Massage can make sciatica worse

Back pain | Massage can make symptoms worse

Backache is a widespread disease - 25 million Germans suffer from it. Many patients are prescribed massages for treatment. But be careful: they can sometimes even make the disease worse!


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Back expert Dr. Martin Marianowicz from Munich answers's most important questions on the subject.

What use are massages for back pain?

Marianowicz: “If the pain is purely muscular, e. B. through constrained postures or one-sided positions, then massages are useful. But if there is a structural change, such as a herniated disc, then massages are often counterproductive and can even be harmful. "

What are the dangers of massaging in such cases?

Marianowicz: “There can be bigger problems. The irritated, painful areas are very sensitive. Pressing on the inflamed nerve can make the symptoms worse. "

Why are massages prescribed so often?

Marianowicz: “Patients think it is nicer when an expert does something about them, to say“ cures ”them. That has a psychological effect. However, in most cases, exercise and more activity would be better choices. Swimming, cycling or going for a walk usually relieves pain much faster and more effectively. "

Why do so many people suffer from back pain?

Marianowicz: “The main reason is the lack of exercise. On average, we only run 600 meters a day. Sitting and lying down a lot makes the muscles weak and this often causes pain. That is why regular exercise is the best precaution. "

How do I behave properly with back pain?

Marianowicz: “If you have back pain, you shouldn't go to bed and wait for the pain to go away. In the acute phase you should move around without putting too much strain on your body. Light training is the right thing to do in this phase. If the pain does not go away after a few days, you should definitely consult a doctor. Because an exact diagnosis must always be made before therapy. "

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