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Germany is a travel destination with an incredible number of facets. So that you can get a good overview of this, we have selected the 55 most beautiful travel regions for you and described them in our short travel guides. So you have the most important travel information at a glance. No matter whether you are looking for the perfect family vacation, an exciting city trip or an active vacation in nature, there is something for everyone in Germany.

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From the plains to the Alps

The summer is just around the corner and you don't know exactly where you want to go, except that it's somewhere in Germany should go? No problem, because with ours Travel destination search engine you will find yours perfect travel destination in Germany. The multifaceted nature of the holiday regions ranges from pulsating cities, which are great for shopping and going out, to idyllic rural regions with lots of nature. Especially in cities like Berlin, Cologne, Munich and Hamburg there is an extremely wide range of cultural institutions such as museums, galleries and theaters, but one must also not forget the historical value of many regions. For example, you can find the Lake Constance prehistoric pile dwellings, traces of Roman settlement in the Eifel and the Palatinate, magnificent palaces and old castles as well as medieval old towns. The various natural spaces are just as diverse as Germany's cultural landscape - deep forests, raging rivers, magical lakes and lush green meadows and pastures characterize the landscapes and offer an impressive panorama. The north and the Baltic Sea offer wonderful ones, for example beacheswho are looking for the perfect family holiday suitable. The North Sea but is mostly famous for that UNESCO World Natural Heritage Wadden Sea and its healing properties in skin and respiratory diseases. It is especially beautiful to look at Lueneburg Heathwhen the heather blooms and covers the region with a carpet of intense pink and purple tones. The more you move south, the more mountainous the regions become. On the border to Austria finally they rise Bavarian Alps and offer a spectacular backdrop. Each of the 55 travel regionsthat we introduce to you is something special in its own way.

The family-friendly hiking paradise

Many families consciously choose one vacation in Germany, because the offer speaks for itself. Numerous family-friendly attractions such as Leisure and adventure parks, Zoos, Open air museums and Farms ensure an all-round successful holiday that will be remembered for a long time. These include, for example Tropical Island in Brandenburg, the Phantasialand at Brühl in North Rhine-Westphalia as well as that Legoland in Günzburg on the edge of the Swabian Alb. In addition, Germany offers a great range of sports and leisure activities. The most popular way to explore Germany is by hike And for good reason, because there is hardly a region that does not have well-signposted hiking trails and the towns and villages along the many different hiking routes have also adapted well to this type of tourism. Although each region is beautiful in itself, the Thuringian Forest, the resin as well as the Black Forest convinced as a hiking region. But we were particularly enthusiastic about that Moselle valley with its many vineyards and picturesque little villages, which are best explored by bike. Of course, hiking and cycling are not the only activities that you can do excellently in Germany. The Ore Mountains, Sauerland or Upper Bavaria are among the hotspots for Winter sports, while for example the Spreewald a real Eldorado for many canoeists and that Elbe Sandstone Mountains represents for climbers. Just convince yourself of the diversity of the individual travel regions and inform yourself in our Short travel guidewhich is the right holiday destination for you. If you are still unsure with all the flood of information, you still have the option of using our travel search engine for advice Make decision easier.