What do you love about France

Claire Martin is an elegant 40 year old woman who lives alone and down to earth. As a presenter at Radio France, she gives her callers advice on relationship, sex and general life issues on the program "Tell what moves you". She is greatly admired for her warm and open manner and the number of listeners keeps breaking records. But Claire wants to remain anonymous and radiates a cool distance outside of her broadcast. In her private life she lives alone and withdrawn.

One day she receives a long-awaited call. Claire had commissioned a people search and now comes the result: Her mother has been located. Claire was given up for adoption as a child and now has the name of her birth mother for the first time: Joëlle Goulain. She drives to the address given, but she does not have the courage to ring the doorbell. The woman who comes out of the front door at some point, she secretly follows by car to a charity.

There she learns that Joëlle is not there, but will come on another day. The one who tells her this is Lucas, Joëlle's grandson, who simply invites her to his birthday. There Claire meets her mother incognito. The shock runs deep when Joëlle ignores her, judges "Mélina" disparagingly and says, apart from one other son, Bernard, that she has no other children. While Claire continues to try to gain access to her mother and to tell her the truth, she is also getting closer and closer to Lucas ...

"Say That You Love Me" is the first full-length film by French director Pierre Pinaud. He had previously made short films such as "Fonctions annexes" (2003), "Submersible" (2004) or "Les Miettes" (2008), for which he received numerous awards. With "Say that you love me" he delivered a tragic comedy that tells of Claire's search for her mother in a touching and at the same time comical way. Karin Viard ("Poliezei", "Nothing to declare", "The jewel") plays the neurotic and contradicting Claire in an impressive way.