What is the best certification for quality assurance

Quality assurance training for the effective use of quality tools

With an apprenticeship in quality assurance, you will learn to use various methods and quality tools to design quality assurance in your company in a target-oriented manner.

The FMEA, for example, is an important quality tool for determining possible causes of errors, avoiding them and ensuring preventive quality. It can be used to detect errors in products and processes at an early stage. In addition, you avoid this and can carry out a risk analysis accompanying development and planning.
Here is a brief overview of the subject of quality assurance training! Find out about the seminars and training courses currently offered on the training market in the areas of quality assurance and quality tools. We offer you an extensive seminar and training program that covers all the necessary and common quality tools for quality assurance and effectively introduces you to the practice-oriented application of these quality tools.

What offers are there for my training in quality assurance?

Our QA training offers you a wide range of training opportunities, through which you can sustainably avoid the causes of errors and risks in your company and thus ensure the quality of your products and services in the long term. The further training to become an FMEA expert, for example, offers you training courses with which you learn how to introduce, supervise and continuously develop efficient error management in your company!

The training lines in the area of ​​quality assurance have a modular structure. This enables you to start your career individually. Depending on whether you already have previous knowledge or not, you can tailor your training to suit your needs. DOWNLOAD training program: Click on the link to download our comprehensive overview as a PDF.

In the respective training overview, you can also see the type of course in which the training is available. There are classroom training, blended learning and online courses in the form of e-learning as options.

The building blocks of our quality assurance training

All training courses in the QS training series guarantee maximum practical relevance! In group exercises, case studies and role-plays, the training content is tried out in practice and the later transfer of what has been learned in your own company is facilitated.

Your entry into the FMEA

Would you like to find out how you can identify and avoid product and process defects before they arise? In this FMEA basic knowledge seminar, our experienced trainers will show you how! The FMEA analysis is a development and planning-accompanying risk analysis integrated into the departments, in order to detect possible causes of errors at an early stage, especially in the case of new concepts and processes, to avoid them and to ensure the quality of products and processes preventively. In this FMEA basic knowledge training you will learn everything from problem solving to predictive quality assurance including the FMEA analysis!

All information about the FMEA basic knowledge training

Take the next step and become an FMEA moderator

In this FMEA Moderator seminar, you will learn how the FMEA method can be used successfully and purposefully in your company for the detection of possible errors or for the early detection of the causes of errors for quality assurance! This method of error detection and possible causes of these errors is the most widespread method in quality assurance or quality management practice to discover possible errors at a very early stage of the product or process and to avoid them with targeted measures. Take advantage of our quality assurance / quality tools training and become an FMEA moderator!

All information about the FMEA moderator training

Learn all about APQP and quality planning

Would you like to carry out advance product quality planning in your company and ensure that necessary changes are recognized at an early stage and can still be initiated without great effort and loss of time using the APQP method? Then this APQP training course is exactly what you are looking for! The APQP (Advanced Product Quality Planning) required by IATF 16949 is a structured process for advance product quality planning. This quality assurance procedure enables your company to avoid unnecessary errors and achieve maximum customer satisfaction.

All information about the Training APQP and quality planning

Get to know PPAP (4th Edition) and PPF, VDA Volume 2

In this PPAP seminar - Production Process and Production Approval Procedure, you will learn all the most important things your company must consider when sampling all production and spare parts for the automotive industry in order to meet the basic requirements of the automotive industry. This PPAP process is also increasingly used in general industrial companies. So acquire the necessary knowledge about PPAP and PPF in this quality assurance training! In this practice-oriented PPAP training, we will show you what needs to be taken into account for efficient sampling, what is important to the customer and how you can use the PPAP method successfully.

All information about the Training PPAP (4th Edition) and PPF, VDA Volume 2

Use the quality assurance training for the 8D method

Would you like to further improve the quality in your company with the help of quality assurance and the use of quality tools and keep the error rate as low as possible? Then use the 8D method for problem solving or troubleshooting. With the knowledge from our 8D report seminar, you not only uncover individual errors, but can also use targeted quality tools to uncover the causes of various problems and then to be able to eliminate them directly. This ensures a sustainable improvement in your quality management and the constant increase in customer satisfaction and economic success! Use our quality assurance training for successful quality assurance in your company!

All information about the Training 8 D method

Your entry into SPC statistical process control

In this seminar SPC Statistical Process Control you will learn everything you need to know about the possibilities of achieving consistent product quality at a high level in your company. With the help of statistical methods you record, check and improve the processes within your company and can thus avoid errors, increase product quality and ensure a high level of customer satisfaction. In this practice-oriented quality assurance training course, we will show you what needs to be taken into account in process control and error avoidance and how you can use the SPC statistical process control successfully. So take advantage of our training and find out everything you need to know about statistical process control!