What is a country

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  1. 1. Part of the earth's surface not covered by water, mainland
    1. [transfer] ...
  2. 2. delimited piece of land, delimited piece of field
    1. Real estate
  3. 3. Area where arable farming is practiced, village area
    1. "Across the country" from the city to a village, into villages
  4. 4. Region, landscape
    1. [raised, obsolete, transferred] ...
    2. [upscale] "A time has passed" a time goes by, goes by
  5. 5. Bordered, sovereign territory, national territory, state
    1. [transfer] ...
    2. [obsolete] Province


Part of the earth's surface not covered with water, mainland
Grammar: only in the singular
Amphibians live in water and on land
the island is in front of the land
have solid land under your feet again after the long sea voyage
the remains of the wreck were washed ashore
The ship cast off from land
During the storm, the boats went under land (= near the coast)
Land in sight!
some North Frisian Islands reported land under (= land under water) during the storm surge
the troops on land, on water and in the air
see colloquial country (= a way out)
demarcated piece of land, demarcated piece of arable land
Grammar: only in the singular
he has good, bad, barren, stony, sandy land
irrigate, drain, cultivate, and cultivate his land
dig up the land and poke potatoes
Lease, own, buy land
[the ploughman] who breaks up the land anew for the winter grain [↗G. HermannWordelmann338]
divide up the land of the large landowners
his father has cattle and land [↗StormSchimmelr.7,181]
Area where agriculture is practiced, rural area
Grammar: only in the singular
Town and country work hand in hand
he lives in the country, is from the country, grew up in the country
go to the country in summer, drive
spend the holidays in the country
colloquially, mockingly, it is a country innocence
⟨Overland⟩from the city to a village, into villages
drive overland (with goods)
I still have to cross the country [↗BaierlFlinz7 b]
he […] drove from there in a rental car across the country [↗Th. MannBuddenbrooks1,488]
Grammar: only in the singular
he wandered over flat, bare, high, fertile, flourishing land
the land sloped towards the coast
he could look down over the free, gently sloping land to the fog [↗SeghersSiebtes Kreuz4,10]
upscale, outdated, transferred
And my soul spread / wide its wings / flew through the quiet lands (= through the quiet world) [↗EichendorffMondnacht]
upscale ⟨a time went by a time goes by, goes by
Weeks had passed
spring is coming (= begins)
when a second year had passed [↗FontaneBriestI 4,371]
sovereign territory surrounded by borders, national territory, state
Grammar: plural countries ’
Grammar: plural ‘-e’
Federal government and states (= federal government and federal states)
the socialist, capitalist, neutral countries
the governments of the neighboring, bordering countries
the customs, residents of a country
upscale the land of my fathers
upscale, out of date in our countries
the enemy has penetrated deep into the country, attacked and devastated the country
Guests from all over the world
restore calm in the country
he is out of the country
more upscale is the country's volatile
Get to know the country and its people
to expel sb. from the country
more colloquial is back in the country (= back)
Divide a country, divide
upscale, out of date this feat carried his name across the world
literally stay in the country and nourish yourself honestly
literally different countries, different customs
proverbial whoever wants to understand the poet has to go to the poet's land
raised, outdated the reference from Austrian countries [↗SchnitzlerMedardusV 1]
upscale, out of datePossibly everything is in perfect order in Germany [↗FalladaKleiner Mann295]
upscale in the land of friendship, love, dreams, poetry

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