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National flag of Indonesia

The national flag of Indonesia flies in the colors red and white. A red bar above and a white bar below.

The national flag of Indonesia consists of two horizontal stripes of equal size in the colors red and white. The red stripe is at the top, the white one at the bottom. The aspect ratio of the flag is two to three.

The flag of Indonesia was officially introduced on August 17, 1945.

Another name for the flag of Indonesia

In Indonesia, the flag is also known under the name Merah Putih (Sang Saka Merah Putih). That means something like red-white or the honorable red-white.

Colors of the Indonesian flag

Prince Jayakatong (1293) already used red and white as the colors for the flag. The founder of the Majapahit Kingdom used a flag made up of nine red and white stripes. In 1922, Indonesian students in the Netherlands took this old flag as a symbol of the Indonesian Cooperative at. The red and white flag then waved for the first time on Java, where it was hoisted in 1928 by the Indonesian National Party.

Legend of the Indonesian flag

As the Dutch East Indies, Indonesia was once a Dutch colony. Starting from Java, the Netherlands had extended its sphere of influence over the entire Indonesian archipelago by 1908. The colonial rule of the Dutch over Indonesia lasted almost 350 years before Indonesia came under Japanese occupation during World War II and declared independence from the Netherlands in March 1943. The Japanese occupation ended in August 1945. Indonesia remained independent. And the new flag was hoisted. The Dutch national flag also consists of horizontal stripes, but in red, white and blue. The blue stripe is missing from the Indonesian flag. According to legend, because the removal of the blue stripe from the Dutch flag wanted to separate the aristocratic blue blood from the red blood of the people and white purity.

The first Indonesian flag

After Indonesia's independence continued beyond the end of World War II and after the end of the occupation by Japan, the country's red and white flag was adopted as the new national flag on August 17, 1945 and hoisted in front of the presidential palace in Jakarta. Fatmawati, the wife of President Sukarno, is said to have sewn this first state flag herself. The original flag (bendera pusaka) still exists. It was used until August 17, 1968, for 21 years, and only then was it replaced by a newer copy. The old flag from 1945, the Bendera pusaka, is now in the Independence Room of the Indonesian National Museum.

Red and white flags of other countries

Red and white are also found in other flags around the world. Monaco also has a red and white flag. And Hessen also has a state flag with a red stripe above and a white stripe below. There is also a similarity with the national flag of Singapore, but it still has a crescent moon with five stars in the upper red area.

The colors of red and white also make do with the flag of Bahrain and the Danish national flag.

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