What makes you ignore a software developer

Software developer: "80,000 euros in sales in the second year"

"I graduated from an IT-HTL in Upper Austria with a high school diploma. About two years ago, during my community service, I started my own business as a software developer because I wanted a bit of variety. I develop individual software, i.e. web or desktop programs I only did it on the side. In the summer of 2017 I moved to Vienna because I wanted to live in the city, and from there I continued to work full-time.

The order situation is very good, which surprised me: In 2018, in my second year, I have made around 80,000 euros in sales so far. By the end of the year it will probably be a little more, I estimate around 85,000 euros. Of that, a little more than half is left after all taxes.

Buying know-how

I am blessed - software is an industry where a lot is happening right now. Many companies cannot find skilled workers because the market is relatively small at the moment and have to buy in the know-how from outside. Many are long-established and sluggish, and right now they need this knowledge and cannot find it quickly enough. This is said of banks in particular. One of my big customers is also a bank. For them, I develop internal management systems together with other developers.

Most customers find me via online networks or via my own freelancer platform, where companies can search specifically for freelancers - you create a kind of better Facebook profile there.

Most of the time I work 40 to 50 hours a week. But there are also a few months of the year when there are more. These are tips with several projects at the same time that have to be finished. During these times it can sometimes be 60 to 70 hours a week. For a while I tried to study business informatics alongside my work, but at some point it just didn't work out anymore. Free time has been neglected too much.

Being employed would not be an option for me, at least for now. Sure, self-employment is relatively insecure - there is no Christmas or holiday pay, if you are sick you have no income. But the rather high salary compensates for that for me. I also appreciate the many freedoms: I can go on vacation longer than five weeks a year, work from home and appreciate the variety offered by my customers' various projects and industries. As a self-employed person you also have some tax advantages because you can deduct a lot more.

My expenses

In Vienna I live in a shared apartment with my best friend. I spend 600 to 700 euros a month on rent, electricity, groceries and everything else. Even if I really appreciate the city's amenities, sooner or later I want to go back to the country. Because a large part of my relatives and friends, including my girlfriend, are still in Upper Austria, I already commute regularly. That's why I bought a condo just a few weeks ago, and I'm paying off the loan for it. Approximately € 1,300 loan installment per month. With other expenses - cars, insurance and so on - I come up with an estimated monthly expenditure of 2,700 euros. That's a lot, but it turns out well, so I can also put something aside. "(Salary report: Lisa Breit, December 18, 2018)