Is snow bad for your roof

Shoveling snow - not only outside - the horror in the attic

Geeste. The onset of winter came. The onset of winter remains. And with the onset of winter came the things that you can and must do with snow. Shoveling snow - but not only outside, also in the attic.

When it started to snow in the night from Saturday to Sunday, it was clear to all of us: “It smells like work - namely shoveling snow!”. On Sunday and Monday too, many went out and cleared the sidewalks. But there was already some trouble there. Some citizens started clearing their sidewalks by skillfully throwing the snow on the streets. For many drivers, this was already an absolute nuisance. In addition, due to the amount of snow, some clearing services were not able to control the whole chaos. But nobody blames the clearance services. If they weren't out and about day and night, things would look even worse here.

But many have not only removed their sidewalks and driveways from the snow. You should also pay attention to the light shafts to the basement windows with this amount of snow. It is not uncommon for there to be quite high snow storms here. When these melt, they turn into water. When this happens, the damage is not exactly minor. Wet basement, wet things and running around with the insurance company.

What can be done about it? Very easily. A wooden board, sometimes even a bit thicker cardboard or sometimes towels placed over the bars - we saw a lot there.

But that's not all you should be aware of at the moment. We were made aware of something on Sunday morning. We should check out our attic, please. Said and done. And what was - it actually snowed in. The small flakes of powder snow managed to spread through the roof tiles and through the insulation in the attic. Small piles of powder snow now lay very nicely next to each other. Of course, the snow shovel was also used here - straight out of the window. But what would have happened if we hadn't noticed? Exactly. If the thaw had set in, the water would have spread further and further with us.

Some users contacted us and reported that the snow had even settled between the individual slides. When the thaw had set in, this snow would have thawed and the water would have run into the floor under the attic and perhaps even further. Everyone should clarify with their insurance company whether this - and, if so, how this is covered by insurance.

So, with this weather, don't just think about “pushing” or “shoveling” everything outside too fine. No, sometimes it is also worth taking a look at the basement or the attic. Not that a nasty surprise comes from above when the thaw sets in.