What was your experience without makeup

5 days without make-up: less is not always more

My mother likes to tell the story of how I saw her painting her fingernails as a three-year-old and, with a vehement ‘Nina too’, made sure that it turned out to be a scandal in kindergarten.
When I was ten I started to put on make-up every day.
In seventh grade, my teacher called my home when I mean The tribe-Obsession had once again been a little too intense.
It was by no means the case that my parents always let me go to school like this without comment, but my mother allowed me to try it out. Didn't say anything about the Chanel lipsticks, which regularly disappeared from her make-up bag and at some point reappeared without comment.
I've been wearing makeup almost every day for the past 18 years and I still love it as much as I did the day my mom gave me my first lipstick (1995, very purple).
No matter how many places of residence, relationships and jobs passed me by, putting on make-up is still a mixture of meditation and Fuck You to the world.
My colleagues hardly know me without a LEWK (hello neon eyeliner), but to be honest, that's precisely why I'm looking forward to the experiment: a working week without make-up. For many people this may not sound like an extreme experience at first - but anyone who knows me will always react with a loud Oha. ’
To show myself without make-up is not associated with fear or nervousness for me. I also go to the gym like this every morning. It's more curiosity that drives me - what happens to me without my ritual, which is so much part of my identity?
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