What is the largest city in Florida

Orlando and Miami are among the greatest entertainment cities in the United States

In order to determine the locations in the USA that offer visitors and residents the greatest fun factor, WalletHub compared a total of 182 US cities using 66 different criteria, which are divided into the three key categories of "entertainment and recreation", "nightlife and parties" and "costs" can be assigned.

The area "entertainment and recreation" includes the number of attractions, the position of the city in the ranking of the "Travelers' Choice Awards Top 25 Destinations" and the number of public beaches in the list of "Top 25 Beaches" by TripAdvisor and swimming pools, marinas and fishing, boat tours and water sports based on population. The number of ice cream parlors, cafés and restaurants, cinemas, theaters and festivals as well as the number of bowling alleys, basketball hoops, tennis, baseball, softball and public golf courses per inhabitant are also taken into account. Further aspects are the number of water and amusement parks, hiking trails and facilities that invite visitors to visit and sightsee, but also the number of spas, wellness, fitness centers and shopping centers per capita. In addition, there is the percentage of the population with walking access to a park, the proportion of park landscapes in the city area, the inclusion on TripAdvisor's list of the "Top 25 parks" and the number of playgrounds per capita. Last but not least, the weather is also included in the assessment.

The category "night life and parties" includes not only the number of different drinking bars and evening entertainment venues, but also the curfew, the question of whether drinking is allowed in public, the number of music bars and the existence of music festivals.

Unsurprisingly, Las Vegas is the entertainment paradise of Las Vegas. Florida's action metropolis Orlando follows immediately in 2nd place, which is even three places ahead of Las Vegas in the "entertainment and recreation" sector with 2nd place and in the "nightlife and parties" area, after all, takes 3rd place after Las Vegas and New York. while it comes in 17th place in terms of costs and is thus much better off than the casino metropolis (71). In third place in the ranking is New York, which even ranks first in terms of entertainment and relaxation. The next Florida city already takes 4th place: Miami scores particularly well in the area of ​​"Nightlife and Parties" (4th place), comes in a good 9th place in "Entertainment and Recreation", but can be found in the prices last place in the ranking (182).

The remaining cities in the top 10 are Chicago, Atlanta, San Francisco, Portland, San Diego, and Los Angeles. The third best-performing Florida city is Tampa, ranked 16th, ranked 12th for entertainment and recreation and 21st for nightlife, while it is in the upper midfield for costs (70). Fort Lauderdale was ranked 24th, ranked 15th for entertainment and recreation, 31st for nightlife and at the beginning of the last third for costs (133). Other Florida cities in the ranking are Jacksonville (40), St. Petersburg (46), Tallahassee (80), Cape Coral (102), Hialeah (131), Port St. Lucie (143) and Pembroke Pines (147).

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