What do you think of remote jobs

Work remotely wherever you want!

Different variants for remote work

Working when and where you want sounds exciting. For this work & lifestyle there are some jobs so-called remote jobs. If you are looking for a job, you can find it in special job portals for remote work.

If you already have a job and want to work remotely, that is also possible. To do this, you need trust and good arguments for your boss.

Overall, remote work can be divided into different variants. The individual variants cannot be strictly separated and can overlap.

Working in the home office

  • Short state
  • Work concentrated and productive
  • No interference
The prerequisite is that you have a job that you cannot necessarily do on site. The duration of the home office is usually short or selective. Employees often work from home for a day in order to do certain work in a concentrated and productive manner. In the office, disruptions or incidents can often occur during everyday work that are distracting.

Working remotely as a team

  • Permanent / prolonged condition
  • Collaboration on projects
  • Digital exchange

This variant can be divided into two groups. On the one hand, there are teams that work permanently remotely, for example Buffer, and on the other hand, you can only work remotely for a period of time or for a project. An example of this is working in an agency where you are mostly on site, but can also work from elsewhere.

It is an interesting fact that teams that are set up permanently independent of location, nonetheless meet over and over again on workations in one place over time. Personal contact should not be neglected despite the desire to be able to work freely.

Freelance work and digital nomads

  • Permanent condition
  • Independent work
  • Projects for clients

Self-employed and freelancers are often independent of location. Those who still want to live and work in a city have usually rented a desk in a coworking space. There is a working atmosphere and a lively exchange between like-minded people.

If you do not want to be tied to one place or do your job despite traveling, there is the possibility to work from anywhere with remote work as a digital nomad.

With this variant you are looking for orders and jobs. You can find jobs, for example, in Digital Nomad job portals or through recommendations. It is important that your client agrees with the work and lifestyle and that you deliver excellent results.