What keeps people from being frugal

Where is the line between thrift and avarice?

  • I have - as my profile picture shows - a horse. This is pure (and for outsiders often incomprehensible or even unnecessary) monetary luxury.

    A luxury that I would never allow myself to be deprived of.

    Apart from that, I try to keep the balance between thrift and ... yes, fun in life and enjoyment.

    For me it is fun and enjoyable to buy a new dress, shoes or nice cosmetics. I like to spend money on a good meal, on a nice evening at the cinema, etc. also.

    A short trip to Rome is coming up soon and I won't (want to) save there either.

    Of course, I have neither children nor a house - so I can afford that at the moment.

    Still, I keep saving a fixed amount every month. It is important to me to have a financial cushion for any emergencies. I also never want to live beyond my means or get into debt!

    "Avarice" is a big topic and very difficult to differentiate ... but my ex-boyfriend was stingy ... At the beginning I still admired it and classified it as "highly sensible frugality": no going to the cinema, no eating out, no vacation ... all For him, as it turned out more and more, it was a waste of money ... And when we did treat ourselves, he usually accepted it with a sullen face (and of course the joy for me was then also gone ...).

    I think it is simply a question of feeling and personal attitude as to what can be considered economical and what can be regarded as stingy ... If a family, if a couple can handle it and have the same opinion on the subject, everything fits!

    "You see yourself by chance. You feel. You stay. And gradually you become intertwined."

  • You are not stingy, but you are very economical!

    I'm a mix, my husband loves to spend money.

    For me you would be a little too economical, but if it suits you, that's absolutely ok!
    Unfortunately, I sometimes like to leave the light on because I just forget to turn it off.

    When vacuuming etc. I don't think about the electricity costs (which doesn't stop me from vacuuming quickly, however, my priorities are not cleaning the house ), not even with the oven. Although, we have a microwave sterilizer for the vials and every time I think to myself that it will definitely cost a lot of money, as often as we use the microwave now.

    I have to brake my husband every now and then, but I think that's not so bad. You don't have to spend a lot of money forever to go on vacation and might want to spend money there.

    I would prefer to buy more used things for our son, since he grows out so quickly (I actually noticed 8-o), but there are hardly any children's bazaars here. So if someone from the FFM / A'burg area knows when one of these will take place again, please provide information

    So, I think, except for the oven and vacuum cleaner thing, you are not stingy!
    You don't involve anyone else and force your will on them. Your husband lives just like you, so everything fits!

    If you have such thoughts, then just go out and buy yourself (and only yourself) something "beautiful" that you may have always wanted.

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  • If you have such thoughts, then just go out and buy yourself (and only yourself) something "beautiful" that you may have always wanted.

    That's it, I don't have any desires that I suppress. I don't even know what I would like to have. If I need something, I'll buy it.
    I live out my wishes in toys, because we really have a lot (according to many).

    Bazaars are usually only available in spring (from late February to late April) for summer items and in autumn (late August to late October) for winter items. I also buy a lot of books, games, etc. We have a bunch of games for 1 EUR each, which are a lot of fun. I don't want to buy a game for 30 EUR just because it's "a game of the year". : rolleyes2:

    Take care and thank you for the fish.

  • Hmmm...

    So if you are perfectly happy ... all the better!

    Neither do I think you should throw everything overboard and start buying something from the bakery on the way. That would probably not be you anymore.

    Possibly a nice souvenir from your vacation ...

    I really can't find what should be wrong with your attitude.

    Oh, these bazaars are not open all year round ... a shame. Well, if you haven't had a child, how are you supposed to know ?! = -)

  • Well, if you haven't had a child, how are you supposed to know ?! = -)

    No, you really don't know. At some point I noticed it in the newspaper (the dates are in our free newspaper about 2 weeks in advance), Yuri was already born, otherwise I didn't even look.

    I have to say, I've always been brought up this way, I never had any money to spend, not at all in Russia, here first social assistance, then student loans, then I met my husband, and I was almost finished with my studies. And when I started working, we immediately started saving. But just in such a way that our needs are satisfied, otherwise it really doesn't make any sense.

    Since I've been living here in the village, I've been spending a lot less money on myself, simply because I can't get around to it. I don't like buying clothes online because I want to try them on. We used to live in the city center, so you could be in the shops in no time.

    I really don't have any sense of decoration, I don't like that stuff at all, we don't have any of it, my husband agrees. The only thing is Christmas tree decorations, they were bought once and always stay the same.

    Take care and thank you for the fish.

  • Hello,

    I would be interested in how you see it: what is still economical for you and what is stingy?

    I am very economical by nature and have actually almost internalized it to always think of the money / prices in the back of my mind.

    At home I think about power consumption in everything I do (vacuuming, washing up, washing, drying, cooking, baking) and try to save energy there.

    How do you pay attention to saving?

    I don't like to go out to eat because I see it as a waste of money (with the exception of vacation, when we are out and about and want to eat, it also makes sense for me).

    I really enjoy going out to eat. However, that doesn't mean that I do this every day, but once a month. Or mostly we order something on the weekend (Sunday)

    I only replace devices when they are broken (such as tube TVs, etc.) and always buy them online because they are cheaper (but don't get me advice)

    I also wait until the devices are broken. But prefer to shop in the store.

    I don't like shopping very much, no bags, shoes (only when I need them), clothes only because my weight fluctuates. I have some clothes that I brought with me from Russia 13 years ago (but very little, as 20 kg more)

    Well, I love shopping! ^^

    I hardly ever buy new clothes for children, 99% of them used.
    Except for shoes, I don't look at the price either, they have to fit.

    Do not have any children myself, but if I did then I would only buy new things. It doesn't always have to be branded goods!

    I hardly ever buy anything to eat on the go (neither we nor children, with the exception of ice cream), no bread rolls, pastries, etc. Well, of course it also has something to do with my weight.

    When I have an appetite for a roll, I buy one

    I do not see myself flying to Turkey with the children for 1500 EUR more, for example, when we can have a lot of fun on the Baltic Sea.

    I really enjoy going on vacation, once a year is a must and then it can be more expensive

    I basically don't like to spend money unless it is necessary (like new shoes, etc.).

    But what is important for me: we go away at least once a year, mostly actually 2, now and then 3.
    And one more thing: we buy 95% organic food, but here too I pay close attention to prices.

    We never buy organic!

    Is it still in the frame? Or is it already exaggerated?

    Some find it exaggerated, but everyone has their own! It would be too economical for me personally

    We save a lot, actually always since I started working (9 years). First a whole salary (mine) and now about my part-time salary.
    Everything for the house, first the equity and now the special repayments, because I want to be finished in 10 years and not after 30 when we are retired.
    Although I think that we would save quite a bit even without a house.

    Also have a house, but no longer have to pay off anything!

    We actually get along well with it, I think it doesn't matter to my husband, children have everything they need (I really buy toys too much: -O ).

    I am of the opinion that as long as we do not suffer from it, i.e. needs are not met, it is thrift. If my husband now needs a new hard drive because there is no more space, it will be bought. And now and not at some point.
    If he or I need new clothes, we buy them right away. I just refuse to spend more than 20-30 EUR per part on it.

    What do you all mean? Is it that pronounced in someone too?

    LG Alla

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  • I also find you very, very economical (respect that you can do that :-)), but not stingy. Examples of stingy people have often been mentioned here, I have already experienced a lot (especially this "billing down to the cent". It has already happened to me that I could not give everything out properly and then the acquaintance to me in all seriousness demanded 2 or 3 cents back - at the next meeting 4 weeks later: rolleyes2:). I can't deal with something like that at all.

    Otherwise I have to say that we both like to spend money on beautiful things, it's hard earned too :-). We don't have any property, precisely because otherwise we would really have to save a lot (and I am reluctant to buy used clothes, for example, not even for the children), we don't want that. Vacation, two cars, going out to eat, etc. would no longer be an easy task.

    And I think, precisely because we had little money until I was around 15, I like to spend it so much today . Especially for the kids: -O.

    For example, I can't even imagine not going out to dinner with friends or family anymore. I would miss a good bit of quality of life.

    Somebody wrote here "I don't want to be the richest in the cemetery" or something like that - that's how I see it too. My mom has friends who are so stingy that it's no longer nice. At some point they will be buried with their big bank account.


    PS: When it comes to energy, I also try to be environmentally conscious as far as possible. Whereby I'm really concerned with the environment - because I haven't noticed a big financial difference since I've been paying more attention to electricity consumption (e.g. never turning on the dryer in summer, it usually ran when we were both still working full-time). Maybe because we also use green electricity, which is slightly more expensive.

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    It's about learning how to dance in the rain.

  • I honestly admit, I am exactly the opposite of you ...
    I live here and now and I buy what I want. Be it clothes, food or whatever. I always think to myself, that's what I'm going to work for, so that I can make my life beautiful ... and I enjoy things like new flower pots or new shoes, etc.

    And if I want to bathe 5 times a week, then I do that too .. The light is on in the hallway and both lamps are on in the living room .. I don't need it in the fur, but it's too annoying to turn it on when I'm scurrying up quickly must, because the little one wakes up ..

    I can do that as well, yes, I think I'm wasteful I stand by it

  • The border is, I think, very fluid: tongue2:

    And of course a matter of opinion!
    For me, stingy is someone who would have the money BUT would rather be tolerated or avoid spending money!
    Being economical doesn't mean that you don't like sharing!

    For us we really have to be very tight and frugal, but I would never never never !!! save on things that affect others too! (e.g.: cake or food with us: beer:)

    The biggest mistake one can make in life is always to be afraid of making a mistake.

    Dietrich Bonhoeffer

  • For me, stingy is someone who would have the money BUT would rather be tolerated or avoid spending money!

    Do you mean AND or OR? Because I would have the money if I didn't save like that and I avoid spending it. But never at the expense of others.

    Take care and thank you for the fish.

  • Hello!
    So now that I've read everything here, I have come to the conclusion that I am also very frugal. When I go out of the house, I always have a little something to drink and eat with me. Bakers are therefore superfluous. So when I go to the movies I always have my drink with me because I don't drink this sugar stuff and I really don't see paying so much money for fizzy tap water. On the other hand, I buy popcorn because it somehow belongs to the cinema and doesn't taste the same when homemade. Cinema only on Mondays, of course, because it's cheaper and it doesn't make the film worse, less exciting ...
    It is only heated when it is cold, when it is a bit fresh, I prefer to wear a cardigan over it. Water and light, as well as technical devices, stay out when they are not needed. This is not a big effort, but it is noticeable in the wallet (if I compare it with others, it is even very clear).
    With us, food is also 95% organic. And there I can still save without a guilty conscience. Even organic shops always have offers and if the items are durable, I don't just buy a glass of tomato paste but several. I also like to buy food that is close to the best before date and is sold cheaper. First of all, things don't go bad at the stroke of midnight and I also try new things every now and then (goat milk is quite expensive and thanks to the best before date offer, I now know that this is not my thing). I no longer use organic ingredients for guests / at celebrations because many don't appreciate them and too much is simply thrown away, although it could be eaten or frozen the next day without any problems.
    What I find totally stingy, on the other hand, when people invite you to a party and contribute almost nothing themselves, but please all guests should bring something. Then I'd rather leave it the same.
    For cleaning mirrors, bathrooms, and as a fabric softener, I only use vinegar. I don't need all that expensive, highly toxic chemical stuff. First I pay a lot of money to supposedly get everything super clean and then I pay a lot of money again to halfway detoxify the wastewater. Crazy world! Without me!
    When it comes to clothing, I now have a pretty good stock of timeless, chic items. The latest flashy fashion colors are probably. not necessarily there, but I never get the embarrassment of wearing obvious things from last season. I just prefer classic, timeless, chic. I don't chase fashion trends, it's just not mine. If I do see something nice, I'll buy it. But at the latest the overfull wardrobe reminds me that I already have everything double and triple.
    I also like to compare prices and for that I walk up and down the city 3 times. That saves money and I have exercise right away (which in turn would save the gym if I had one).
    We don't have fixed appointments to go out to dinner (e.g. once a month or so), but mostly there are special occasions or it just arises. Then it should like a good meal in a nice atmosphere and also something. On the other hand, we wouldn't order food home at all. It costs almost as much as a restaurant, but there is no service and no other environment. We prefer to cook a recipe from what feels like 100 cookbooks (of course, almost all of them special offers ).
    Yes, I am a passionate saver. But I prefer to save on things that usually only cost money for sheer convenience, and then use the money saved to support things that are important to me personally (organic, nature, good service). I don't need new and / or expensive just to be new and expensive.

  • Stinginess is when you build a house and don't buy a present for your godchild that Christmas on the grounds that you don't have any money. I think that as a normal wage earner you can cut off at least 10 EUR every now and then.

    Honestly, I don't think it's bad for the sponsored child not to buy a present, but giving away a present has to be part of it.

    There are so many gifts that cost little or no money and come from the heart!

  • I don't have any wishes that I suppress

    You happy! That's perfect.

    I myself am not as economical as you are. We both work for our standard and can (finally) afford to buy something that you don't necessarily need.
    However, we only replace devices when they no longer work: Our old TV set was more than 10 years old when it gave up.

    Thrift is okay with me because it only affects the person himself.
    Avarice begins where one does not "allow" something to others or where one fulfills one's wishes at the expense of others. And that's a problem for me.