Why do you love nepali

Volunteering in teaching in Nepal

Need for action in the education sector

In Nepal, not all children have the opportunity to get a good education and the level of education of the adult population in Nepal is unfortunately still very low. Just over half of adults can read and write, and many children have to leave school early for financial reasons. Child labor is still not uncommon in Nepal. In addition, in many places there are not enough teaching staff or even teaching materials to guarantee adequate training.

Voluntary work as a teacher

That awaits you

As a volunteer teacher, you can impart your knowledge in schools or libraries and thus support institutions that work sustainably for disadvantaged people. Your exact activities result from your interests and the needs on site. Subjects like English, but also it are in demand with a view to future career opportunities. As a volunteer, for example, you teach English at a Nepalese monastery school or teach young people basic computer skills and future prospects through computer lessons.

That is what is expected of you

You should enjoy teaching, have a good general education, and have a good understanding of the subjects you will be teaching. It is essential - due to the altitude of Nepal - your physical fitness.