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US election: Why Ivanka Trump can't go back to her old life

There must have been a strange mood in the White House when, around noon on November 7th, CNN became the first well-known American media organization to announce the election victory of Joe Biden. Donald Trump was still on the golf course and played his round to the end, probably also to vent his initial anger. His wife Melania must have watched the news without showing the slightest emotion. And the power couple Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump, jokingly called "Javanka" in the USA, will have realized at that moment that their future is likely to be different from what they had imagined.

Jared and Ivanka are called "Javanka" for short in the USA

It is hardly surprising that Ivanka has since been sending out tough slogans to her father's followers on Instagram and Twitter. Because the alternatives that suddenly become very real for “Javanka” are not particularly attractive. Last year, before the battle for Trump's re-election really got started, Ivanka had shown a journalist that her old life was waiting for her: the New York balls and parties, the chic restaurants of Manhattan, the art auctions and Vernissages and the expensive Madison Avenue boutiques.

But the pictures of the people on Broadway cheering at the fact that their father was voted out of office will have given her pause for thought. Before Ivanka went to Washington with her father, she and her husband had suffered in New York society. In order to gain access to New York society, you really only need one thing: money. The two billionaire heirs brought plenty of that with them. That alone secured them tickets to the city's most important social events, from the Metropolitan Museum gala to the most important political and cultural events. In order not to endanger this status, the two always kept a proper distance from their fathers. Ivanka to Donald, who from the start was considered a rude outsider in New York society who was more ridiculed than courted; Jared from his father Charlie, who had been in prison for 14 months for dubious business practices and blackmailing witnesses.

Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump were considered the cultured version of difficult parents

Ivanka and Jared were considered the cultured versions of their problematic parents. They both had an excellent education from the best universities. They had polished manners and went about solid business: Ivanka with her successful jewelry and fashion label and Jared as the publisher of New YorkObserver, a solid bourgeois Jewish newspaper. But when Donald Trump was elected, they unconditionally tied their fortunes to the clan's patriarch.

They became, like columnist Frank Bruni in the New York Times wrote, "the Faustian pair of posters of the Trump presidency." Jared Kushner played, as we know all too well today, a central role in Trump's first election campaign. His meetings with Russian oligarchs to exchange information were a core part of the "Mueller Report", which led to the impeachment proceedings.

When Trump took office in January 2017, Kushner filled a staggering number of posts. Ivanka, on the other hand, was cautious for the time being. At first she was even considered a moderating voice in her father's ear. It has been alleged, for example, that she advised him against withdrawing from the Paris climate agreement. At the latest when she took on an official advisory role in the White House and gave up her fashion company, she became "100 percent Make America Great Again," as commentators put it.

After her fiery speech for her father at the Republican electoral convention and her Twitter attack on American democracy in recent weeks, she can no longer claim to have had scruples somewhere in the back of her mind. Therefore, the observers believe that there is now no way back into old life for either of them, especially since Kushner, alongside Trump, is considered to be the main person responsible for the messed up reaction of the USA to the corona virus.

In liberal New York, Ivanka Trump is now persona non grata

In any case, in liberal New York the couple are personae non gratae. "Nobody with a respect for themselves, a career, with morals and a respect for democracy will want to show up with you," said a former confidante to journalist Emily Jane Fox. Reservations in the top New York restaurants will be difficult and they will hardly want to show up at a Broadway show because they can be expected to be booed by the entire audience.

Columnist Frank Bruni therefore suggested that “Javanka” should orientate themselves more towards North Korea or Saudi Arabia than towards New York. After all, they would have established excellent contacts there. Meanwhile, Ivanka's younger sister Tiffany is still suffering in New York. When there were still parties, she was always invited and seen in the city's clubs with friends. Tiffany, who grew up with her mother Ivana in California, always kept her distance from her father. And should be very happy about it now.

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