helps against loneliness - or with the roommates - one or the other scene might seem familiar!

The best comedies in the world: "30 Rock"

Whenever Tina Fey is involved in a project, it can only be funny - as in the series "30 Rock", in which the comedienne plays one of the leading roles. The sitcom takes a behind-the-scenes look at a TV show filmed in the iconic Rockefeller building in Manhattan.