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These are the 7 characteristics of top entrepreneurs!

Even if it sometimes looks like this: There is no secret why some entrepreneurs rush from one success to another, while others have to fight for sales, customers and recognition on a daily basis. Rather, there are certain qualities that all top entrepreneurs internalize and consider Company philosophy have implemented.

What are the characteristics of top entrepreneurs?

The decisive difference lies in their attitude, this special combination of the following aspects:

  1. Strong inner demeanor
  2. Powerful values ​​and
  3. Firm beliefs

In doing so, they use timeless principles that can be applied equally in every industry, in every professional position and in every phase of life. But what exactly is the attitude of successful entrepreneurs? It's more than just attitude. It's the way you do deal with the challenges of lifeand where you put your focus.

In order to align your own attitude towards success, seven qualities are necessary with which you will succeed in becoming an entrepreneur and to achieve your goals sustainably. Each quality in itself is very powerful, but it is only in their combination that the individual skills lead to an A + attitude.

1. Sense of responsibility

People with attitude take 100% responsibility for their lives, their actions and their results. Even if it would sometimes be easier to make your own results dependent on other people or the general economic conditions. But please always keep in mind:

If you don't live by your own goals, values, and beliefs, then you are living by other people's.

2. Solution orientation

From now on, delete all excuses, looking for reasons why something does not work and focus on opportunities and possibilities out. Go through life with a positive attitude. And by no means does that mean the famous rose-colored glasses. You won't achieve anything with positive thinking alone. But with positive thinking you accomplish anything better than you would with negative thinking.

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3. A strong "why"

Successful entrepreneurs are driven by powerful motivation. When you have a magnetic vision, the "how" and the "what" follow automatically.

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Regularly ask yourself why you are doing something as a top entrepreneur

  • Why is your job so fulfilling for you?
  • Where should your company be in 12 months?
  • What 3 problems keep your customers from sleeping at night and what solutions could you offer them?

4. Decision-making authority

Think about your most important decision recently.

What made you choose exactly the way you did?

Exactly, it felt good. All decisions are controlled by feelings. The better these are, the better your results will look too. Therefore, make sure that you are fine and train your states as often as possible. You always have to be first in order to be able to do something and have it afterwards.

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5. A high level of mind attention

Sharpen and train your senses. A razor-sharp perception enables you to recognize how you affect yourself and others. Most importantly, you can see whether your results are what you want them to be. This allows you to act on time.

6. Flexibility

How open and curious are you? Don't you also know colleagues who always behave in exactly the same way? People who function according to a certain pattern can be influenced like a robot. And two options mean a classic dilemma. Real freedom of choice always starts with three options and above all outside of your comfort zone. So take every chance to acquire new knowledge, new skills and new experiences.

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7. The love of the job

With humor and passion, everything is much easier in life. Anyone who can laugh at themselves and their problems can hardly surprise them. The great art is to take the serious things lightly and approach the easy tasks with great seriousness.

Skill not only follows passion like the tide of the ebb, but passion shakes the basic values ​​of the mountains that are just waiting to be moved by them.

Top entrepreneur: The inner attitude is what makes you successful

These seven qualities are the foundation of the attitude that turns an entrepreneur into a top entrepreneur. she is the one Basis for your business success and the Achieving your personal goals. With the right inner attitude you are able to walk lightly through life and attract success magnetically. The more often you consciously train the seven characteristics of your new attitude, the faster you will be able to enjoy the corresponding results.

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Ilja Grzeskowitz is one of the top speakers of the new generation. He is a multiple author, trainer and lecturer at the Berlin School of Economics and Law. He is regarded as a pioneer of a leadership philosophy based on personality and a positively focused inner attitude. With the A + Attitude ® he developed, he enables his customers to activate unconscious potential. The result: professional success, distinctive personalities and more satisfaction in life.