How is Ramboll India doing

Management Consulting

Ramboll Management Consulting advises public administrations at all government levels (European Commission, federal government, states / regions, municipalities), national and international organizations and foundations as well as medium-sized private companies and corporations.

With a combination of industry, method and process competence, we work with our customers to develop holistic and sustainable solution concepts for politics, business and society, accompany the implementation and evaluate the effectiveness.

Our service portfolio goes far beyond that of a classic management consultancy. As part of the Ramboll Group, our consultants draw on the sector and industry expertise of our almost 15,500 engineers who carry out a large number of projects in a wide variety of industries every year.

Our customers benefit from our extensive thematic and methodological knowledge - because we always see the big picture. Because we see individual projects as part of comprehensive, mostly socially relevant tasks. For example, when it comes to transport infrastructure projects, we don't just think of the physical networking of cities and communities. We also consider the economic and social effects, forecast and evaluate the effectiveness of investment programs or support the exchange of relevant stakeholders.