Why do chimneys smell like smoke

When the fireplace smells smoked

The stove as an additional source of heat and odor

Today, a wood-burning stove is not only used to exude pleasant warmth and cosiness. In times of rising energy prices, it can also help to relieve the household budget. Fireplaces or wood-burning stoves are therefore often used as additional heating options to support the central heating system. What usually cannot be avoided is a typical chimney smell, which can be more or less strong. It is particularly annoying the next morning when it hangs in the air as a kind of cold smoke smell.

How does this smell actually come about?

Normally, even when the fireplace is burning, there should not be an excessive odor. The exhaust gases generated during combustion should be led outside via the chimney. Unpleasant odors can arise in different ways, for example for the following reasons:

  • incorrect heating of the fireplace
  • damp wood
  • Incorrectly set fresh air supply on the stove

Avoid the causes of unpleasant smells

Most of the time, logs that are not completely dried out are the reason for smelly stoves. If the proportion of residual moisture is too high, the proportion of dangerous pollutants in the exhaust gases is multiplied. Incorrectly set throttling can also be a cause of unpleasant smells. It is true that emissions are generated even if the fuel is burned properly. However, an unpleasant smell is a sign that you should not ignore under any circumstances. Normal, however, is the typical emergence of smoke when you add wood while the stove is in operation. If necessary, such a smell can still hang in the air the next day. The only thing that helps here is extensive ventilation.

What can help against unpleasant smells

A subtle chimney smell can usually not be avoided. It gets stuck in the upholstery of furniture or textiles. However, there are various options that you can use to remove unpleasant odors, such as fresheners for the air in the room or from textiles. Otherwise, only the use of dry fuel and the correct lighting of the stove will help.

Mark Heise
Article image: Viacheslav Zhedankov / Shutterstock
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